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Stephan's Birthday Breast Cancer Fundraiser


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Stephan's turning 37 on September 27!

Last year, raised $150 to buy Stephan some new pants for his birthday.  This year we're trying something different and celebrating without him (or his stinky pants)!

Stephan is an advocate of breast cancer awareness, his mother is even a breast cancer survivor.  The benefit concert, "Breathe" that 3eb is helping put on will be in October-- Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This year, for his birthday, we're setting up a fundraiser to benefit the same organization as the concert - StepUp Women's Network.

By October 27, we hope, with YOUR help, to raise $500 to donate to StepUp on behalf of Third Eye Blind fans.  This goal may be steep, but we hope that EVERYONE will get involved and collect donations from:

   family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, boss, teachers -anyone! 

Your name will appear on a certificate containing a list of donor's names, however donation amounts will not be disclosed.

You can mail in a birthday card or letter to Stephan along with your donation.  We are not accepting gifts this year, only donations to StepUp.  By the end of October, the collective amount and individual checks will be delivered to Step-Up and Stephan will receive his birthday cards.

To make this fun, we're giving 3eb stuff away!  For each person that donates $5 or more, your name will go into a drawing to win 3eb stickers and the grand prize - an autographed 3eb sweatshirt donated by!

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Please mail all correspondence and donations attn. to:

Stephan Jenkins BBCF
c/o Jen G.
P.O. Box 77111
San Francisco, CA 94107

Any amount helps, no matter how little. 
Please make checks and money orders out to: Step Up Women's Network.
Please do NOT send cash.

Please include a note with how you would like your name to appear on the list and if you would prefer an email confirming the arrival of your donation. 

If you have ANY questions, please email or

To buy tickets to Breathe, go to
StepUp Women's Network homepage:

Donation Totals:

Week 1 (8/27)    $55.00

Week 2 (9/5)  $151.36

Week 3  (9/12)  $135.00

Week 4  (9/20)  $380.00

Week 5  (9/27)  $77.00

Week 6  (10/3)  $121.00

Week 7  (10/10)  $30.00

Week 8  (10/17)  $166.00

Week 9  (10/24)  $291.00

Total raised to date:  $1,406.36


Al, Carol, Beth and Melissa Zimmerman
Asha Ramachandra
Ashleigh and Niki Shaffer
Barbara Ruggio
Brenda Brown
Brienne Howe
Candice L.
Cheryl Aupperle
Christi Monson
Clarissa Ysel
Danielle Malkin
Danielle Thomas
Debbie Fitzpatrick
Deleasa Jones
Donyl Sebold
Dragica Djurovic
Erika Aldag
Erin Ketz
Evelyn Otto
Heidi Dusbiber
Jason Lind
Jennifer Griffin
Jennifer Lasneski
Jesi Kauth
Jo Ann Kornatowski
Jorja Smith
Katie Wang
Khrystyl Davis
Kim Dugan
Kristen Goodman
Kristin Cummings
Kristin Locurto
Kyle Fisher
Laura Sullivan
Lee Pullin
Leslie Hayward
Lolita Parks
Lorrain F. Garcia
Maria Rochelle
Marie Corbo
Mary Larimer
Megan Thorburn
Micki Morton
Mildred Scott
Nancy Peredo
Natalie Smock
Rachel Relyea
Raye Ensell
Rhonda Relyeah
Ruby Syed
Sarah Browne
Sarah Drozd
Sharon Welsh
Sheila Arevalo
Shelley Ringenberg
Tina Stipati
Torrie Crapo
Trish Keenan
Veta Brandel
Willie Pacheco

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