October 13, 2000

Doritos Live! Chat Transcript with Third Eye Blind
September 12, 2000

Karina: Hey everybody, welcome to Doritos Live! We have a special guest tonight who's sold millions of albums.

Karina: We're going to talk with Steven and Arion from Third Eye Blind.

Karina: We've got lots of questions and I'll do my best to get most of them in.

Karina: Doritos Live is a bi-weekly series.

Karina: To send in a question, type it in and click "ask"

Karina: Welcome guys!

Karina: Okay, where are you guys right now?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) I don't know where he is! He's in San Fran and I'm in NY.

Karina: What are you doing in New York?

Third Eye Blind: I was working with Limp Bizkit.

Karina: So you DID get together with Fred Durst?

Third Eye Blind: We did, yeah. And, I've got nothing but good things to say about him.

Karina: What did you guys do?

Third Eye Blind: We got together and worked on a song, and he's just finishing his record and we did interludes, stayed up all night and fiddled around with music.

Karina: Who's album will it be on., yours or his?

Third Eye Blind: We started working on a song, too late to go on Limp

Third Eye Blind: Limp's record, that's done today or tonight.

Third Eye Blind: Bizkit fans, that's just the bomb!

Karina: What's the best thing about that song that we should know?

Third Eye Blind: The two of us really enjoyed the process of making it.

Third Eye Blind: Limp and Third Eye have a lot of respect for each other, the music is different, but what we do in combining the styles and impulses is similar.

Third Eye Blind: You hear hardcore, hip hop and classic rock kinds of things.

Third Eye Blind: And, so, there's a sort of ....

Third Eye Blind: A cool bond there in rock music.

Karina: So a little chemistry there

Third Eye Blind: Fred is really doing it, that's the thing.

Karina: How did you two meet?

Third Eye Blind: I met Fred because I heard him list TEB as an influence, which surprised me, I read that in the NYT and was surprised to see it.

Karina: Why were you surprised?

Third Eye Blind: I don't take it for granted that I'm an influence on my peers, so ....

Third Eye Blind: So ...

Third Eye Blind: You know, that was the ting.

Third Eye Blind: It was like, wow!

Third Eye Blind: there are baby bands that I'm beginning to get some understanding of that idea, but now like our peers, like Bizkit.

Third Eye Blind: I was impressed by that, and now we have a movie theatre, in L.A. , we're standing in line for popcorn and Fred and I started talking, he was a down to earth, cool, individual, we talked about getting together and playing music.

Third Eye Blind: It was the best.

Karina: So let me get this straight. You go to a random old movie theater with no entourage or nothing?

Third Eye Blind: Yep! We were both wearing hats and .....

Karina: I can't imagine both of you not getting noticed.

Third Eye Blind: False beards, didn't you have that on! (Arion)

Third Eye Blind: There he is! What's up dude?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) I'm in my house, my living room, amazing!

Karina: He's been here for a while.

Third Eye Blind: Wonderful world of technology.

Third Eye Blind: We just played Kansas, it was fun.

Karina: How did that go?

Third Eye Blind: It was great, but we're not in Kansas anymore.

Third Eye Blind: hardy har har!!!

Karina: What did you think of Fred Durst and Christina Aguilera's performance at the MTV awards?

Third Eye Blind: I thought it was funny.

Karina: Who's idea was it?

Third Eye Blind: Fred and I were sitting together.

Third Eye Blind: It was hilarious.

Third Eye Blind: I think Christina asked him

Third Eye Blind: That's the cool thing about those guys, they don't over think anything, the question is this fun to do or not?

Karina: Yeah, absolutely. And, having said that, it's also more publicity too.

Third Eye Blind: Yeah, but I mean, the thing is, you have to be like getting off on it.

Third Eye Blind: Enough about me, let's talk about Arion, Arion this is Karina.....

Karina: Hi, he gave me a little lesson on how to pronounce your name.

Third Eye Blind: Yep, that's right. Okay.

Third Eye Blind: Yes.

Karina: We've got tons of questions here.

jenthecybergroupie asks: Stephan, you mentioned that 3eb is putting off recording the 3rd album to tour Europe. When can we expect you guys in the studio again?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) We'll be in and out of it as we do concert events.

Third Eye Blind: So, we'll be there sometime messing around in October.

Third Eye Blind: I don't want to make any promises to people about when we're going to put out "p" that we can't keep.

Third Eye Blind: The album "Blue" blew up again, so it's been awhile, we'll make more videos and have some more single.

Third Eye Blind: singles.

Third Eye Blind: There's a ground swell going up around "A Thousand Julys" and we knew we'd close this album with "Wounded."

Karina: So, just for you guys to know, we're going to hear Deep Inside of You and Thousand Julys within this cyber chat.

Karina: So stay with us.

Karina: Let's go to some more questions.

stamperd asks: What's your favorite song to perform???

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) I like playing "I Want You," it's different from other songs in the set, hypnotic, trance vibe thing happening.

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) If you've ever sat on a Maytag washer during spin cycle ... you know.

Karina: Oh, every weekend. That's my favorite thing. How did you know?

Third Eye Blind: It's a girl's thing, it is.

Karina: I checked out your website and one thing in the journals where you talk about the tour, etc, there's something you tease about when Stephan goes into the crowd during the middle of the set.

Karina: What goes on there?

Third Eye Blind: Yeah .... depends on the place, you know? But, I do try and figure out a pathway and get out there, a lot of the fans, rock fans, are not organized and I'm not either.

Third Eye Blind: So, bands I've wanted to see, I found out the day before, so the tix would be the nosebleed seats or the grass at the amphitheatre, so it's an opportunity to get close to them and flip the script, that's the point of it.

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) He gets to go out and hang out where the real party is.

Karina: Party on the grass. Another question from our audience here.

madmademme asks: who is your biggest music influence???

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) Take that one, Arion ....

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) I always wanted to see The Police, The Who, the Clash, and I got to see them, I had a good time growing up0.

Karina: Were you one of those music snobs? Like in that movie Hi Fidelity?

Third Eye Blind: For a while, yeah totally, me?

Third Eye Blind: Definitely, I liked certain songs, but would never cop to it, I thought "Into the Groove" by Madonna was a good song, but there was no way I was going to tell anyone.

Karina: Closet Madonna fan. What about you, Stephan? Who were your influences?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) I like the all kinds of stuff, hip hop and ambient, and specific artists are not as important as the totality of it.

Third Eye Blind: I like a lot of rock bands like Led Zeppelin and the Police, my tastes are wide and varied ....

Karina: Is there any music you'd be embarrassed to admit that you like, that's not considered cool?

Karina: Yeah, but that's still kind of cool

Third Eye Blind: They are brilliant.

Third Eye Blind: They have a sense of orchestration and harmony and things like that.

Third Eye Blind: So, as a songwriter and arranger, I'm impressed with what they do, bands like Queen, Jeff Buckley, things like that.

Karina: Our typist is going nuts, she loves Jeff Buckley.

Karina: I read you're a big fan of U2

Third Eye Blind: Oh yeah, we're huge U2 fans.

Karina: Now, Fred Durst mentioned wanting to work with Bono.

Third Eye Blind: Uh huh, I'm buddy buddy with Bono, yeah.

Karina: Now, since you're buddy-buddy with Fred, do you have any scoop on that?

Third Eye Blind: I don't know. Don

Karina: Are there going to be collaborations in the future?

Third Eye Blind: Don't know if those guys are working together or not?

Third Eye Blind: Fred and I went to some parties after the video music awards and I didn't see Bono there,

Third Eye Blind: So I don't know?

Karina: Let's take another question from Jen the Cyber Groupie

jenthecybergroupie asks: If there was a movie about your life, what celeb would you want to play your part, and why?

Third Eye Blind: From anytime?

Karina: Yeah.

Third Eye Blind: Brando! Of course.

Karina: Do you think that he'd be a good representative of you for your life or just because you like him as an actor?

Third Eye Blind: Yeah. I do like him. But, I'd like to play myself, yeah.

Third Eye Blind: I've done some acting, yeah, I like acting.

Karina: I know you're doing something with Donovan Leach right? but that's musical.

Third Eye Blind: I'm supposed to be doing something with Donovan, but we sort of never get to it.

Karina: Well, aren't you going to have to do a cover for a protest song?

Karina: Which song would you pick?

Third Eye Blind: Hopefully, yeah. I wanted to do "We Care A Lot." Do you know that?

Third Eye Blind: Take it away, Arion ....

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) (starts singing it .....)

Third Eye Blind: It's a song by a band from San Fran called "Faith No More," a truly great thrash, funk metal band.

Karina: Right

Karina: How would you cover it differently?

Third Eye Blind: I'd play it on acoustic guitar.

Karina: Right. I don't know if you guys will like this topic, and I think you know what I'm going to talk about, but I'm getting a lot of questions about this.

Karina: Basically, what happened with Kevin Codogan?

Third Eye Blind: I don't know what happened with him Codogan.

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) I can't remember, Codogan?

Third Eye Blind: So long ago I can't remember.

Third Eye Blind: yeah.

Karina: Obviously, he left the band and you rehired Tony aka Monk, which how did he get that name by the way?

Third Eye Blind: Yeah. The monk! He's kind of like a monk and a monkey.

Karina: So a goofball and an introvert, basically?

Third Eye Blind: No, he's ... he jumps on people and runs around, like a freak, a certain simeon behavior, but he's sort of obsessed with guitar.

Karina: Okay.

Third Eye Blind: I've always said he's trying to kill me, he's got that total Jimmy Page kind of black magic thing, I don't trust him.

Third Eye Blind: He eats hippie food, herbal teas, fresh bee pollen, can't trust people like that, no way!

Karina: Oh, right. You can't trust that.

Karina: Is he vegan?

Third Eye Blind: He's not as far as I know .... vegan.

Third Eye Blind: He's not vacant actually, he's always changing his hair color.

Karina: He's the guy who takes care of your website predominantly. Isn't he the cyber guy for you guys?

Third Eye Blind: Who? Tony? No.

Third Eye Blind: I bet you he is.

Karina: Well, he seemed stressed out, I have to be honest.

Karina: He was talking about how he sometimes feels he needs his personal space and that's hard on tour and you all have different personalities and it's hard to get along.

Karina: How do you keep your personal space on tour?

Karina: There are rumors that you're extremely ambitious.

Third Eye Blind: MM hmm. Oh you know, it fell into my lap, what about you Arion?

Karina: How hard did you have to work or did it just fall into your lap?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) Yeah.

Third Eye Blind: Did you say something?

Third Eye Blind: Well, I'm sort of doing what I like, so it's hard to say it's work, but certainly it aint been easy at all, we've done our thing for a long time.

Karina: I'm sure you do.

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) We work our butts off, don't kid yourself!

Third Eye Blind: Oh, what does that mean, Karina? Now, you're being a bit flippant here!

Karina: I do ! I'm a totally sincere person.

Third Eye Blind: C'mon, yes you are!

Third Eye Blind: I think Karina needs a cyber spanking!

Karina: Will you offer it?

Third Eye Blind: I'm going to turn you over onto my digital knee ....

Third Eye Blind: It's kind of a hobby of mine ...

Karina: Did you do that with Charlize?

purpleprincess223 asks: You guys are all so hot...who's single, and would any of you date a fan?

Third Eye Blind: Date a fan? Date a fan ....

Third Eye Blind: Huh ...

Third Eye Blind: A TEB fan?

Third Eye Blind: Does she have ... does she have TEB tattoos?

Karina: She can hear you right now so I'm sure we'll hear from her later on.

Third Eye Blind: Cause it's like that's weird, if you're just like waxing away and looking down at that tattoo.

Karina: Have you ever met anyone who has a tattoo?

Third Eye Blind: On their bottom? Oh, I've met lots of fans with tattoos.

Third Eye Blind: There's a lot of TEB ink and it's impressive, I think that's a real commitment.

Karina: Yeah, definitely. Would you ever get a tattoo of anyone in your life?

Third Eye Blind: Would I? Yeah. I'd like to get a gigantic tattoo that covers your whole back, or like ...

Karina: Right. Of a what?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) Are you going to get that tattoo of me?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) Yeah, it's going to say, "My Buddy."

Third Eye Blind: That's something people should know, Karina, Arion is my pal.

Karina: Right, how did you guys meet?

Third Eye Blind: We met through music, I heard about him as a young upstart bass player in San Fran playing in a thrash metal band there, and I was trying to start a rock band and talked him into playing on my demos.

Third Eye Blind: So, he did and his bass playing was delicious

Third Eye Blind: He sort of played with such a ... had a lot of pizzazz, and was really funny.

Karina: Really?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) And, I gave him $50.

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) He threw down the cash.

Karina: Arion, did I pronounce that right?

Third Eye Blind: We've been playing music together ever since.

Karina: What did you first think of Stephan at that time and how has he changed?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) I thought he was very talented lyricist and songwriter and hasn't changed at ALL.

Karina: What's his character?

Third Eye Blind: That's the crazy part!

Third Eye Blind: He's been like this since day one!

Karina: What's "this"

Third Eye Blind: Like THIS! You're talking to him!

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) That's what I am, baby! (screams!)

Karina: Okay, what's your best trait? And I'm not asking you, Stephan, I'm asking Arion. What is Stephan's best and worst traits?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) Best and worst?

Karina: One good and one bad

Karina: Does he make you wash his motorcycle?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) I hire other people to do that.

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) He's always trying to spank me.

Karina: He's got a fetish.

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) c'mere Arion!

Karina: If it was a fruit what kind of fruit would it be?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) It's good and it's bad so there you go.

Karina: Good, well then put that in your website which is

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) That's the best question we've ever been asked!

Karina: I've got tons of questions to get to here. But we're going to hear a song right now..."Deep Inside Of You"

Third Eye Blind: Okay.

Karina: Here we go.

Karina: Hey, that was "Deep Inside of You" by Third Eye Blind:.

Karina: We're speaking to Stephan Jenkins and Arion Salazar.

Karina: We're going right to questions now

sun3eburned asks: Stephan, can you give me a quote for the yearbook this year since I'm a senior? Thanks, John

Third Eye Blind: Go, Karina, let's whip 'em out!

Third Eye Blind: Walk like Kings, all of you.

Karina: All right.

Karina: By the way, did you like that movie that Charlize was in?

Third Eye Blind: The Cider House Rules? Yes, I did.

Karina: Yeah, there we go.

Karina: Another question here.

Third Eye Blind: Yeah, I think I've changed a lot, yeah .... how?

Third Eye Blind: Well, .....

Karina: How old are you now?

Third Eye Blind: Oh God! I think I'm 116 now.

Third Eye Blind: I think I've become sort of quieter inside in some way, sort of more ....

Third Eye Blind: .... like if someone steals my pint at a pub, I'm less likely to clobber 'em.

Third Eye Blind: That kind of thing?

Karina: Yeah

stamperd asks: Semi-Charmed Life is one of my favorite songs, I wanted to ask you guys what's your favorite song from your first album?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) Arion?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) I like 'em all, not into the picking a favorite song thing, "Losing a Whole Year."

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) I like listening to the whole album, the whole experience.

Karina: What's the last album that you guys have bought? Or do you even buy records or do you get them all from record companies?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) I buy lots of records, lots and lots .... in fact, too much.

Karina: Which is the best last album that you bought?

Third Eye Blind: I just got the soundtrack for the James Bond flick, Her Majesty's Secret Service, incredibly good, check it out.

Karina: What about you, Stephan?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) I got the complete works of Nick Drake!

Third Eye Blind: (sings some of it .....)

Third Eye Blind: I don't know?

Third Eye Blind: I made it up.

Karina: Our typist is going nuts over here. I should hook you guys up. There's a bond going on here.

Karina: On a whim? What?

Third Eye Blind: I like the band Camper Van Beethoven and I wanted to have a wordplay name with a sense of irony and that messed around with the idea that ....

Third Eye Blind: ... most people are spiritually dead and music is a way for people who want to feel alive and magic in their lives, come together.

Karina: That makes sense. Are you at all into Buddhism?

Third Eye Blind: That's what we're all alive.

Third Eye Blind: I'm in to the Zen Principle of presence, being in the moment that you are, yeah.

Karina: Do you do any kind of meditation or yoga to get into it?

Third Eye Blind: I pray when the plane takes off every time.

Third Eye Blind: I don't believe in the deity, but I believe in the act of praying.

Karina: Do you pray when you're afraid or want something? Or, when do you pray?

Third Eye Blind: I pray for people. I really do.

Karina: For people that are close to you?

Third Eye Blind: I pray a lot for random strangers.

Karina: LOL

Third Eye Blind: I'm totally serious, Karina!

Third Eye Blind: Yeah.

Karina: So you see somebody walking down the street. What would you have to see visually to make you want to pray for them?

Third Eye Blind: An ambulance going by.

Karina: What about homeless people?

Third Eye Blind: Yeah, usually I feel so much guilt about not giving them the $5 they want that I shutter away in shame usually.

Karina: So are you stingy?

Third Eye Blind: Hopefully not.

Third Eye Blind: What do you mean?

Third Eye Blind: Financially?

Third Eye Blind: I support charities, but I don't want to say what they are ... that's not the idea of being charitable, is it?

Karina: I guess not. But, I mean, is there anything that you think needs the most attention of all things out there?

Third Eye Blind: Worldwide?

Karina: Yeah

Third Eye Blind: I don't know how rock n roll this is but we have a greenhouse gas problem that's melting the planet.

Karina: Right. Okay. What about you, Arion?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) Yeah?

Third Eye Blind: Oh, basically I'm entranced here.

Karina: We've got this riveting conversation going here

Third Eye Blind: I should get more into schooling the youth of the world, they could use a bit more attention.

Karina: Okay. What's that noise? hello?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) I just stepped outside and that was the sound of NY City ya'll!

Karina: So, it's 9:41 and where are you staying in New York. Not a specific location but general area?

Third Eye Blind: I'm a downtown kid.

Third Eye Blind: Yeah.

Karina: Are you in a hotel or a mega-loft or something?

Third Eye Blind: Tribeca, Westside. Can't tell you Karinaaaa ... I can't tell you!

Karina: I'm not asking for an address

ebftexas asks: Stephan, you mention "vampires" again in "1000 Julys"....what's the meaning of them?

Third Eye Blind: Yeah? Well, I deal a lot with demons and I think music is a way to crush them, but I also believe in the transference of power, that the things that frighten you, you should embrace and crush.

Third Eye Blind: It's Eastern, but if you look on the outside of Tibetan temples, you see monsters and those are nightmares, they turn their demons around on themselves, and that's the idea.

Third Eye Blind: It's time for them to be scared of us, you know what? Nightmare? You be afraid of me!

Karina: Now, where did you get that confidence?

Third Eye Blind: If the Bogeyman comes into our house, I pity him. He's going to be afraid of me!

Karina: Did you always or was it something you had to work on?

Third Eye Blind: By calling for the confidence. Say so. I have many fears, my life has a lot of demons, we all do, our fears and hopes, and we have our pain and ....

Third Eye Blind: I'm not gonna tell you that, Karina!

Karina: Come on, it's a very intimate show.

Third Eye Blind: Oh really?

Karina: There's really not that many people listening. It's just between you and me.

Karina: We'll go on to another question here then.

Third Eye Blind: Um .... I have an American Staffordshire Terrier.

Karina: Is that one of those little yappy dogs?

Third Eye Blind: No, it's a Pit Bull, a euphemism for Pit Bull and she resides in the hallways of Harvard Medical School.

Karina: Oh, it is? Why is that? What's going on with her?

Third Eye Blind: She's under examination ... she's a smart dog and she's becoming a doggie doctor.

Karina: LOL

Third Eye Blind: Ever hear of that movie "The Shaggy D.A."?

Karina: No

Third Eye Blind: She's Doggie Hauser!

Karina: LOL Another question here

monkeyvii asks: Why did you use the symbol from the Slavador Dali Tarot card?

Third Eye Blind: Well, we really liked it and the idea of ....

Third Eye Blind: the falling man there was symbolic of Icarus and we like ideas that are going in 2 directions at once.

Third Eye Blind: Most of our music is kind of going in different directions at the same time, so it shows this sense of aspiration, but you're also falling to earth!

Third Eye Blind: And, the tarot card of death is symbolic of death, but also change and rebirth.

Third Eye Blind: So, yeah ....

Karina: I always get that card

Third Eye Blind: It's all those things at once and we're sort of ... we take music as a way of crushing our demons, as a way of people who don't belong finding a sense of belonging or the feeling of it.

Third Eye Blind: Part of what we call it is we make music for misfits, so those are the symbols that somehow fit for us.

Karina: Were you misfits growing up?

Third Eye Blind: Oh, we all were!

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) I feel like a misfit everyday, man!

Karina: In what way? You feel you just don't connect to what's going on in society or you feel you're just a dork?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) He doesn't! He's not kidding! (Arion) Some days, you know how it is.

Karina: Totally

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) You don't feel like you're in sync with everyone.

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) Sometimes I don't feel like I'm in N'Sync, it's crazy!

Karina: But, I think everybody feels that way in a way. Is it important to you to feel you belong to a type or group at all?

Karina: Was it ever important to you?

Third Eye Blind: No, it's more important for us to feel like we're standing alone and in the process of doing that, you make your bonds.

Third Eye Blind: The impetus of the band was to make it's own scene, to build castles of your own ....

Third Eye Blind: Baby.

Karina: Well, I just wonder sometimes, like, you know, because rock guys are often introverted by they almost find their sense of identity through a band. But, do you lose your identity when you become part of a band?

Third Eye Blind: I don't feel that at all (Arion) , like it encouraged whatever identity you have, however bizarre it is, all it does is nurture and encourage what you are, it's positive, brings the best out in you.

Karina: Yes, so long as you have a band where you all get along

Third Eye Blind: And, even if you don't get along, you can find a common ground that's important and possible, even if you don't get along every minute of the day.

Karina: But, don't you almost have to be as a band because you're traveling and doing interviews all the time together?

Karina: If you don't get along how do you deal with that?

Third Eye Blind: I think we do get along.

Third Eye Blind: We have a core value as people that is .... very much in line.

Third Eye Blind: We get a lot of joy and camaraderie out of playing music together.

Third Eye Blind: TEB is something we care about a lot so we're gonna come down hard on it.

Third Eye Blind: That's what happens.

Third Eye Blind: So, there's a lot of intensity in our band, but it's really, even when it's ...

Third Eye Blind: I don't know ... I think that's a healthy thing. We're not blasé' about this .... we want TEB to be ...

Karina: The biggest rock band in America

Third Eye Blind: In the world! Absolutely! And, sort of make a mark on the times that we're in.

Karina: In the world yeah

Third Eye Blind: There's something really magic and positive that can come out of static in a creative relationship that I think is necessary for greatness.

Third Eye Blind: I don't know of any great bands that are like "Hey I love these guys and they're my buddies everyday!"

Karina: It's not realistic. Yeah, it's a give and take. Let' s talk about Spinal Tap coming out on DVD.

Karina: Two questions.

Third Eye Blind: Yeah!

Karina: What's your favorite scene in the movie and have you ever had a sort of Spinal Tap moment while on tour?

Third Eye Blind: Well, there was the other day, when I got popped with the cucumber in my pants, it was embarrassing, at the airport.

Third Eye Blind: I'm trying to put that behind me.

Karina: Let's name one

Third Eye Blind: We have Spinal Tap moments behind me.

Third Eye Blind: Every time you go on stage and make a wrong turn, you go "Hello Cleveland!"

Karina: LOL What about, do you have any bubbles on stage that you can't get out of?

Third Eye Blind: No, but every single thing that can go wrong on a stage when you've been touring for 2 1/2 years has gone wrong!

Karina: Have you ever had anything catch on fire or explode or anything?

Third Eye Blind: Oh yeah! Totally! We've had expensive lights drop out of the sky, I'd be very upset right now if I wasn't so heavily sedated.

Third Eye Blind: My favorite scene in the movie is "Give us our rooms you twisted old Fruit!"

Third Eye Blind: " I am as God made me, sir!"

Karina: Great. So you're going to go check it out or what?

Third Eye Blind: No, I've seen that movie enough.

Karina: When you're on tour do you listen to a lot of movies or what goes on in the bus?

Third Eye Blind: We don't have time for movies.

Karina: Right, you gotta keep your energy.

Karina: More questions here

nadabrain asks: For what would you like to be remembered?

Third Eye Blind: Our music.

Karina: All right. Next question.

tattoodscrewedandglued asks: Do u plan on doing any concerts in upstate NY in the near future?

Third Eye Blind: We're gonna play Madison Square Garden in sometime around Christmas.

Karina: Okay, so how can we get touring info?

Third Eye Blind: Check our website, but the best way to get in touch with us is through our FAN websites.

Karina: Do you have a favorite one? Do you check them out?

Third Eye Blind: There's so many good ones, hard to say which one ... ....

Third Eye Blind:

Third Eye Blind:

Karina: You're so popular!

Third Eye Blind: And, then you know, is nothing to shake a stick at!

Third Eye Blind: Our fans, they know we love them because they ....

Karina: They buy your albums

Third Eye Blind: The fans who run the websites have a really ... very ..... I think a more direct and accurate accounting of sort of what is going on in and around TEB .. far more so than the media does.

Karina: Right. Well, why does your official website not have all of this information?

Third Eye Blind: What information?

Karina: I mean like touring information. Honestly, some of the info is outdated. Kevin Codogan is still on bio stuff.

Third Eye Blind: Yeah .....I have no idea. The official one is nothing I have anything to do with. I have more to do with the fan websites, cause those guys do it on a daily basis cause they love it for themselves, it matters to them personally. I respect that.

Third Eye Blind: I give them more time than I give the media or our official website.

Karina: Right on. Okay, let's talk about Slow Motion a little bit. I guess the record company asked you to take off lyrics. How do you feel about censorship?

Third Eye Blind: We weren't censored. We were given our own record label because of a song I wrote.

Karina: So, what happened there? How did you get your own label?

Third Eye Blind: Pretty excellent, I should write more songs like that.

Third Eye Blind: There was someone high up in the organization that lost his son and it was powerful to him, and they thought that in the post-Columbine world this song would incite gun violence and we don't have intention of talking down to or underestimating the intelligence or ability to process in our audience.

Third Eye Blind: We don't second guess or pre-judge ourselves.

Third Eye Blind: I don't.

Karina: But, do you think that musicians should take responsibility for their lyrics?

Third Eye Blind: What does that mean?

Karina: Well, you might have a song you want to put out that has lyrics that might in a way promote violence or talks about violence, do you think that they should be allowed to do that or...

Karina: you know what I'm getting at?

Third Eye Blind: But, people should take individual responsibility for what you consume.

Third Eye Blind: People are obsessed why suffering in this country and are eroticized by it, so why kids like to hear, "I shot the mother f… in the face," excites kids.

Third Eye Blind: I said, "the joke's on you," on the buyer, and I think the parents need to participate in the lives of their children

Third Eye Blind: And, the kids that blew everyone away at Columbine had no relationship with their parents!

Third Eye Blind: They built an armory underneath their parent's faces, ya know?!

Third Eye Blind: So .....

Karina: So you think basically the parents should watch what the kids are listening to and reading? Because there is info out there that incites violence.

Third Eye Blind: I'm not convinced that it incites violence.

Third Eye Blind: England has all the same violent materials that the US does, and has 99.7.8% less instances of gun death than the US and a far less lower murder rate.

Karina: Yeah, because they don't have access to it.

Third Eye Blind: That's right.

Karina: Right. Okay, do you want to have us play another song or do you want to chat more?

Third Eye Blind: Well, I gotta go here pretty soon, so why don't we talk a bit more and close out with a jam.

Karina: Awesome That sounds great.

Third Eye Blind: How does that sound?

Third Eye Blind: So, let's get to more of the questions ...

Karina: That sounds great. More questions

stamperd asks: Arion what nationality are you?

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) I'm half-Hispanic, and my mom's white Euro .. so whatever that is, that's me.

poloandnikegirl asks: what is your favorite pet?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) Pet? Um .....

Third Eye Blind: My doggie.

Third Eye Blind: Yeah!

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) My favorite, is my cat, Ella.

poloandnikegirl asks: what do you do to relax

Third Eye Blind: Me, I listen to a lot of music, boring like that, when I'm not playing it, I'm listening to it or writing it (Arion) , it helps me relax.

ebftexas asks: Stephan, the "Red Summer Sun Tour" just rocked Dallas, TX a few weeks ago.....when can we expect the band back?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) To Dallas? Dallas tore us to pieces man, there's nothing left!

Third Eye Blind: Dallas rocks!

Third Eye Blind: I love Dallas, had a good time.

Karina: do you have a favorite city to perform in?

Third Eye Blind: We love playing Texas, kids there wanna rock so hard. I love playing there!

Karina: Yeah, I've heard that.

snetbutterfly asks: Where did front man Stephen go to high school?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) Ya know, I'm gonna leave that one right there.

Karina: Did you go to high school?

Karina: And then didn't you go to Stanford?

Third Eye Blind: No. None of us did. Two of us went to Cal Berkeley.

Karina: Somebody went to Stanford, who was that?

Third Eye Blind: And, one of us didn't go anywhere. (Arion)

Third Eye Blind: Tony went to Junior College and Arion was in a school of music.

Karina: Well, Stephan weren't you considering getting into either music or marine biology?

Third Eye Blind: (Stephan) I always wanted to play music but was afraid to in some way, which was really stupid .. so, if anyone wants advice, I'd say do the things you really want to do without fear or apology.

Karina: Just do it. Yeah, sure. But, what were you afraid of at first, the rejection or feeling like you wouldn't fit into it?

Karina: Or that you weren't talented or what was it?

Third Eye Blind: Music? I think I was expected by my parents to go and make the world a better place.

Third Eye Blind: But, there was a certain .. that was put on me, and that music was not a way you could do that. They were quite mistaken.

Karina: Yes.

Third Eye Blind: I feel a band does make ... in some way ...

Karina: A difference, absolutely.

Third Eye Blind: I do. I think we reach people in music and there's something redemptive and healing in that. My life has meaning and it brings value outside of your own personal gratification.

Karina: Do you have fans that come up to you and sat that song spoke to me personally and things like that?

Third Eye Blind: Yeah, I do. A lot of people have that.

Karina: Do people almost sort of confide in you?

Third Eye Blind: It's that I think that my lyrics in some way confide in them, they feel there's a companionship in the music that we make, ya know?

Third Eye Blind: I think that's more the experience people have with TEB.

Karina: When you were a teenager, was there a particular song that you felt spoke to you.

Third Eye Blind: When I was a teen?

Karina: Yeah, because that's a difficult time for a lot of people.

Third Eye Blind: Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.

Third Eye Blind: Just kidding!

Third Eye Blind: Karina, are you losing your sense of humor?

Karina: No, I'm not…..LOL.

Third Eye Blind: Cause if you are, I'm just gonna hang up!

Third Eye Blind: You did?

Third Eye Blind: Wow.

abercrombie_ians_girl asks: What do you think of the boy bands?

Third Eye Blind: Abercrombie, that's a funny name.

Karina: It's Abercrombie, but my pronunciation is bad

Third Eye Blind: I don't think of them. I don't spend any time thinking about boy bands.

Karina: Do you care about other bands being dissed?

Third Eye Blind: I think it's like music for people who just graduated from the tele-tubbies and Barney.

Karina: LOL

Third Eye Blind: I like the Tele-tubbies though.

Third Eye Blind: I didn't watch TV as a kid.

Karina: What about now? Do you watch much TV?

Third Eye Blind: We don't watch TV, we're sort of out and about.

Third Eye Blind: Yeah.

Karina: Who do you think is the most important musician of the 20th century?

Third Eye Blind: Arion Salazar.

Third Eye Blind: (Arion) Yes! Yes!

Third Eye Blind: Either "Thousand Julys" or "Wounded" and I promise you we're going to something that'll be cool!

Karina: We have to close the show because we're out of time!

Third Eye Blind: Okay, thank you so much Karina!

Karina: Thank you so much for joining the show.

Karina: Check out past transcripts and info about upcoming shows at!

Karina: I'll see you in a couple of weeks everybody when out guest will be-SR-71!!! Good night!