It's just been waaaaayyy too long since we've heard from our old pal, silver-tongued Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins. Lest anyone think that a rock star's life is all glamor and glitz, Stephan's here to tell you that, well, it really IS all glamor and glitz, but it's not as much fun as you think:

"I think luxury and glitter is a complete bore. It's just dull. Let me give you an example. I had to go to Paris as a guest. I went there to be part of a fashion show, because they want celebrities in the front. So there I am, with other celebrities, and we're all sitting next to each other at this fashion show, and we're staying in a luxurious hotel. It's the best. But is this bed really more comfortable than my bed? No. Is the food better? It's foie gras, but is it better than a cheeseburger? No. The people living that lifestyle, that's not really fun. Whereas, like, you know, roaring my motorcycle down
North Beach is fun!"

Third Eye Blind are working on a new album now. Look for it towards the end of 2002.