Source:   VH1's Don't Quote Me show

November 6, 2000

Third Eye Best:
"We're fucking good" (SJ)
"We were smarter than anyone else" (SJ)
"Jenkins has a big mouth and an insatiable ego that threatens to consume everything in its path" (
"We're really good musicians" (SJ)
"We're kicking the world's ass " (SJ)
"I can do whatever the fuck I want, baby" (SJ)
"Critics found Stephan Jenkins cocky, sometimes smug, and downright uppity" (Denver Rocky Mountain News)
"Sometimes I am cocky, maybe that's true" (SJ)

Q & A:
"Now that you have become successful, have you engaged in any "rock star" type behavior?"
"You mean like a big line of coke between a slender 15 year old's thighs? That kind of thing? NO!!" (SJ)

What's in a Name?
"The band name has something to do with a Ouija board." (SJ)
"The name comes from a small town in Zimbabwe: (Arion)
"Third Eye Blind represents the spiritual eye. It sees dreams, the inner life" (SJ)
"I hate bands that can't say what they really mean." (SJ)

Fill in the Blank:
"Do I have a PENIS? I sure do." (SJ)
"We make music for people who are SCREWED UP." (SJ)
"Repetition is not that exciting. Except in MASTURBATION." (SJ)
"If I thought FULL FRONTAL NUDITY would sell one more ticket, I'd do it." (SJ)
"I love THIGHS." (SJ)
"I love MARTINIS." (SJ)

Job Well Done:
"We work very hard not to have a style." (SJ)
" I am not doing the N'Sync thing, where I'm just standing out there grabbing my crotch." (SJ)