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Tony was born on April 2nd, 1969, The son of '50s pop singer Ron Fredianelli of the group The Gaylords, Anthony Joseph Fredianelli (AKA 'The Monkey' or 'The Monk') was raised around many musicians in Southern California. He picked up a guitar at an early age and was playing professionally by the time he was 15, recording guitar instrumentals for Shrapnel Records, and playing as a studio hired gun all over the country, including Nashville. 

However he began his adult professional career in 1987 when his illustrious heavy metal band "
Apocrypha" made up of vocalist Steve Plocica, Bass Player Breck Smith, Drummer Dave Schiller, Rhythm Guitarist Chip Chrovian and Lead Guitarist Fredianelli released their debut album "The Forgotten Scroll" on the Shrapnel Records Label. 

Their rookie attempt at fame was described by its record label as "an ultra-technical, progressive metal filled record with unpredictably wild guitar passages. Incredible speed picking and innovative arpeggios by Fredianelli complement a tight rhythm section and powerful vocals, riding on the cutting edge of technical innovation."

After gaining some success and recognition, "Apocrypha" released their sophomore effort in November of '88 entitled "Eyes Of Time". While this record brought many of the same qualities as their first "its searing guitar riffs, heavy vocals, and powerhouse rhythm section" made Fredianelli one of the most innovative metal guitarists on the scene at the time.

After riding out "Eyes of Time" for almost two years, the band released their third and consequently last album together. Their third try entitled "Area 54" was released in 1990 with high expectations riding on it. Said Shrapnel, "the guitar riffs are fast and furious as always, the song writing is more focused, yet does not lose aggression." However after many months of waiting for Area 54 to go somewhere it in fact never did and the band was dropped from Shrapnel's Label in late 1990.

After disappearing for sometime, Tony came back strong in 1993 releasing his first solo album (Once again on Shrapnel's label) entitled "
Breakneck Speed". A fifty-minute non-stop collage of perhaps the heaviest progressive guitar instrumental music ever recorded, Fredianelli combines ideal elements of speed, thrash, and grunge guitar work to create an instrumental soundtrack of power rhythms, highlighted by mind-boggling musical changes and solos. (Shrapnel & Guitar Nine).

About a year later, Tony came into contact with two guys from San Francisco, both in fact had gone to Berkeley. Their names: Stephan Douglas Jenkins & Arion Gabriel Salazar. At that time the two were about ready to go into the studio to record a demo tape. They asked Tony to play with them on selected songs. Six songs went on that demo tape: Heroin, Wake For Young Souls, Slow Motion, Farther, Tattoo Of The Sun, & Semi-Charmed Life, the last of which Tony played on. At this point Stephan & Arion AKA Third Eye Blind were ready to begin a small tour, playing local venues and such, however based on Time Constraints and due to the fact that he didn't want to be away from his wife and young boy Joseph, he declined their offer but left the band in good graces.

After about a year away from his music Tony joined his brother Chris as well as others to form an alternative pop band called 'Majik Alex'. The band stayed together for quite awhile, and while they never released a legitimate album, many demo songs were produced including
Down, Invisible, & Sex Blinded.

During Tony's time with Majik Alex, He split off for a time to do a short stint with a Las Vegas 80's cover band called "Loveshack". According to Geoff Carter of, Love Shack was comprised of Tiffany and Tony Fredianelli from Herbody Cinnamon and Majik Alex respectively, and Matt Chernoff (now in 12-Volt Sex), Shaun Flannery, Jarrid Mendelson, and Tyler Nelson from Hostage Symphony. The band members would often take the stage in theatrical costume: Shaun as Billy Idol, Jarrid as Depeche Mode eraserhead Martin Gore, Tyler as Adam Ant, Tony as Prince, Tiffany as the B-52's Kate Pierson, and Matt as Mark Mothersbaugh. Not surprisingly, the band would often open their first set with a frenetic version of "Whip It." 

Carter continued, "The band didn't just play the songs; they channel the spirit. If it's a cover of "I Wanna Be Sedated", Matt adopts Joey Ramone's split-leg warrior pose and belts out. Tony performs "What I Like About You" better than the yahoos that recorded it the first time. And for Blondie's "One Way or Another," Tiffany borrows Debbie Harry's entire manner - the tough-girl stance, the playful, sexy charm."

After doing this & Majik Alex on and off, Third Eye Blind Guitarist Kevin Cadogan was released from band January 25th, 2000 after the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The next day the band issued a press release stating the rehiring of former lead guitarist Tony Fredianelli. "Fredianelli didn't get much advance warning that his lottery numbers were about to be called. Having been invited by front man Stephan Jenkins to play keyboards and additional guitar at a concert at the Sundance Film Festival, Fredianelli was on hand when the band parted ways with guitarist Kevin Cadogan just one day before they were scheduled to play "The Tonight Show." Fredianelli had to learn the lead guitar part to the band's new hit, "Never Let You Go," in soundcheck at the Tonight Show, but they pulled it off. And soon after, the band took off to New York for live MTV appearances and shows, during which Fredianelli got his first taste of how the Bay Area band's life has changed: including limos, cameras, shrieking girls and mob scenes. 

But even though Tony was a bit awed by it all he says, "I'm not worried about losing my grounding. I think it really depends on the harmony you create around yourself, whether you create joy or chaos. I think that the danger of this life is when you start buying into your own hype." Jenkins, an old friend of Fredianelli from the days when the band lived and played in the Haight, was overjoyed to be reunited. "He has a real muscular style of playing -- a big-string, strong-fingered style -- that really gives us a kick," enthuses Jenkins, as they eat breakfast at a Cole Valley cafe. "He's all about making a big sound. I predict that guitar magazines will be all over him and kids will be wanting to know how he does these things."

He told the Examiner that the hardest thing about taking on the gig is leaving his young wife (yes, the one he moved to Vegas for) and son Joseph behind when he goes on the Dragons and Astronauts tour. "It will be hard but this is a great opportunity. And I've been in such a whirlwind that I haven't had a chance to process what it will be like being away from them." Eagerly showing off a photo of a darling, tow-headed toddler, Fredianelli shrugs. "Anyway, how much would he respect ME if I didn't grab the chance to go and do it? I think someone must be looking out for me," he ponders. "If these things had happened to me 10 years ago I could not have handled them. But now I think I'm ready." 

And he was, Tony went on from that interview to do a 4 month Dragon's & Astronaut's tour with much success as he was well received by all 3eb fans! The band has concluded the Red Summer Sun Tour, which they say was their best tour yet. Hopefully the guys will bring us another tour or another album soon.