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Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins Declares, 'We Rock Hard, But We Suck'

May 8, 2001, 2:30 pm PT


Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins was in rare form Saturday (May 5) night at the tiny Magic Bag club in Ferndale, Mich., going off about Jay-Z, radio censors, and being a rock star.

"Let me tell you something about becoming big, gigantic, international rock stars. We never get to hang out in clubs," said Jenkins, whose latest album, Blue, peaked at No. 40 on The Billboard 200.

Third Eye Blind's acoustic gig in front of a 300-person crowd was part of a private show sponsored by Detroit's WKQI-FM. Lee Ann Womack and SoulDecision also performed.

Wearing rumpled clothing and a baseball hat, Jenkins took to task critics and fans who ripped the band for writing the poppy "Never Let You Go," the first hit off Blue. "We caught a lot of shit for this song. We rock hard, but we suck," he said mocking critics. "We did it just for fun. It's not our fault we write catchy tunes."

The show is one of the few gigs that Third Eye Blind is going to do this year. It is instead going to take most of 2001 off to "disappear and hide out. In the process of the year, we're going to go off and write the best record. Sometimes, it's just a melody in your heart, and it's there," he said. "If you have a tape recorder, turn it off. I know some of you like to do that. But don't tape this song. It's not ready yet," he said.

He took the opportunity to test the new song, the wah-wah heavy "I Keep on Forgetting Myself," which uses the same rap-like vocal pattern as "Losing a Whole Year," one of the band's early hits.

Perhaps the most curious part of the night came when Jenkins introduced "1000 Julys." "It's not meant to be acoustic," he said before mysteriously adding, "Did you see how Jay-Z ripped me off and fucked me up? Anyway, this is a song called '1000 Julys.'"

-- Christina Fuoco