Issue:           November 30, 2000
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November 30,  2000

Pregnant Gauze
What is it with celeb types freaking for families these days? Is there something in the imported bottled water? It's certainly sweet--but surreal--for participants in this usually box-office (not sandbox) minded profession.

theronAs for the latest potential pregnancy, a hyperbusy personal assistant type hiked all the way to a doctor known for specializing in high-risk births. The doc reportedly delivered Heather Locklear's bouncy babes, for you natal nosy ones.

The Gal Friday was scheduling a private appointment with the top-notch physician for someone other than herself--someone named Charlize.

Boing! Could that be the Charlize--the babe o' the moment? As in, Ms. Theron, the dame for whom Harley-Davidson dude George Clooney was rumored to be zoomin'?

"No," insists C.T.'s publicist, who added, "I was just with her, and I assure you, she is not pregnant."

jenkinsAnd for the record, as long as we're on the subject of who would be supplying the Y chromosome in the first place, the (very sweet) mouthpiece informed me Charlize is hardly sour on Third Eye Blind man Stephan Jenkins and that the couple is "very much together."

Meanwhile, a nurse back at the doc's office revealed to one of the visiting patients that two unnamed celebs have tots on the way. (One is from a "1980s late-night soap"--however, honeypies, Heather herself insists she's not the expecting soaper this time.)

Let's hope these celebrated parents-to-be have a little more social sense than did Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones when they had their pay-the-tot-charity-or-not wedding.

Tacky, thy name is Tinseltown.