Source:    Interview Magazine
Issue:        November 2001
Page:       58
Stephan Jenkins by Dimitri Ehrlich

Third Eye Blind puts the power of stardom to good use

When it comes to alleviating the sufferings of others in a concrete way, entertainers can seem frivolous.  Not Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of Bay Area rockers Third Eye Blind, who recently helped organize BREATHE, a concert held at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles last month to benefit breast cancer research and
education. "This really started from my mom's disease and my experience with it," says Jenkins, whose mother recently survived a battle with breast cancer. "My thought was that if you changed the perception of who
this matters to, you broaden the scope of
fundraising." With that in mind, Jenkins enlisted Seal, Run-DMC, Liz Phair, and others to raise funds for the UCLA Breast Center and the Breast Examination Center of Harlem.
"With my mom, I was in the role of saying, 'Everything is gonna be OK,'" says Jenkins. "And it made me think about how breast cancer is always seen as a woman's issue. But it's a son's issue, it's a family issue, and it's everyone's issue."