Source:   Parade Magazine 11/12/00 Issue page 2

November 12, 2000

Q:  Everywhere I look, Charlize Theron seems to be in a new movie.  What's the secret to her success? - Oscar Allfie, Running Springs, Calif.

A:  In addition to beauty, brains and talent, the South African actress has old-fashioned star quality.  "I've never had a master plan for my career and relationships - I just read a lot of scripts and take roles that appeal to me," says Theron, 25, whose dreams of a ballet career were dashed by a knee injury, leading her to take up modeling.  A physical chameleon (upscale blonde in Bagger Vance, wrong-side-of-the-tracks brunette in The Yards), Theron tells us, "Transforming my body helps me step into the mind of someone else."  Despite working with such hunks as Keanu Reeves, Tobey Maguire and Johnny Depp, her off-camera embraces are reserved for a nonactor:  Third Eye Blind's singer, Stephan Jenkins.

caption:  Theron and her music man, Jenkins