Source:   Tiger Beat - December Issue pg. 20-21

November 9, 2000

The picture caption reads: 
"ROCK ON... Third Eye Blind was one of the few rock bands that have stopped by The Hi-Fi Room. Other rockers that jammed on the show include Eve 6, Stroke 9 and The Hippos."


Tiger Beat: What was your most memorable performance?

STEPHAN: We played a festival show for about 200,000 people in Atlanta and it was during our off season. Most of the audience knew the words and it was a surprise to me, and it made me realize what an impact our band has made. This was last summer.

TB: Which bands or singers would you like to collaborate with?

STEPHAN: We've been talking with Fred Durst about doing something with Limp Bizkit--that's already something we are working on. In the long term, I would love to work with Macy Gray or D'angelo. 

TB: Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

STEPHAN: It's Third Eye Blind--24/7.