Source:  Travel + Leisure October  2000 Issue

November 1, 2000


Road Rules for Musicians Who Live for Months Out of a Suitcase: fast-drying clothes, a stash of candy, and tour-bus-tough luggage


Latest release Blue (WEA/Elektra)

Luggage Tumi, exclusively. It's the only stuff that doesn't just rip to shreds.

Duds Du Jour I like Final Home from Kosuke Tsumura because it's breathable nylon, and vintage Chrome Hearts leather pants. Leather is good onstage because it doesn't really get dirty and doesn't show sweat.

Hotel California The more trippy and funky, the better. The Chateau Marmont in L.A. is great.

Room Ritual The first think I do in any hotel is get rid of the bedspread, quick. Even in a five star place, the bedspread gets washed only once a week, if that.

Puppy Love My dog, a very sweet pit bull named Boo, travels with me.  She's a totally all-access dog. We stay at the SoHo Grand so much, we've asked them to name one of the dog statues out front after me or Boo.