Immunity Song

I wrote this back in 1998 for my biology class as extra credit
Changed lyrics to God of Wine:

Fighting off those pathogens
And making the body well again
Is a job constantly done.
Which system's the one?
The immune system
Helps us get clean again.
B cells come from lymphocytes,
Those keep toxins out of sight,
Bacteria, viruses They all are antigens.
There are lots of antigens,
How do B cells Recognize all of them?
B cells have protein molecules
They're called antibodies.
These Y-shaped molecules hang
Onto antigens
To form plasma cells,
To form plasma cells.
Now macrophages come to eat,
Bacteria, their favorite treat.
Soon they have their way,
And the body's okay.
Immune keeps it all together.
Immune…helps you keep it all together.
With lymphocytes, macrophages,
Lymph nodes, thymus and the spleen
Immune System keeps you clean.