Source:  Stuff for Men Magazine September 2000 issue

November 1, 2000

"Pop-rock pretty boy"

What is the most expensive thing you've ever broken? I once poured an entire can of Coke onto a mixing board that cost around $700, 000. (1 point)
Have you ever set fire to anything "just because"? Yeah. Ants, snails and things like that. (0)
Have you ever operated a chainsaw? Oh, hell yes. I'm no stranger to the Husqvarna. (1)
When was the last time you killed something? It was just recently. An ant was crawling on my surfboard, so I squashed it. (0)
How many pornos do you own? A lot. I have the entire Vivid catalog. Plus, my roommate has about 7,000 reels of vintage porn loops from the '40s and '50s. (2)
Have you ever been injured during sex? You know when a girl comes down too hard and it bends? Very agonizing, but I'll bet no man has ever said "we should stop fucking." (1)
AT THE BUZZER Despite an admiral collection of porn, he only earns 5 points - and the booby prize.