MTV Campus Invasion Tour Journal
Stephan Jenkins
November 2,1998

Another completely inane interview with a national publication today. My only comfort is knowing that they learned absolutely nothing about me or the band. Yeah, baby, yeah!

Cocooned in the comfy covers of my bunk on the tour bus, I awoke at 3PM not knowing what city (or even state) I was in. I walked past our 8" x 10" framed photo of Posh Spice shoving a handgun into Sporty Spice's mouth, took a sip of ginseng green tea and the world seemed cheerful again.

Later, Kevin (Cadogan, guitarist) joined forces with unlicensed vendors selling T-shirts at our show. He was witnessed somewhere outside of Hill Auditorium, where we played tonight, participating in the illegal sales and garnering a 50% commission at that!! Yes, my friends, anarchy reigns and I am ready to play!

November 16, 1998

We had the night before last off after a grueling six nights in a row. The friendly boys of Eve 6 threw a dinner party for us in appreciation of the sweet and loving way they've been treated throughout the tour. The food was terrible. Copious chunks of fatty meat amidst overly-whipped potatoes, replete with way too many garnishes. All served by snaggle-toothed waitresses with gigantic breasts.

Speaking of gigantic breasts, we all went out to a bar afterwards where various members of the band and crew were accosted by the police for dancing on the tables. They told Kevin Cadogan that they'd be glad when Third Eye Blind left town. (These vibes made for a good show the next night, indeed!) Anyway, back to the bar. Before the law came down on us, we all had a grand time with the locals and it was here where I got to feel my first fake breast. Strangely firm and mannequin-like.

On one last note, we've taken to playing bits of Lauryn Hill's new solo album before we go onstage with our show. The audience seems to really like it -- just goes to show that we really are one nation under a groove.

November 30, 1998

Today we decided to change the name of the tour from the Bonfire tour to the Busfire tour. Our bus burned way back in Boise and last night in Birmingham, AL, Eve 6's tour bus (along with ALL of their personal belongings) burned to the ground. I was strangely elated by this. We had the Eve 6 refugees on our bus for the drive last night and a good time was had by all. Ashes to ashes . . . . .

Tonight, Thibodaux police manhandled 15-year-old girls who were "getting out of line." Sometimes it really is the cop's fault. We yelled at them from the stage and one of them shook their handcuffs at me. Hardy, harr, harr . . .

Thanksgiving: the band and crew will be spending on the road. This is fitting because over the last 19 months of touring, we have become a family of sorts. -What a sick family!!!