Issue:      4/3/02
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While laying down tracks at Skywalker Sound for their soon-to-be-released third album, Crystal Baller, the members of Third Eye Blind were visited by none other than legendary director (and owner of Skywalker) George Lucas. The San Francisco band presented Lucas with a plaque commemorating six million units sold for their self-titled debut album, which was recorded at Skywalker Sound.

As with 3EB's first two albums, Crystal Baller is being produced by Stephan Jenkins; bassist Arion Salazar along with engineer Jason Carmer are co-producing the new disc. Most of Crystal Baller has been tracked at Mourningwood, the studio 3EB constructed in San Francisco to house their collection of rare instruments and vintage recording gear. After a year off the road from touring, 3EB focused intensely on writing and creating a unique sound. In the current era of slick and all-too processed music, Third Eye Blind once again finds them selves going against the grain. Says Jenkins: "We have sought a sound that is raw, earthy and beautiful and building our own studio has allowed us to find it". The band have had guests drop by during the sessions, including Kimya Dawson of the Moldy Peaches to add vocals on "Self Righteous" and Andrew W.K. who sang background vocals on "Fucked Up Kid".

Thematically, Crystal Baller finds Jenkins developing his insight into the 'flawed and the beautiful' through the concept of Crystal Baller. He points out that the new album celebrates "joy and a forward look in the context of adversity." Says Jenkins: "It's funny, but after a year of soul searching we have a really emotional record, and we took so much pleasure in making it that I wish we could make a double album." Jenkins describes the sound of the new album as "our continuing fascination with Lou Reed and club rhythms."

Since emerging out of San Francisco in 1997, 3EB has toured the world extensively, sold over six million copies of their debut record and their sophomore release is approaching double platinum status. Crystal Ballerwill be released mid-summer 2002.