Issue:         08.29.01 
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Aug 29, 2001


Stephan Jenkins
Now that Stephan Jenkins is finally over the fabulous Charlize Theron, the Third Eye Blind singer has a bit of a wish list of other lovelies he'd like to bed.

Well, in all fairness, he was kind of coerced into naming names by KYSR (Star 98.7) DJ Ryan Seacrest during an interview on the L.A. pop station Tuesday (Aug. 28) night.

In a little segment Ryan likes to call "Hump Island," Stephan said among the women on his "Hump Island" (think Desert Island Discs, but sex not albums) list are Britney Spears (because her thighs are like "gummy bears," he said. And, that's a good thing?!), model Josie Maran (former girlfriend of our favorite magician, David Blaine), some French girl with luscious lips he met at a bar the other night, and a girl he liked in high school, among others.

But, in general, Stephan says he doesn't like "skinny girls," he likes some curves!