It is rumored that Third Eye Blind DID in
fact win the American Music Award for Favorite Alternative Artist. After
performing their hit song "Graduate" changing the chorus to "Can I
masturbate", the presenter of the award, Chaka Kahn, was reportedly told by AMA
executives to say that Pearl Jam won the award, even though Third Eye Blind's
name was printed inside the envelope. (I re-watched the award announcement
and it appears that Chaka Kahn even says "Th...Pearl Jam".
Third Eye Blind reportedly found out the truth at an after-awards show party.

Supposedly, Third Eye Blind will be going public with this news as soon as their agent
approves the news release to expose the American Music Awards. They are now
gathering proof so that they may proceed with the exposure. Third Eye Blind
did not come out with this information immediately when they found out because
the "did not want to seem like sour grapes".

Now, I love Pearl Jam as much as the next guy.   Please don't get me wrong.
This is NOT about which band is better, it is about how the AMA's suck! 
I am very sure this is why 3eb going to go public.

I am just repeating what I have heard from a very reliable source. Please do
not ask me to name my source, I will not. If you do not believe me, that is
understandable, but when it goes public remember where you heard it first.
Feel free to spread the word, but please credit for
this information.  As soon as I receive more information it will be posted here.

Thanks, Jen

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