Issue:           January 14, 2001
Page:          31

True Confessions
Local luminaries in the arts reveal their secret, less-than-highbrow passions
Sunday, January 14, 2001  


"I'm a big sophisticate. I just can't wait to get home and watch 'Touched by an Angel,' the corniest show on TV. I love to see that napkin turn into a dove. It's very heartstring-oriented and emotionally draining and cornball, which appeals to me. It's really a soap opera, and I'm not supposed to like it, but I do."

Harry Parker Jr. director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

"I am devoted to 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' But I'm also fond of 'Xena: Warrior Princess,' and pretty much any series that features the protagonist beating the tar out of a large group of people before the first commercial. 'Angel' is also a vampire and a private eye. He could have Ally McBeal for breakfast, and frankly, I wish he would."

Ian Shoales of Duck's Breath Mystery Theater

"When I'm on the road I like to watch old Shirley Temple movies on the Turner Classics channel and fantasize away about how simple life was and could be. I'll do a lot of weeping over Shirley Temple or Lassie or any other old black- and-white film from the '30s. There's just something about uncorking the unbridled capacity for sentiment and letting it flow in the privacy of my hotel room at 3 o'clock in the morning when no one can see.

Joe Goode, Joe Goode Dance Troupe

"I'm obsessed with the 49ers and the 'Antiques Roadshow' on PBS. Every week these people go from city to city to look at furniture and people's would-be antiques. It's so cute and bizarre. I like it when these really snooty people come in with their valuable piece of furniture and find out it's a fake. And the Niners -- well, it's been a rough year. I don't analyze why I like it; I just root. I get into it. I become an animal.

Wavy Gravy countercultural bon vivant and Hog Farm Commune founder

"I guess my guiltiest pleasure is gossip. Other people's gossip, my gossip, any gossip! I always love gossip."

Carey Perloff artistic director, American Conservatory Theater

"My guilty pleasure is 'Dexter's Laboratory' on the Cartoon Network -- the best show on television.

Les Claypool Primus bass player

"Country music -- and I mean the hard-core embarrassing kind . . . Hank Williams Jr., Bobby Baer, Travis Tritt.

Nancy Bechtle San Francisco Symphony president

"Powdered doughnuts and Coca-Cola. Grrr. Why must I be so weak?"

Sharky LaguanaCreeper Lagoon guitarist

"Getting both tires of my Triumph motorcycle off the ground while I'm splitting lanes on Gough Street. I sing the wah-wah part of the theme to 'The Streets of San Francisco' while I'm riding, and I feel like a young Michael Douglas -- with big hair and all hopped up on bennies. Or, two words: Krispy Kremes.

Stephan Jenkins Third Eye Blind lead singer