More Talk of Rob Making an Album

During the recent press junkets for Remember Me, Rob was asked a couple of times about his plans to expand his musical horizons. I think he was genuinely surprised to get questions about his music - and I hope that he recognizes that this is something that his fans really want!

I thought I'd include the video interviews where Rob is asked about his music. The gist of the music talk from Rob is that he is focused so much on his film work right now that music has taken the back seat. He says that he doesn't understand how actor/musicians are able to simultaneously manage the two careers at the same time. He jokes that his buddies in the Brit Pack are making their first albums and it's "pissing him off a bit." And last but not least he said he thinks he has a few months off towards THE END OF THIS YEAR and he might try to get into the studio! I am waiting with baited breath for that day to come!

On Jimmy Fallon 3/1/10, skip to 2:39 mark for music talk:

And a 3/9/10 interview with Steve from Collider.com, skip to the 1:54 mark for music talk:

Rob also recently told Extra that his favorite song right now is "Wild Nights" by Van Morrison. Here's a clip for you!

Oh and probably the funniest music news of all - Emilie de Ravin recently mentioned that last summer Rob introduced her to N.W.A.'s music (gangster rap) and got her hooked on Straight Outta Compton! God, how I'd love to hear Rob cover this track! LOL! Of course, here's a clip of the original for you!

For those of you who have not yet read the Water for Elephants script, I have to give you just a teensy-tiny spoiler - Rob will sing in the movie! Well, he won't sing a whole bunch, but there is one drunken collaboration with co-star Christoph Waltz and they (attempt to) sing along to Louis Armstrong playing "Dream a Little Dream of Me" on the radio. Again, a clip for you!

I really wish I had more to report on the music front. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Rob gets crackin' on an album later this year!

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Posted:  Saturday, March 23, 2013 12:48:08 PM