September 26, 2000

(Wahlberg photo courtesy of Archive Photos)
Mark Wahlberg (above) and Stephan Jenkins

Wahlberg Fights Charlize's Man

Actor Mark Wahlberg and Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins traded knuckle jabs while filming the upcoming heavy metal flick So You Wanna Be a Rock Star, but don't look for any grandiose, John Woo-style choreography.

Though the pair had some of The Matrix's fight scene experts coaching them, Jenkins told the New York Daily News that things got pretty pathetic. "Every fight that I'd been in in high school was just terrible," he explained. "One guy punches another guy, that guy punches back, and then they go into this death grip, and it ends up on the ground. It's awful and embarrassing. [Wahlberg and I] said, 'Let's have that fight!'"

So You Wanna Be a Rock Star was originally titled Metal God, but apparently former Judas Priest singer Rob Halford (who actually inspired the film's twisted tale) owns legal rights to the phrase "metal god." What a great pick-up line that must be.

In other behind-the-scenes relations, things aren't quite so lighthearted. Jenkins would not comment to the Daily News regarding rumors that he and his actress girlfriend, Charlize Theron, are on the skids. Theron's camp says they're fine, but burblings from beyond are pinning her to a sizzling elder in the acting community one who also happens to be working on So You Wanna Be a Rock Star. Ziiiiip it!

Jenkins and Theron met in Hawaii in late 1997, when a vacationing Theron apparently went to check out a 3eb show. Jenkins was previously linked to heartbreaker Winona Ryder.

Theron will appear in the upcoming Will Smith-Matt Damon fable, The Legend of Bagger Vance.