Source:      Spin Magazine
Issue:          July 2001 
Page:         76

Tales From the Pit

Stephan Jenkins 
Third Eye Blind 

  • FIRST SHOW  "Thin Lizzy, with my big brother, when I was a little kid.  It was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, a really shitty place for a concert.  I was probably too young to be there.  There were girls, and they seemed like giants to me.  They smelled like sweat and perfume.  I didn't know anything about girls, but I liked that smell a lot. During 'Cowboy Song,' Phil Lynott sang 'And I move my fingers up and down,' and he sort of flexed his middle finger -- finger-banging, basically.  I didn't know what that was or what that meant, but the girls around me went insane.  They violently dived over me to get closer to the stage.  I was a little kid, and I was just like, 'Yeah, this is good!'" 
  • COMBAT ROCK  "When I was about 14, I saw the Clash.  I was pushed up close, and people were stage-diving, and there was this sort of glorious, happy, violent chaos at work.  It was like an indoctrination to the pain of the pit.  I guess I was a bit afraid, but I was also like, 'Well, actually, bring it; I like my bruises.'  It was a sweet kind of pain."