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Some say the best way to move forward in life is to take a look back.

September 27, 1964 - Stephan Douglas Jenkins enters the world

Late 60's- 80's - Stephan grows up

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1988 - After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Literature (he was even Valedictorian!), Stephan strives to make his music dreams reality.

1991 - Stephan plays with bands in and around Frisco, namely Splash and Puck n' Natty.


1992 - Puck n' Natty (Puck aka Stephan) achieve mild success with "Just Wanna Be Your Friend" on the BH90210 soundtrack.  Stephan records "Tattoo of the Sun" and shops it around San Francisco.

1993 - Stephan rounds up a few friends and establishes Third Eye Blind

May 21, 1994 - Third Eye Blind (version 1.0) play their first gig, opening for friends, Counting Crows, at the Fillmore in Frisco

December 8, 1994 - Third Eye Blind (version 2.0) play their first headlining act at the Fillmore in Frisco.

1995 - The local music scene is where it's at

May 1996 - With a record deal in hand, Third Eye Blind hole up in studios to make magic

April 8, 1997 - Third Eye Blind's self-titled debut album hits the streets

Summer 1997 - Stephan purchases a pair of dark green leather pants that he just can't part with, so he begins to wear them non-stop.  You know, the ones that lace up the sides.  Yeah, you've seen 'em!

December 1997 - Stephan meets girlfriend Charlize Theron

November 1998 - Third Eye Blind goes back into the studio - still sportin' the GLP's


Summer 1999 - Sporadic shows and still wearing the pants

November 23, 1999 - Third Eye Blind releases second album, Blue

February 2000 - Dragons and Astronauts tour begins.  After swapping the skins for camouflage, Stephan soon switches back to the GLP (green leather pants)


Summer 2000 - Red Summer Sun Tour begins.  Still wearing the pants.

September 1, 2000 - At the Reno, NV concert, Stephan, decked in the GLPs, glares down at Jen from the stage and declares, "THESE ARE *MY* PANTS AND I'M NEVER TAKING OFF *MY* PANTS!"  Wanna hear him for yourself?  Click here to download  :)

September 23, 2000  A fashion stylist on VH1 comments on the "hideousness" of the GLPs and declares they should be burned.  Yikes!  We've started a revolution my friends!

September 27, 2000 - Stephan turns 36!!!  Will he be wearing the GLP's? Not if we can help it!


  And the winner is.... Classic Rawk Star!


We're also getting Stephan a matching shirt.  And the winner is...

mesh with bondage tabs

Mesh with bondage tabs

Thanks to Lip Service for the rawk star fashions!


For the past several weeks has been collecting quarters towards new pants for Stephan.  As you can see, the campaign has been a hit!

Grand total by week

Week 1 - $5.80 Week 2 - $9.25 Week 3 - $15.39

Week 4 - $32.99 Week 5 - $57.99 Week 6 - $70.99



3eb fans are the best!  You guys rock!

>click here< to see the GLPs in action!

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