At 7:00pm I arrive at the House of Blues in Las Vegas with my friend, Janine.  At 7:45 the tour manager for 3eb comes to get me from the lobby of HOB and tells me that due to space constraints I will have to conduct my interview on the tour bus.  I was like "oh darn, the tour bus."  haha  just kidding.  So, on the tour bus I go and Tony is asleep in the front on a couch that runs alongside the interior of the bus.  I hear Stephan in the back singing something to himself and so I take a seat across from Tony while waiting for Stephan.  Because the bus is pretty small, I was able to view the entire thing without even trying, so I was able to see Stephan making his bed and tidying up his room in the very back of the bus.  I thought it was really sweet that he was cleaning for our interview!  
So, a a couple minutes later, Stephan comes up to the front and calls me "Jennipoo" for the 5th time in 2 weeks and asks if I would like anything to drink.  I admitted to him that I was nervous and he was like "but why?  do you see how we talk all the time now?"  Well, we don't really talk all that often, you guys, but I guess he feels a sort of comfort level with me now because he knows he can trust me. He insisted that I take a bottled water because my "throat may get dry" because I was nervous.  I then get the grand tour of the bus - all 10 inches of it.  haha  Actually, it's a REALLY nice tour bus.  It was decorated with a lot of leopard print swag and when I asked Stephan who decorated he told me "our Mommy" and pointed to the tour manager.  The girl has taste!  He then showed me the bunks where the other guys slept and basically they are 3'x5' holes in the wall.  I don't think they sleep on the bus much, though.  Stephan even opened up all the drawers in the walls and showed me the toilet "no one is allowed to shit in here" and the standing shower.  Now at the back of the bus, we moved into Stephan's room and there is a double bed with LOTS of leopard print stuff and a tiny table to the right.  Above hanging from the ceiling is a TV and VCR with a tape of the Soprano's TV show sticking out.  I asked him if he liked the show and he said "thanks for reminding me to return that tape to our crew guy."  I guess that's a yes?
So, Stephan told me to have a seat and I then told him that before we turn on the tape recorder I wanted to let him know that I wasn't going to ask about 2 topics:  Charlize and Kevin.  We then talked off the record about stupid rumors that float around the media and that they were all untrue (basically, no engagement and no fighting going on).  
I then pulled out the tape recorder and 3 copies of Blue for him to autograph for our contest winners and the rest is all documented below.  Happy listening and reading!

Legend for Who's Talking

Jen Stephan  Narration

Full transcript:

Let me make sure it's working real quick. (the recorder)  Hello!  (it works) 

You look nice tonight.  Thanks!  Yeah we're going out after this.  Nice. OK.  So.

So I saw your thing for concert wear, which I think is really smart.  Oh what to and not to wear.  There's no reason to get dressed up for a Third Eye Blind concert.  Well, that's mostly for the outdoor shows.  I think the indoor shows and venues where, you know, like this, where it's at a casino and you can go out afterwards - totally, but, if you're going to a show like Rockfest, or somewhere during the day that it's hot as hell outside - why the hell would you want to (oh I see girls out there in like plastic pants) be all dressed up in like vinyl and sweating like a pig and all that stuff when you could be in shorts and Adidas (Stephan squeaks dog toy that someone gave him for The Boo) tennis shoes.  

Well, those girls, I think those girls are hoping that they're going to meet rock stars.  That's the only reason that I could think of doing it.  The only reason - I don't know, it's cool.  However they want to dress is fine.  Well, to me like concerts are like, sometimes for me, it's just a time for me to play dress up.

Right.  Yeah.  I'm all for that.  I like that.  I like for people to put on costumes and stuff.  They do that most, the best place for that is Japan.  People love that in Japan, they're always - everyone's just sort of living in their own little fantasy and I think that's great.    Plus, I don't want to judge anybody for how they dress, they can dress however they want.  Like when else can you put on glittery eye liner, yeah glittery eye shadow absolutely and people not even question it totally because it's a show.

So anyway, the questions, what we did, I put up a submission form on the site, to where people could just come in randomly and put in their information and any questions they want to ask. ok  We got about 3000 of them.  Jesus  I weeded through them ok and the 3 most intrigued questions get an autographed copy of Blue.  Let me start doing them  We can do this at the aftershow if you want to.  Ok.  Cuz I'll start taking them apart now while we talk  Ok, I just didn't want to distract you.  Um, so what's the first question.  (a lot of cd wrapper noise as he starts autographing the cds)

So the first question is, Gerardo, this is one of the winners, I'll mix them in.  He's here from Mexico tonight. excellent  He drove 16 hours on a bus.  Right on! Gerardo, welcome aboard.  Buenos, buenos naches.  His question is:  If each of the guys in the band had super-hero names, what would these be and why?  Um  So we can start with Tony.

Tony already sort of a super-hero name.  He's called the Monk, or the Monkey.  He's the Monkey because he's like, kinda like a Guitar Monk, you know.  He's like totally the Revenge of the Super Guitarist.  You know.   I think Tony is.  And he's got kinda this monkey vibe like he'll jump on you.  And he's just really monkey like.  I think the Monk sort of works perfectly for him.

Arion would have to be the Drunken Master.  The Drunken Master? Yes. (laughing) We call him Drunken Master.  Why's that?  Um. Does he like to drink a lot?  Does he like to drink a lot (laughing)...ohhhh my. (laughing)  He knows how to put one back.  Ok.  Yeah. You don't have to twist his arm.

We drank a lot on this tour, I don't know why. Fuck me.  Just this whole thing has been so damn fun.  Did you hit up Costco or something and load up no on booze?  No. (lots of laughing)  Um.  Let's see ok

So Brad.  Brad, um.  I call Brad the Demon Crusher.  Just cuz I called him that one time on stage, totally random.  Demon crusher!  The Demon Crusher, yeah.  What demon is he crushing?  Well, music for me is all about crushing demons, anyway, and I talk about that.  mmhmm Facing down the demons and um, and like, music's sorta of about pounding them out, you know.  I think that's kinda what it is.  And he's just a pounder, so.

What about you?  I don't know, someone will have to come up with a name for me.  Well, it's have to be something about your green leather pants.  Right.  (laughing - Stephan hmm and ha) Are you kinda showing your reptile roots?  Yeah, yeah that's it.  (laughing) Reptilitron.  Are they leather or are they snake skin or what?  Those are leather, uh, those are leather and they're like, I don't know who made them, but they're really heavy and they're real, old 70's, like antique pants and I wore them, um.  The costumer got them for me at the video shoot for Never Let You Go and I was like "I'm never taking these off."  You had them before then!  (*argues*) No, I got them in Never Let You Go.  Yep.  I did.  Are you sure?  I'm sure.  Ok.  That is a fact.  That is a fact. Ok.  

(Jen note:  Stephan is a liar!  If you look in your Blue cd cover, you'll see Stephan sporting the green leather pants, or GLPs as they have been dubbed, and the cd cover pictures were taken in September 1999 and NLYG video was shot a few months later.  I *knew* he was lying.  hehe)

This is for Gerardo?  Gerardo, I'm signing yours as  we go... G-E-R-A-R-D-O.

So um, next question.  The hype and fame of being an incredibly successful band can be overwhelming at times, sure can I would imagine.  Do you think fame swallow someone's soul?  Yes. (laughing because we had discussed this very thing in private the day before in Reno)  Yes I do.  Do you want to elaborate any?  No.  Ok.  Um, I'll tell you though.  This tour, for me, um.  This tour, for me.. we've done these shows where it's been like, God damn, like 14,000 in New York, the next night 13,500 people in Philly... uh, then it was 10,000, the night before that was, it was 12,000 in DC, there's just like.  There's like all these trucks and you know I have all these people in my crew, who all do, well work for me and they're all just sort of surrounded in this environment.  And for a few days this summer I felt it get to me.  Like I felt, like, big headed?  Yeah, kinda.  I sort of like, like took it for granted or something you know.  And um, and I noticed that, I noticed that.  And you had to check yourself?  Riggity riggity check, yeah!  Before you wreck yourself, yeah, it just like, um, we were in this interview today, earlier today,  and this guy said, it was HOB or something like that he said, "I don't know how to put this but you guys really are rock stars. Because the aura of the room that we're in it's like rock stars!"  We all sat thee for a second and we all just started laughing, you know.  mmhmm  It's like, I'm a rock star on stage, totally and completely.  I like, I talk about it, I walk with the mighty.  Like all those things are really about, um, taking giant steps and I really really feel that.  When I go offstage, like, um, it needs to stop.  And the way that the, I might come across as a rock star is just, uh, that I do keep a little intellection (not sure of this word, hard to understand)).  And maybe because I've always felt different.  I've, I  never felt like I was part of a crowd at all.  I always felt like somehow that I was on the outside of the glass somehow.  And that's what I write about and I write for people who feel that way as well.  I write music for misfits and people who don't feel like they fit or they're out of step or they're freaks, somehow.  Because you relate?  Yeah totally.  Totally.  I always felt like, that I was in my own orbit and that, uh, kind of on my own time. 

So when you say that you're onstage and you feel like you're walking with the mighty is that why you sing about it in Red Summer Sun yeah you say, you know, "walk with the mighty" and because the fans really pick that up and there's a lot of people, it's in their signature line, walk with the mighty mmhmm and for them it means, just the fan community of Third Eye Blind online mmhmm totally and totally that's how they're walking with the mighty absolutely.  That's like, that's like.  Is that what you wanted?  Yeah, it's a universal kind of feeling, like, it's definitely like I definitely exhort everyone to coming on and feeling that way themselves and um, you know, in the song Deep Inside of You I say "I would walk with my people if I could find them."  And it's the same... That's one of the questions in here...Who are your people?  I don't know, I keep looking ya know?  Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you have them and sometimes you don't.  Do you feel like your people are some of the bigger fans and that  sort of thing - like the ones that travel from show to show and the ones that really make some sort of effort to have a direct line to Third Eye Blind?  Hmm.  Or the music.  You know there's not the kind of involvement,  personal involvement, I mean I think that we're, I think that as a band we're definitely, um, um, accessible to our fans to a larger degree than a lot of groups.  But there's, um, there's still limits and boundaries.  And they're having very much their own experience about the whole thing.  And what's interesting about the internet community is they've made it their own thing.  mmhmm It's not our thing it's THEIR thing and they do their thing and they have their, sort of, involvements and um, it's based on uh, appreciating our music and stuff that we say and do, but that turns into a soundtracks for all these other kinds of things.  And that's something I've been really impressed about which is uh this whole other sort of soap opera has developed, you know and it's it's own thing.  I think that's real great.  And I'm, I'm, it's not that I'm not at the center of it, it's that there IS no center.  mmhmm! It's that it's a web.  It really is web-like.  You know, it's everywhere.  All over, so.  Right.  The only center is Third Eye Blind's music.  Yeah, yeah, it's just a soundtrack, you know and I think that's really, really cool.  And there's, maybe there's a philosophical component to it because I think there's, there's all these sort of um, there's some sort of, some sort of philosophical scratching that goes on in the lyrics of our band that people, people use as a way of communicating with each other.  (phone rings)

Did I answer that question?  I'm not even sure.  What was the question?  It was did you think fame... (laughing) oh yeah, I did answer that one.  Yeah, we just kinda got off track, but we did answer a lot of questions because some of those were other questions to ask.

If you could talk to anyone dead or alive for 5 minutes, who would it be and why?  

Shakespeare and Jesus.  And why's that?  Toss up.  Maybe Jesus.  Jesus.  Would you want to pick his brain about, you know, about what?  Um, I don't know.  I probably wouldn't have to say anything.  Just wanna meet him?  Sure, you know.  Have lunch?  Some people say "well, you're GONNA meet him!" You know? (laughing)  Those people are weird and freaky to me.  But, um, Shakespeare...Jesus.  

I like this question.  The reason I want to ask you questions about songs is because you're the only one that would know ok cuz you wrote them.  In Camouflage when you say "I rock the backyard" yeah what do you mean by that?  That means that I'll throw down just as hard at somebody's backyard party as I will in that, the House of Blues or a big amphitheatre big amphitheatre yeah.  I mean, I'll throw down just as hard at, you know, around a camp fire as I will at, in front of 5 thousand people, you know.  So it's um, it says "I shame the devil cuz I throw it down so hard, I rock the big line, I rock the back yard." Yeah.  Um, yeah.  So um, that whole song is pretty much, um, performing?  Camouflage is about, Camouflage is about um, um, not fronting.  It's about, it's "I'll take in anyone who's taking of their camouflage." That uh.  So like a coming or something like that?  Um, it's just being real like I think people are so uh, they're so afraid to be real and then we all sort of wear camouflage and we're all, we're all camouflaged, you know.  Right.  Um, so it says "I'll take in anyone who's taking off their camouflage."  That um, it's kind of a um, call for authenticity.  You know, FEELING authentic, being authentic, it's not even like, I don't even mean it in like a juvenile, high school way you know cuz we all put on, we all reinvent ourselves, you know and i think that's important.  I think that's one of the great things that rock music does is that it allow you to reinvent yourself, but um, at the same time you have to figure out a time to become real.  right.  So that's what I was saying is it about performing because yeah you get to really be real when  you get to come on stage and just rock out.  Yeah.  And like the fans who come to shows can they just can just come out to shows and be who THEY are and just yeah rock out.  That's the idea.  Cool.  Um, I, you know, I also, the thing is that a lot of times what I write about has some sort of loose sense of linearity but other times it doesn't and it sort of, we're sort of moving and shifting in time, so um, so like a song like Deep Inside of You it very much like um walks through um, the rise and fall of somebody positive, their identity and somebody else whose sort of the pitfall of subverting your identity into somebody else.  But Camouflage, it's like, it's almost Dadaist, it's like word, it's like, um, like Beat poetry.  Um, it's just like I had a delay on you know " and I get the joy" (sings) and I started saying, like I had this sense of JOY and so I said "joy" you know.  Um, and um, and I'm saying "justice comes to everyone" in the sense that and it was originally titled Justice? Yeah, yeah,  "justice comes and then you'll know" like, that um, justice almost like karma, or it's like the idea of um, people who are fraudulent mmhmm that's, justice will come to you either way. (phone rings again) FUCK ME! (Stephan, annoyed with the phone talks to someone on the crew)

Who are these other 2 people, let me sign those.  Joe Joe?  uh huh Leonard.  This is another song question, this is his question.  In the song Semi-Charmed Life (Stephan makes a yawn face and rolls his eyes) I know, I know, it's old, but this is a new thing!  You haven't answered this one before ok cuz in 1995 when you guys did your demo and you were sending it out mmhmm like the fans got a hold of that and it's circulating around the internet and yeah originally it was "I want *nothing* else" REALLY?  Yeah!  Amazing.  All of the sudden.  You don't remember?  (he's nodding his head no) Yeah, I have it and you're singing "I want nothing else wow to get me through this" and then all of the sudden when Third Eye Blind comes out uh huh and it's "I want *something* else" and it completely changes totally the entire meaning of the song.  Totally Totally Totally And so that's what he, he wants to know what made you change the way you felt because after all it does change the entire meaning of the song.  Um, the song is about wanting *something* else, it's not a song about wanting nothing else, it's not a song about contentment, it's a song about how there's a sweetness to the desire of always wanting something.  I think that probably when I took speed so it wasn't originally about no, no when I took speed the first time there was a sense of contentment I had when I took it.  I took it at a uh, at a Lollapolooza with uh, with uh, Primus was playing and uh, and I had a sense of like "alright" and then I turned and then I crumbled and I felt the fangs and it's just like, like a wanting.  There's a sweetness to the desire but there's also the sweetness of decay.  Um, and so, so obviously that wasn't the thing you really wanted.  No, no, no, no no.  (laughing)  So that one's to Joe.  Did you already sign one to Joe?  Did I sign one to Joe?  No, I signed Gerardo.  So there's that.  

What's the strangest thing you've ever done to impress a girl?  I got out, the first thing that comes to mind is that I got out of a vehicle on the Bay Bridge with beer cuz she couldn't open it and we were going on a road trip.  And I ran up to a truck that was in front of us and took two beer and went boom! boom! and I popped them both open.  And then you ran back?  Ran back and got in the car.  Were you in traffic or were you in traffic not in traffic.  Ok, I was about to say.  It was, traffic was moving.  So were you going into San Francisco or were you leaving?  I was leaving San Francisco on the way to Idaho.  Ohh.  Yeah.  I thought that was very chivalric and pimpy of me.  I think so too.  

Oh, Motorcycle Drive By when I, the moment I was riding that bike for real there was a um, it was the first time I had ever took this girl for a ride on my motorcycle and there was a guy with a uh, sign that said "SLOW" or something like it was like a street sign.  And I rode by and I grabbed the sign and I took his sign and I drove off with it and she was on the back of the bike.  So did she hold the sign No, I took the bike, I grabbed it in my left hand and then I had the throttle in my right hand and I zoomed off. (laughing) And uh, she thought that was appropriately crazy.  Yeah I think so, too!  

Who's number 3 for?  This question I'm kinda embarrassed to ask but it was a really good question and our 3 judges did vote for it to win.  Her name is Ashley.  And her question is.  How's it spelled?  A-S-H-L-E-Y She's 16 years old and she wants to know if you've ever popped a "big one" on stage.  (lots of laughing)  What's "popped a big one?"  Got erected?  Pitched a tent.  Yeah.  Of course! *witnessed this in Reno with about 5000 other people* Of course I have, Ash!  She says "and if so how did he cope with it?"  How'd I cope with it?  Just let it go?  I mean, I don't think I had maybe a SCREAMING hard on ever, but I certainly like... mmhmm.  (lots of laughing)  Absolutely.  Yeah.  What is this 16 year old girl, Ashley, what are doing asking about the condition of MY COCK onstage?  It's just amazing.  (laughing)  Well, this makes signing your thing for you "naughty girl."  Well they're all just a bunch of dirty little perverts, right?  Excellent.  Yeah, I'm sure I have, I don't remember the exact occasion but uh, I didn't have one that was so hard that I couldn't walk or anything.  You know.  I spent most of the last few years on stage.  Yeah, I remember last year we talked about masturbation.  Big fan of it.  And after getting into hotels and christening your hotel room absolutely yeah .  We talked about that last year yeah.  So this year, of course, I had to bring a penis question yeah people who don't masturbate are stupid that's my feeling.  I agree.  Here you go.

Following up from last years interview, yeah you said that Third Eye Blind was planning to make a video that showcased fans yeah the fans and the devotion yeah and shrines yeahyeahyeah are you still going to do that?  Yeah, I really wanna do that, it's amazing how hard it is to get it together to make a video and how in the end you're stuck with some other video maker and a video that has nothing to do with you.  It just, it always works that way because my day is so fucking full right that I don't have the time to prep to do videos and stuff so, but I want to.  I really think that um, you know I've spent a lot of time, not A LOT of time, but I've spent some time with other bands, bands that are more like sell more records than us um, uh, but there's not the kind of intensity of um, culture that goes on well, maybe it is with some other bands but there's something unique about what happens with us and what happens with the fans and us that I would love to document.  And the tattoos, like there's SO many of them.  Oh yeah well you're going to do... yeah I have that and I had a girl that sent in a picture last week of this HUGE logo on her leg - it's so rad you have to check it out!  You have to go on there and check it out.  See, I really really really wanna do that, it's so amazing.  Yeah and so I have a whole bunch of others coming in.  Oh amazing!  I'd love to.  And people are getting tattoos and I don't know if you're for this or not, but if there was some sort of encouragement to get ink done.  Well, you know that's a real personal choice I know you can't so I can't say that but um, but um it gets you in a video. (laughing)  Yeah, um anyway I just think that would be really cool.

How many more questions do you have?  Um, we can stop at any point.  Well let's try and pop through them really quick.  Ok.  

Are you guys planning to make a behind the scenes video or a compilation of all your videos anytime soon.  Probably, yes.  Because that would be really cool.  We haven't set a date, but yes.  Ok.

After graduating college, what sparked your move from Berkeley to San Francisco?  Oh I totally wanted to live in San Francisco.  Couldn't wait to live, to live in San Francisco. Like even when you were in Berkeley? Yeah, it's like that's where the uh, I like Berkeley but there's something sort of pedestrian and suburban about it and I like really like the energy totally and the vibe of people who are totally disconnected from, like that like decentralize and focus of the university but instead had this like um, I really wanted a sense of wild freedom and that was the first time I had it in my life.  Are you losing it now that all the dot coms are moving in?  Oh, fuck them!  I hate them, yes!  You hate me, too?  You're not a dot commer, well I guess you are. (nervous laughing) No, I don't. I work for a dot com.  (Jen note:  I work at Bravo! Marketing :))  But it's like the MONEY you know it's not them I hate it's the, it's the poor use of money and the way that rents go from $2,000 per month to $25,000 per month.  It's just the insanity of it all and I don't think it's very, I don't think that the people are very interesting as a whole.  I mean like they wear Dockers (Jen note:  I've never owned a thing that said Dockers and I'm a dot commer) and they go in and they go "oh I know a lot about wine."  (Jen note:  I drink wine, but I don't claim to know much about it.  I usually pound Cosmos) You know I see so many of this it's such a, such a yuppie kind of thing you know and I like San Francisco that's fine it's that, I'm rich, you know there's hypocrisy to this, but I came through a very um, uh, you know, I really came through just like the dirty down, down and in of San Francisco.  And you squatted.  Totally and all that stuff and identify.  There's a story in SF Weekly I think that said that you used to parade around naked oh, what's that bar...Bottom of the Hill. (laughing)  There was a story a longgg time ago I don't remember being naked there, maybe.  Anyway, it's just like I don't like what's happening in San Francisco in terms of money making possible for people who wanna have.. and it's funny cuz like you said, you make a lot of money and you told me like in Chicago that, you said "my rent's like $400 bucks a month" yeah and I'm like, I'm paying 1925 (laughing) I live, well, I keep looking at these big houses to buy and then it's just not quite right so maybe I'll buy one but I'll try to buy one but in the meantime I live in the same dump that I've lived in before and it's got a vibe you know.  It's got a definite vibe to it.  I've got 11,000 vinyl records upstairs in that place and I have a whole floor of the house that's, it's like, it's my stuff.  How many floors do you have?  2 floors.  Oh.  Yeah.  And it's a dump, it's I mean it's where ... there's definitely like a punk-rock feeling to it but I don't... you aren't home much anyway are you?  No, no I'm not. And I love that neighborhood a lot, too.  Anyway.  Ok.  

When are you planning to tour internationally?  Don't know, but we want to tour India.  You wanna tour India?  Yeah.  Why India?  Cuz it's dope and I want to go there.  Oh.  Supposedly we have a bunch of Indian fans.  Really?  Yeah.  Cuz I know there's a bunch of folks in the UK who are like just sweatin' for you guys to come.  Yeah I wanna go play there, I really do.  

A lot of fans are concerned about your lack of enthusiasm to take photos backstage or when ever they have a chance to meet you uh huh can you give some insight on why that is?  Yeah.  Officially.  Yeah, here's the reason why.  I've never gotten used to having my picture taken.  I don't enjoy it.  What I do enjoy is the interaction with the fans um, so if you want to take a picture with me the best way is don't ask me, cuz if you ask me I'm going to say no.  Right.  Just take the picture when I'm not looking and then I'm used to flash bulbs going off all around you.  yeah so just don't ask.  And then it's candid and it doesn't really matter.  What I don't like to do.. I like to stand and talk to people (phone rings) OK! (yells to tour manager)  I like to stand and talk to people but I don't like to stand and pose for pictures cuz I don't like standing and posing.  Right.  So imagine this, when we're on tour, I meet between, the minimum's 50 people a day.  Sometimes it's up to 300 people a day.  Two-thirds of them want to take a photo (phone ringing) and the other, the other, um, and 1/3 of them don't have the camera loaded.  And once you take a picture with one person, you have to take a picture with everybody.  I witnessed that last night.  And I find my WHOLE time is absorbed in standing there posing for people which I don't want to do and I don't like and so to make meeting people and having some reasonable exchange with them possible, I just don't take pictures anymore.  Right and so not posing for pictures allows yeah for more time for you to interact exactly with other fans.  exactly  So it's a positive, it's not a negative.  It is, it is, it is it's just like you know, just try and be real with people and WE DO as a band and I KNOW a lot of bands and they DON'T spend as much time it's true with the fans as we do it's true so, just forgive me, you know.  And it you want to take a picture with me just take the picture.  Yeah.  Have you seen a lot of fans coming that have the fan laminates?  Yeahyeahyeah a lot of people have you seen a lot of those?  yeah.  What do you think about that?  I think that's very, that's totally cool with me.  So you guys weren't thinking that we were trying to make fake naw backstage passes?  No, the passes are... if we don't want you backstage you're not  coming, it's real simple.  Right.  It's super, our thing is run in a way that's.. my security's pretty good.  Last question.  Smell the grapefruit?  I smell something.  (uhhh) Ok then let me pick...

I want to hit on something else, you're starting or you filmed your first part for a movie yeah.  Do you think that if you pursue acting kinda as a second profession yeah if you will, do you think that's going to take away from the direct connection that you have with the fans and the direct feedback that you get from live shows versus a movie?  A movie comes out maybe 2 years yeah after you film it and.. I just think that they're just very different things.  I think they're apples and oranges but because they're sort of public-eye kinds of thing it doesn't get interpreted in the same way.  But um, I like to get together with people and make stuff and I've always sort of been an actor in the sense that I communicate with people by dramatizing what we're talking about so.  (I start shivering bad)  Is it, are you a little cold?  I'm freezing.  See I love it really cold.  Yeah.  I like cold too but everyone freaks out I'm not really dressed.  (I was wearing a sleeveless top and a skirt)  So I've always done that and I've always sort of there's something lyrical and there's something, like even just performing live - there's something that's sort of theatrical about it so, I don't see them as particularly different.  I'd like to make movies, I'd like to direct movies and do all that kind of stuff but i'm not looking to change jobs.  I think I have, I... music's always been at the core and I have so much to do and there's so much I want to do in music.  And I really want to keep sort of music and pushing forward and it will take a long time.  So I have a lot of music in me that I want, really want to get out and share with people, so I don't intend on advocating these duties at all.  Ok.  Gotta go.  Ok. Ok?  That's that.  

And we're done!  I thanked Stephan for allowing me the time to do the interview and he said he looked forward to seeing it online.  We left Stephan's little room and headed towards the front of the bus where I found my best friend, Nation, interviewing Arion for her site,  They were just finishing up and the tour manager was taking Arion and Stephan away to get dressed and hit the stage!  So, Nation and I went back into the venue and pushed our way to the front row in front of Tony and rocked out the rest of the night.  It was the best 3eb show that I had been in 2000, hands down.  I don't know if the guys were excited because it was their last show of the tour or what, but it was great.


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I'd like to thank the people that made this interview possible.

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