Issue:           December 8, 2000
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December 9,  2000

Judge Allows Complaint Amendments In Third Eye Blind Lawsuit

Third Eye Blind
U.S. District Court Judge Claudia Wilken is giving ex-Third Eye Blind guitarist Kevin Cadogan a chance to amend his original complaint against his former bandmates and management company, it was decided in Oakland, Calif. on Friday (Dec. 8). According to the court clerk, Cadogan will have two weeks to re-submit the amended complaint.

The ex-guitarist filed suit against his former bandmates for fraud and breach of contract, among other things (allstar, June 23), after being unexpectedly kicked out of the band last January (allstar, Jan. 27). The case is due back in court on March 23.

3EB bassist Arion Salazar isn't too thrilled about having to deal with the parting of Cadogan through the court system. "It's so ridiculous to be sued by that guy," says Salazar. "It's a pain in the ass to really even think about it. It's just a waste of my time. It's really unnecessary and it's a fucking waste of money."

Meanwhile, Salazar nearly got into a bit of a scrap at a special show for Becks beer at the Metro in Chicago on Nov. 30. During "Jumper," Salazar hopped off the stage to get closer to the people during his bass solo at which time he was pushed by a unruly fan.

"Some quasar was in the crowd," says Salazar. "He had too many Becks and was freaking out and running around... I don't know, he had his pants on too tight or something. He comes running up and shoves me in the chest. So I vaulted over the barrier and suddenly there was a bunch of security guards and it was over."

Salazar was unhurt, but the "quasar" was arrested after the incident. Salazar will not press charges, however. "I'm not pressing charges because I don't give a shit," he says. "I just hope shoving me doesn't become a trend like streaking in the '70s or something." Third Eye Blind will play one more Beck-sponsored showcase at the Fillmore in San Francisco on Saturday (Dec. 9).

The band has also begun demoing new material for the follow-up to Blue, which Salazar would like to see released late next year or early 2002. The band is also still planning to release a long-rumored EP on its own, as-yet-untitled record label, tentatively this spring. "We overextended ourselves thinking we could get it out by the end of the year because that's not gonna happen since we haven't started it yet," he says.

-- Kevin Raub