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Issue:          5/9/01 
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Fans pay homage to bland rockers
Fan Fair (Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Irvine; 16,245 capacity; $53.50 top)

By Troy J. Augusto

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - This blase lineup of middle-of-the-road rock acts might
not have generated too much box office excitement had it been offered as a
traditional concert. So organizers crafted a festival-styled daylong event
where fans were able to get up close and semi-personal with the musicians.

If you didn't care to sit under the afternoon sun and listen to Eve 6's
pop-punk on the big stage, you could always go and stand in line for a chance
to meet and greet Billy Idol and his guitar player Steve Stevens in one of
the nearby tents.

There was also new music from the Go-Gos; Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz
explaining his band's popularity ("We're just good") and autograph sessions
from Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers.

The midway area of the outdoor venue was teaming with the kind of corporate
household vendors one expects to see at a home show, not a rock show: an
instant coffee brand, a local TV cable company and a tobacco
company-sponsored smoking tent. More natural offerings, such as jewelry,
incense and body art, were nowhere to be found.

The talent rotated among the day's various promotional duties, and you didn't
have to walk far, for instance, to go from hearing Billy Idol insert the line
"this song is so cheesy" into "Cradle of Love" on the main stage to Uncle
Kracker and his band performing an acoustic set in the "Star" lounge to
members of Eve 6 signing their names on fans' body parts in autograph tent
No. 1.

The Wallflowers' late-afternoon performance included two guest vocalists,
which helped to keep things a little interesting. Duritz and Dylan thrilled
the crowd by teaming up during the Wallflowers set for "6th Avenue
Heartache"; later, Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins helped on David Bowie's
"Heroes." The band's guitarist, bassist and drummer also covered Blur's "Song
2" while Dylan watched from the side.

Low point was a well-intended but ultimately offensive tribute to Joey Ramone
during the Crounting Crows set, when Duritz began singing the words to "I
Wanna Be Sedated" during the Crows' "Round Here."

Presented by Star 98.7, ArtistDirect and SFX. Bands: Third Eye Blind,
Counting Crows, Wallflowers, Billy Idol, Go-Gos, Eve 6, Uncle Kracker.
Reviewed May 6, 2001.


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