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3EB's Jenkins Talks Film

Stephan Jenkins to appear opposite Mark Wahlberg

Never let you go

Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins will debut his acting skills in the upcoming movie Rock Star. Based loosely on the story of Ripper Owens, the former singer of a Judas Priest tribute band who eventually became the frontman of the real Judas Priest, the movie stars Mark Wahlberg in the Ripper role, with Jenkins as the singer in a rival cover band.

Due out this fall, Jenkins said he signed on for the flick at the urging of Wahlberg. "It was really sort of a chance to work with Mark and do something that was funny where you weren't really making jokes," says Jenkins. "You were being funny by being entirely serious . . . When I was in high school I hated metal, so I had the chance to play the kid I hated in high school. He's kind of this not-very-bright bully who is very sure about the way the world works, and it turns on him."

In one of Jenkins' several scenes, his onscreen band -- which includes Zakk Wylde and members of Slaughter and the Verve Pipe -- brawl with the Wahlberg-led outfit in a parking lot, inspired by those schoolyard scraps of yore. "It's like a fight you'd see in high school," Jenkins says. "So it's push, push, push, grab, squeeze and then everyone runs away."

Jenkins' brief, but hands-on role, also includes a confrontation with Jennifer Aniston, who plays Wahlberg's girlfriend in the film. "I get to grab Jennifer Aniston's ass," he says. "In movies you shoot from one side and then you shoot from the other side, so when it was shot over my shoulder you're getting her reaction shots. I'm supposed to grab her, and -- to help her get the reaction -- when I grabbed Jennifer, I grabbed on and I did not let go. So there's a look of realness, like, 'This guy is not letting me go.' She's definitely a sport. It worked. We got the take."

Although Jenkins professes to enjoy acting in the film and is currently considering another role in an upcoming movie, he said he has no plans of abandoning his day job. "I would like to do movies that I would actually like to see. That's basically my prerequisite. It doesn't happen all that much. I really like what I do."

(May 21, 2001)