November 4, 2000

Interview with Aisha Cain | 10/22/2000

MVW: Can you tell me about working with director Chris Applebaum on the 3rd Eye Blind 'Deep Inside Of You' music video?

AC: The first day of the shoot Chris came up and introduced himself even though it was very hectic which was a good feeling. Chris was very encouraging and he let me do my thing. He told me what the initial action and vibe was and everyone seemed very helpful. I do remember that my shorts were really short and the top was a bra and I was in heels. The boom box was really heavy even though it didn't work. When I set it down at the beginning of the scene my shorts rode up. I was trying to pull them down and I had to ask him if it was OK to be 'diggin in my drawers' in the shot. They were just like all the way uptown! He said it was fine, and didn't have a problem with it.

When Arion and I were shooting the scene sitting on the bench he was very friendly and really funny. He was telling booger jokes and made me 'crack up' in the video. I was really laughing! It was a very cool experience.

MVW: Do you worry that one day your look might not be in demand anymore?

AC: Well I have been working consistently for three years. I do wonder how the market will be effected now that it is being flooded with more black girls that have a natural look. I think the more of us the better.

MVW: What are your plans for your acting career?

AC: I did this little Internet mini-movie Tommy Hilfiger. I was laughing and talking to my girlfriend which was an emphasized version of my personality. I am not ready to do Shakespeare but I am looking towards working with an acting coach. It's good to show the different facets of my personality which is not confined to my hair or the gap in my teeth.


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