Source:       Rolling Stone
Issue:           February 1,  2001
Page:          12

MC Stephan Jenkins (left) with Run

Run-DMC and 3EB, Naturally

Most people, upon being told that Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins wrote the first single from the upcoming RUN-DMC album, raise an eyebrow and respond, "Huh?" "I'm shocked," Jenkins says with a laugh.  "I come from hip-hop influences.  It makes sense to me."  Crown Royal is Run-DMC's first album since 1993's Down With the King, and a host of collaborators lined up to pay their respects to the Hollis, Queens, hip-hop kings, including KID ROCK, FRED DURST, EVERLAST and NAS.  (If that's sounding a little like SANTANA's duetfest, Supernatural, that's because it's the brainchild of the same label, Arista.)  For his song "Rock Show," Jenkins says he went for "simple, big ideas, like putting spaghetti sauce on pasta."  Says Run, "I listen to it and I'm like 'We can do this.  This is def.'"