Issue:          6/6/01 
Third Eye Blind get Tiny; V. Vale's return to punk days; Moby about town; and more buzz.

by Beth Lisick, special to SFGate
  Wednesday, June 6, 2001

A lot of local tongues are wagging about the next band that's begun recording at John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone studio. The low-key studio is the choice spot for analog-nutty indie groups with champagne taste and Budweiser wallets, such as Beulah, Granfaloon Bus, Oranger and For Stars, who have made incredible-sounding records there. So what the hell are platinum-selling stadium rockers Third Eye Blind doing taking up residence at Tiny for five months straight?

Well, they're preparing to make a record, says Vanderslice. While rumors that 3EB are putting all of the studio's vintage gear in storage and replacing it with digital counterparts are unfounded, Vanderslice cops to the presence of the almighty Pro Tools, the digital audio recording software. So far, the boys have enlisted some of Tiny's house staff to work on the record and let Vanderslice bum some of their cool old gear to use while recording the follow-up to his new album, Time Travel Is Lonely, due to be released on Barsuk next week.