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3EB Go Organic on Next LP

Band eyeing a spring 2002 release

Bluer than "Blue"?
Between the festivals and package tours, it seems that every band with a disc out in the last decade is on the road between June and September. However, one band you won't see this summer is Third Eye Blind. Backstage at the Fan Nation concert in Irvine, California, frontman Stephan Jenkins says his group will be "holed up for the summer, writing and recording a new disc."

While Third Eye Blind are still in the early stages of prepping their third album (and follow-up to 1999's Blue), Jenkins says they have written enough material to give an early hint as to what fans can expect. "This one is going to be a more organic rock record," says Jenkins, who plans to produce the album himself. "We'll be getting together live in a room and recording as a group."

He adds though that when that happens the tunes can change quite a bit. "A lot of the arrangements come about when we get in the studio and start playing together."

And when does he expect to have the record done? "It should be out next spring," he says. "But no promises."

(May 7, 2001)