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Jam Session!

Back on September 16, 2012, Adam Shankman tweeted that his  lucky sister-in-law (Andrea Meli) jammed with Rob and Dermot Mulrony. Finally, video has surfaced of the jam session. Looks like so much fun, would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall!

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New Year, New Music from Rob?

Rob Pattinson's rumored main-squeeze, Kristen Stewart, was spotted at Norman's Rare Guitars on December 23 buying Rob 2 very pricey guitars. According to Us Weekly, Kristen bought Rob a 1959 Fender Jazzmaster and a 1947 K&F Lap Steel guitar. I bet you were wondering what these babies looked like, so I snooped around Norman's website and got the info for you. I noticed that Stewie took her Dad with her - hopefully to help her negotiate a sweet deal because she spent some serious Twi-money playing Ms. Santa Claus.

1959 Fender Jazzmaster - $9,000

1947 K&F Lap Steel - $1,550


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Songs from a Room

Today I found that Songs from a Room has posted an extended clip of Rob's impromptu performance in a lucky lady's living room in London this past January.


I'm going to work on transcribing the lyrics for you.

In the mean time, check out Songs from a Room online on their official sites:

Website  ::  Twitter  ::  Facebook

One love,


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Video of Rob Singing

The most amazing thing happened today. Video of Rob singing and playing guitar in someone's living room in London appeared online today.

It's a new thing in London inspired by a Leonard Cohen song and it's called Songs from a Room. Sounds really hipster and fun! As part of the news report, a clip of Rob singing and playing guitar for a few seconds was shown. Here it is!




Not too much later, a YouTube version came out (thanks TwiBritneyfan) of just Rob singing. Here you go. Prepare to loop it.


A longer clip aired on E! News yesterday, here's the clip:


Several great performances from people's living rooms can be found on YouTube and the Songs from a Room official website. Check it out.

Next, we caught wind of a video of Rob's sister, Lizzy Pattinson, performing "Hands," the song she wrote with Rob! GOOD God, her voice is AMAZING.


Last but not least, check out the updated RobRadio. I added an mp3 of Rob's clip. Thanks to RPLife for making that and saving me some time!


One love,


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Recapping the Latest in Rob Music News

Rob's been a busy bee this year! After promoting 'Remember Me' and 'Eclipse,' then filming 'Bel Ami' and 'Water for Elephants,' I'm starting to wonder when or if he's had time to focus any on his music. In fact, he confirmed this to the Sun in late April, saying that a back-to-back filming schedule has left him little time to focus on his real love: music.

‘I always think there must be more, I get angry because I think I'm missing out.'

He also revealed his Hollywood get-out plan is still music, and he would really love to record more.

‘I haven't been able to do my music for ages, all my friends are recording albums and I'm very annoyed about it, but I can't do two things at once.'

But I guess all that time in between takes on various movie sets have given him time to compose. At least he's said so in some more recent interviews. He's talking about his music a lot more these days, most recently on 7/10/10 he was quoted as saying:

"I’m seriously thinking of doing music with my sister. It’s a project that should be done before the end of the year."
[Paris Match via Hollywood Life]

It's assumed he is talking about recording with Lizzy, his gorgeous sister that is a well-known singer/songwriter based in London. This is so exciting to me and DARN if I had heard of this news earlier I would have asked Lizzy when I met her 6/23/10 in LA after a Sam Bradley concert.

By the way, Lizzy is now on Twitter @LizzyPattinson.

Check out Lizzy's earthy, breathy music (loves):

In another recent interview with thedirt.com.au (during the Eclipse press junket), Rob was asked about the rumors of him wanting to be a rapper. Here's what he says when asked if it's true he used to want to be a rapper and who his favorite hip-hop artist is:

"You know I really did, I still kinda do. Probably Wu Tang. I think when I was pretending to be a rapper I just stole their lyrics. My parents were like, 'How do you know this stuff? What's Compton?' They didn't understand it. 'Why aren't you talking about London.'"

The interviewer then says she has interviewed RZA from Wu Tang before and encourages Rob to reach out to them because she's sure they would love to collaborate. About the collaboration idea and RZA, Rob says, 'I'd love to, that'd be amazing! I think he [RZA] is a genius. I think Wu Tang was the most original band in... in my life anyway... and I think for like our generation... blahblahblah." Watch the interview:


Listen to some Wu Tang here:

In April, an article came out in Hungary, where Rob was filming Bel Ami at the time, and Rob was once again talking about his music. This time he talked about conquering a new instrument.

The musical scene in Hungary is bustling though and you like to make music.
The guys I grew up with all became musicians and they are really good, I usually do something with them.

What kind of instruments do you play?
I’m fighting with the violin now, not with a teacher, only by myself, but not every one around me is happy about it. And I’m composing. It’s interesting; it all depends on the actual character I’m playing. The guy I play in my new movie, 'Remember Me' is a guy with deep feeling. When I was shooting that movie, I composed lots of new songs. The guy in 'Bel Ami' though is absolutely shallow, who is not touched by anything in the world, especially not by art and since I’m in his skin now, I have a total mental block.

Do you have a band?
We had something, but we fell apart. It’s really different now that it’s not my main act any more. It’s just a diversion from acting now. That sounds a little cheesy. Of course, if there’s a mic in a bar, you don’t have to ask me twice even today. I did that a few times in Los Angeles, but some one recorded it and put it on the internet and it scared me away. I don’t need that. I will wait until this craziness around me dies down and then I will make music again.

As a part-time musician, I guess you are interested in the Hungarian musical scene too.
What is that band in New York called? Gogol Bordello! Didn’t they do that documentary film about the eastern European gypsy musicians? I’ve been interested in ethnic folk lore since my childhood, so of course yes, I’d like to check out the Hungarian music too.

Ask the producers, maybe they can shut down a bar for you in Budapest.
Nah, on one hand that wouldn’t be fair, on the other hand, that wouldn’t be like blending into the clapping crowd and immerse myself into their music.

Rob seems to have plans for his music to be released, though he has acknowledged that the "money" is in acting and music is all about "proving yourself everyday and not getting paid."

Oh Rob, that may be true for some musicians, but I think your music would sell so much without even having to go on tour - but you'd HAVE to go on tour. I have visions of you headlining Coachella and Bonnaroo. I have dreams of you headlining Madison Square Garden to a sold out crowd and it's just you, a guitar and a spotlight. I watch the video for Ray LaMontagne's "Trouble" and I pretend it's you because this is definitely the kind of song you'd write. HOP.TO.IT.


So what do you think, people?  Will the day ever come that the craziness around Rob subsides? Will Rob put a record out? Will we ever see him play live? Have I missed any mentions about Rob's music or inspirations that should be posted on this site? Leave me your thoughts below.

One love,


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More Talk of Rob Making an Album

During the recent press junkets for Remember Me, Rob was asked a couple of times about his plans to expand his musical horizons. I think he was genuinely surprised to get questions about his music - and I hope that he recognizes that this is something that his fans really want!

I thought I'd include the video interviews where Rob is asked about his music. The gist of the music talk from Rob is that he is focused so much on his film work right now that music has taken the back seat. He says that he doesn't understand how actor/musicians are able to simultaneously manage the two careers at the same time. He jokes that his buddies in the Brit Pack are making their first albums and it's "pissing him off a bit." And last but not least he said he thinks he has a few months off towards THE END OF THIS YEAR and he might try to get into the studio! I am waiting with baited breath for that day to come!

On Jimmy Fallon 3/1/10, skip to 2:39 mark for music talk:

And a 3/9/10 interview with Steve from Collider.com, skip to the 1:54 mark for music talk:

Rob also recently told Extra that his favorite song right now is "Wild Nights" by Van Morrison. Here's a clip for you!

Oh and probably the funniest music news of all - Emilie de Ravin recently mentioned that last summer Rob introduced her to N.W.A.'s music (gangster rap) and got her hooked on Straight Outta Compton! God, how I'd love to hear Rob cover this track! LOL! Of course, here's a clip of the original for you!

For those of you who have not yet read the Water for Elephants script, I have to give you just a teensy-tiny spoiler - Rob will sing in the movie! Well, he won't sing a whole bunch, but there is one drunken collaboration with co-star Christoph Waltz and they (attempt to) sing along to Louis Armstrong playing "Dream a Little Dream of Me" on the radio. Again, a clip for you!

I really wish I had more to report on the music front. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Rob gets crackin' on an album later this year!

One love,



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Simon Says... Make Us an Album!

It's been a while, hope you are all doing well!  Not much music news to report right now, but there are more whispers about Rob recording this year I thought I'd share with you. It's going to take some explaining so read carefully.

Rob's next film, Bel Ami, is being executively produced by Simon Fuller's new company XIX (Roman numeral for 19). If you don't recognize Simon Fuller's name, well, he's the brains behind American Idol via his former company 19 Entertainment. Fuller sold 19 Entertainment to CKX in 2005 but stayed on board, he just left in January and formed XIX at the same time. Bel Ami, with leading man Rob, is Fuller's and XIX's very first film project. Oh and Fuller founded the Spice Girls and has managed the careers of tons of other musical acts, including Carrie Underwood.

Simon Fuller is not to be confused with Simon Cowell, my personal favorite judge on American Idol. Cowell has reportedly approached Rob about signing Rob to a major record deal. Cowell recently finalized a long-term deal with Sony Music Entertainment via his Syco Records. It's been reported that Rob is leery of Cowell, but I call BS on that rumor. Every other artist on my Sirius radio is an American Idol or X-Factor winner.

So are you thinking "that's great, Jen, but where are you going with all of this?" Here's what I'm thinking:

Is Fuller's leap into the executive producer's seat at Bel Ami a ploy by Fuller to get closer to Rob and his huge potential of a music career? Did Cowell get wind of it and try to jump in and muddy those waters to steal Rob away from Fuller for himself? Maybe! It's totally a believable scenario to imagine Rob's music career being managed by Simon Fuller under the 19 Recordings umbrella or Simon Cowell's Sony affiliation. The one link between these two Simon's is American Idol, so now, I'm just wondering if we're gonna see Rob make an appearance on the American Idol season finale in May! With these two Simons involved and a Fuller-produced movie to promote, is this too left field? I don't think so.

More food for thought: Summit Entertainment has been uncharacteristically mum about Twilight Saga: Eclipse. We've yet to get any hints on the movie, much less the Eclipse soundtrack and the possibility of Rob's inclusion of a song or two. I'm sure we're all holding out hope, especially considering the Rob-less New Moon soundtrack sales were no where near those of Twilight movie soundtrack that featured 2 songs by Rob.

Oh and before I forget, CONGRATS to Rob and the Brit Pack for the Twilight movie soundtrack Grammy nod. There is no doubt in my mind that it was Rob's 2 songs on their that were a main part of the success of this album.

Last but not least, I'm lending my brilliance (sarcasm) to the Bel Ami Movie blog. I figure since I rarely get to update here that it would be a good outlet for all the creative energy Rob and his music inspires me with! Please join me and my 3 e-besties on BelAmiFilm.com. It's a dirty little blog for a dirty little movie.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my ramblings! Leave me a comment below.

One love,



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Closing Out 2009

2009 has been a great year!  I have a few updates to leave you with this holiday season.

There's been more and more rumblings of Rob contributing a song to the Eclipse movie soundtrack.  Trust me, if we get an official confirmation I will be announcing it over the world-wide PA system. haha

Also, more rumblings that Rob will record an "anonymous" record after all of the Twilight franchise films have been completed.  For those who are "new" to all of Rob's music, Rob has stated several times that he would hate to be compared to cross-over artists like Jennifer Lopez.  Rob's afraid that his talents of being and actor and a musician would make him come across as "cheesy."  (And the sound of sad pandas crying is heard throughout the lands...)

Thank you to Anja F. for transcribing the (bad quality) recording of "In Your Head" so we'd have the correct lyrics to post in our Discography section!

Oh and here's more musical eye candy from Vanity Fair:


Last but not least, my New Moon movie premiere recap:

I was lucky enough to be one of the thousands of people that descended upon Los Angeles for the world premiere of New Moon.  My buddy Alison over at Twifans.com (our lovely affiliate) was 1st in line for the red carpet and she saved me a spot in line with her famous group.  I was along the red carpet in a primo position to meet & greet with the entire cast of New Moon and snap some pics and vids.  The most unexpected thing happened, too: a Summit representative pulled Alison and the 4 of us into the theatre to watch the movie with the entire cast!  We sat in front of Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster  - Rob's two friends that are amazing artists in their own right and have written many of the songs you hear on RobRadio!  Afterwards I got to hang out with the #LALadies from LTT/LTR (another lovely affiliate) and meet everyone that I've been chatting with the better of 2009! It was an amazingly great time!

And I leave you with my pics and vids from LA:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- Jen

Piano & Guitar Case Pic Source:  Vanity Fair


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Relevant Rob Music News This Week

Rob has been traveling the world to promote New Moon.  Here's a few things I've learned:

1.  Rob misses doing open mics.  He said he will be in London over Christmas so perhaps there is hope for him to sneak off for some open mics while he is home.

2.  Rob's favorite song on the New Moon Soundtrack is "Roslyn" by Bon Iver & St. Vincent, because it really improved the scene where it is shown.  Rob went on to say that he is a long-time Bon Iver fan and once he heard that Chris Weitz had picked them to appear on the soundtrack he thought Chris had great taste in music.

Also, Vanity Fair posted several new outtakes, here are the two that are related to Rob's music.  I absolutely love the first one.

Last, but certainly not least, I received an email from Daniel Pemberton, the composer for Rob's movie The Haunted Airman.  He wrote in to let me know that  The Haunted Airman movie soundtrack is now available for download on iTunes.  I pestered him for some inside scoop to share with yall, here's what I got:

"Super ironically I'm also really good friends with Oliver who directed How To Be. Rob is everywhere - we cannot escape him!  Only heard the Rob music in How To Be ("Choking On Dust"). Had a dinner with him after Haunted Airman (long long time ago) - he was very polite and gracious! Crazy how big he has become...!" -- Daniel Pemberton


Piano Pic Source:  Vanity Fair


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Rob in Vanity Fair December 2009 Issue

Yes, everyone has been blogging about the Vanity Fair article and photos.  I only have a few I will post, the ones I feel are relevant; the guitar and piano pics!  In the article, Rob talks about playing piano as a boy and taking on guitar at age 15.  After Harry Potter, he considered giving up acting and focusing solely on music.  After getting back into acting by taking on the role of the Haunted Airman he decided to pursue acting solely.  I'm still holding out hope to catch a Rob gig one day.

click to enlarge

Source:  Vanity Fair and RobertPattinsonSource


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Fandom Gives Back and Other Fabulousness

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting my site and listening to Rob Radio!  I hope you have enjoyed having one spot to house all of the aural awesomeness that is Rob's music.  I have a few updates for you.

1.  Rob is rumored to be working on providing one or more tracks for the Eclipse soundtrack.  I can't tell you how exciting this is for me, as it is my opinion that his songs were the MAIN reason the Twilight movie soundtrack did so well.  Eclipse is my favorite book of the series so I'll be very anxiously awaiting how Rob uses the storyline and adapts it into music.  Like you, I am still holding out hope that Rob will put out an EP or something solo one day.

2.  MyRP has teamed up with Twilight Fandom Gives Back to help raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand to fight childhood cancer.  As a mother of a 2 year old, it is impossible for me to imagine being faced with a crisis such as childhood cancer.  We are supporting the Twilight Fandom virtual lemonade stand's goal of raising $5,000.  Please donate any amount you can spare, even a dollar.  Forgo your 4bucks coffee for a day and throw it into the pot.  Anything helps!  Thanks!

3.  Rob still has not worn the New Stoli Shirt but we have not given up hope!  I believe we will be rallying for the New Stoli during Rob's upcoming public appearances.  It should be fun!

4.  I will be at the New Moon movie premiere lined up along the red carpet with a throng of e-friends.  We will be live tweeting and all sorts of other things so I will update you as we get closer to that. 


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Moving Right Along

Thanks again to everyone who helped pound the shit out of #NewStoliShirt on Twitter last week!  We didn't make it into the trending topics, nor did Rob wear the new Stoli shirt, but it's all good!  I have faith that it will get worn one day cos the old Stoli will continue to fall into disrepair and eventually will have to be sewn again at some point - it'll be needing a stand-in.  Honestly, I think the real win is just having confirmation that he has it.  So folks, I'm sad to report this is the end of the Stoli adventure for now - thanks for playing along with me!

So, like I said, moving right along....

We have a new artist to pimp - Rosi Golan - our New Music Monday artist.  She's featured right over c'here -click- check her out mmk?

Also, the remastered bootleg audio is still in the works due to some unexpected real life duties that popped up for me last week. It shall be finished this week, pinky promise.

One love, Jen

PS:  The @StoliShirtBot is still alive and tweeting.  Follow the bot for Stoli updates.

PSS:  Happy Birthday to Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind.  My favorite lyricist of all time.


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Thursday #NewStoliShirt Pound-A-Thon

Yall, I am so freaking stoked to join arms with everyone in the Twitterverse for a #NewStoliShirt Pound-A-Thon!  For those who aren't familiar with pounding, basically what it means is a group of hotties, like yourself, begin or end every tweet with a certain subject.  In the case of the #NewStoliShirt Pound-A-Thon that means beginning or ending every single tweet with #NewStoliShirt  for the entire day Thursday, September 24.  The goal is to "send the message" to Rob so that he obliges us and wears the shirt and gets papped in it for all of us to smile at!  To achieve this goal, we hope to get #NewStoliShirt  into the Trending Topics on Twitter and/or receive a tweet from @PeterFacinelli or @AshleyMGreene acknowledging our goal and granting us their help in sending the message.

If you think "this girl is nuts" I would tend to agree with you!

So why Thursday?  Well, Sam Bradley, Rob's BFF, is playing Victoria, BC on 9/24 and Vancouver, BC on 9/25.  Rob is filming in Vancouver and there's a 50/50 chance of him attending the concert.  We'd LOVE LOVE LOVE for him to wear the new Stoli Shirt to the concert. 

So please join in!  Thursday, all day, every tweet.  In the name of all that is Stoli, let's get this bad boy worn!

Participating Pound-A-Thon fan sites:

If you'd like your fan site to participate by simply spreading the word and pounding, please email me to have your link included!  MyRobertPattinson [at] gmail [dot] com

On a sad note, I must say the #NewStoliShirt adventure ends here.  This is my one and only true rally for the New Stoli Shirt.  If he doesn't wear it by this weekend, I'm officially hanging up my hat as Stoli-Master.  So let's make this a weekend to remember!  Thanks!

One love, Jen

PS:  The @StoliShirtBot will be picking the best 5 Stoli Shirt mentions at random every half hour and retweeting them to the Twitterverse!


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New This Week!

I am so excited to announce my site's participation in SAMAM GOBAL's "New Music Mondays" promotion!  Each week we will highlight a new up and coming musician.  Artists in the same vein as Sam, Marcus and Bobby.  Artists we think you'll love!  We'll also be giving away autographed cds, concert tickets, and all sorts of lil' goodies - it's sure to be titillating!  Our first New Music Mondays artist is GREG HOLDEN, please check him out!  Enjoy!

Also, I have acquired a new audio program and will be working to "clean up" some of the not-so-great audience recordings for a few of Rob's live performances.  I should have the fixed songs posted on RobRadio by Friday.

Last but certainly not least, the New Stoli Shirt watch continues!  Sam Bradley is playing a concert in Vancouver on Friday, September 25, so the day before (Thursday) we will be hosting a Twitter Pound-a-Thon and encouraging the masses to tweet #NewStoliShirt and change their avatars to a photo of the New Stoli Shirt for the entire day Thursday. The goal is to make it into the trending topics and "remind" Rob that we'd all love to see him wear it!  Ladies from all over the globe are hotly anticipating the glorious day when the New Stoli Shirt is adorned by our favorite star!  It's been such a great feeling to know that everyone in the Twitterverse is on Team Stoli!  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! 

If you have any suggestions for additional ways to promote the New Stoli Shirt, orany feedback for our New Music Mondays promotion, please leave it in the comments section below!  Thanks!


One love, Jen


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What's In A Name?

A few people have emailed me about my site domain name curious how I came up with the name, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you know the thought process behing to the domain name that I chose for the site, MyRobertPattinson.com.  I surely don't want anyone to think that, with my site name, I am trying to "claim ownership" of Rob.  haha

What MyRobertPattinson.com means is "this is my Robert Pattinson fan site" - if you SAY IT, SAY IT OUT LOUD  (har har, Robward humor) My Robert Pattinson Dot Com if just like saying My Robert Pattinson Cyber Shrine.  My little piece of cyber space devoted to Rob's music - music that is all too deserving and not nearly enough recognized on the nets.  So there ya go.

Same thing goes for my Twitter name.  MyRobPattinson is for My Rob Pattinson Twitter, not to be confused with my personal Twitter account that is top secret and never to be revealed.  jk, sorta.  

One love, Jen

PS:  I also bought TheRobertPattinson.com and RobertPattinsonMusic.com because I couldn't decide - so who knows, I may change names one day just to spice things up.


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New Music Mondays

Because you know good music when you hear it! SAMAM GLOBAL and MyRobertPattinson.com have teamed up to serve you New Music Mondays!  Bringing you more of the artists we like through the fan sites you love. Coming very soon!

This Monday, check out the lovely and talented Ayda, our resident guitar tutorial maestro!  She has just finished the guitar tutorial for Never Think, so check it out here!  Her beautiful voice is soothing and is perfect for calming a hectic Monday morning.  Many thanks, Ayda, keep up the great work!

Please leave a comment below for the next Rob song you think Ayda should conquer!

One love, Jen

PS: For those tracking the Adventures of the New Stoli Shirt, the term "NewStoliShirt" made it on the MTV VMA's Tweet Meter under both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tweet trackers.  Check it out!!



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The Stoli Shirt Diaries

Listen to RobRadio and let me fangirl for a moment, will ya?

9/10/09 will go down and one of the most fun days of my LIFE!  I had scores and scores of nice and supportive emails from people all over the globe about my new site.  I made a huge sale in real life.  AND Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Cullen aka Coop confirmed via his Twitter that Rob received the new Stoli vodka t-shirt that I mailed Rob on 8/24/09.  And then he reached out across the net and grabbed my boob.  Just kidding.  (Nurse Jackie humor there folks.)  I thought I'd recap, diary style, the adventures of the new Stoli shirt.  If you'd like to join my adventure then read on!

Click here to continue reading this entry.


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The Making of MyRobertPattinson.com

Hopefully you've all had a chance to check the site out and, based on the feedback, it seems everyone agrees that it isn't a fail!  I appreciate all the kind words, so thank yall so much.  I thought yall may want to know the thought process I used when coming up with the site.  I confess to be a total geek, so this may not be interesting to anyone but me, but I digress...

Before I started any design ideas, I knew that RobRadio would be the main attraction, so I built that first.  I've been listening to it for about 5 months and just recently shared it with the public as a teaser for my site launch.

The BIG IDEA was to build a virtual pub.  A pub that Rob would, hypothetically, like to drink his pints at, and maybe hop up on stage on open mic night and belt out a few tunes.  I knew the pub would be in London and I've never been over the pond, because rednecks just don't go to Europe, so I went to Europe via Google.  I started researching London pubs and found a few key design elements that most of them have in common:

1.  Dark exterior color and pub name in brass letters
2.  Flickering lanterns outside, often adjacent to a sign with some sort of coat of arms on it
3.  Interior floors are checkered black and white
4.  A LOT of dark wood inside - the walls, the bar, etc.

With these few similarities in mind as a starting point, I started scouring the web and saving my ideas in one place for easy reference.  For weeks I collected, changed my mind, thought about scrapping the idea completely, but after living with the ideas for a month or so I began working.  

I thought I'd share my "storyboard" with yall.  You can see the original pub, the one before it was virtually remodeled into Pattinson Arms.  You'll see the two family crests for Pattinson and which one I chose that now colorfully adorns the iron scroll sign outside of Pattinson Arms.  You'll see which ideas I stuck with and which that I trashed.  You'll think of me as a woman with premature memory loss problems that talks to herself... and you'll be thinking right.

Check out my initial collection of design ideas - Jen's Storyboard

Let me know what you think of the outcome and I also look forward to your suggestions to make this the coolest virtual pub on Earth.

One love, Jen


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The day has finally arrived that I launch this site, 6 months in the making!  I am so excited to help share Rob's music with the masses via this site. 

Take a look around, but first, make sure you launch RobRadio to play in the background while you cruise my site.  The site will grow based on your feedback and participation.

I'd like to give a special thank you to Carter M. for proofing my grammar throughout the site!  Thanks to JAG for the technical proofing!  Thanks to FP for constant support!  Thanks to Amber for contributing on the Friends section.  One love bbs!

Thanks for visiting!  :)  ~ Jen


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