Stephan Jenkins by Patty Adams

As the sultry singer for Third Eye Blind, he has ALL eyes on him. And our love
for the band's hits "Graduate", "Semi-Cahrmed Life", and "Jumper" is
definitely not blind--or deaf. We talked to Stephan Jenkins and got close -up
view of his super charmed world and what makes his music rock (and our hearts
skip a beat!)

--What's one of the coolest things about being famous?
"Our fans are really intense. They'll drive nine hours to see us ply live, and
they put a lot of energy into making websites for us. I'm very honored by how
much they do for us."
--What really makes a TEB show for you?
"The  connected with the audience. Watching them relate to the music is
awesome. One girl even told me that the album is like her best friend, which I
thought was so nice."
--Is there a downside to being in the spotlight?
"The stress. It can be tiring. But I don't believe in this complaining rock
star thing. I feel very blessed to be able to do this, to reach people with
--Growing up, were you a total rock 'n' roll rebel?
"Of course! i listened to punk rock, and I had my share of fights with my
parents. I never dyed my hair green or got any tattoos, though. I always
thought that stuff was sort of girlie."
--Okay, speaking of girls, what's your idea of romance?
"It's all about making a connection. Even watching the Discovery channel
together can be completely romantic. Seeing the sun go down with a girl, or a
bright moon or shooting star, and feeling like we're part of the universe is
really cool, too...I think the world's just a much more wide-open place if you
can go through it with someone else.
--What does success mean to you?
"It means doing something that comes from a really place...I try to focus on
the things that are important to me--being true to myself and my music."

The Brass Plum.  Nordstrom's and YM Magazine.  March 1999.

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