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Issue:      4/19/02
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by Beth Lisick, special to SF Gate
  Wednesday, April 24, 2002


You're probably no longer surprised at the way commercials, especially car commercials, co-opt songs by your favorite bands and use them to showcase the way their automobile hugs the curves on a charming country road. And sometimes it seems like the records are barely in the stores before the ad agencies have nabbed them. Well, the "Speedy Delivery" award now goes to SF's own megagroup Third Eye Blind. Apparently, the band have already signed away a song off their upcoming record to be used in a Saturn commercial. That's right -- their new album has yet to hit the streets, but spies have told me the television spot is in the works as we speak.

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Beth Lisick is the author of "Monkey Girl" and "This Too Can Be Yours," out on Manic D Press.