Transcript 2

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

One thing that I and several fans have noticed is that you don't ever take your shirt off on stage yeah you know alot of rock stars like to parade around, you know, topless and what not, um, you don't do that and so, uh, you know, just kinda wondering do you have, um, you know, some reason that you don't.  If it's just something personally, or just something you don't think about or do you have like a hairy back or no a third nipple no I, uh I really don't have much body hair.  And uh, there's no reason that I don't.  Um, I think the first time I even wore like a tank top was the People magazine shoot.  Right  First time I ever, like, you know.  Uh.  I guess it's probably, probably, because of uh, um just some anxieties about being a peice of meat a little bit.  I mean.  Don't want to be known as another cute boy band. Yeah, yeah, I agree with that it's more kinda like that.  Uh, but, you know, then again next tour I probably won't wear a shirt the whole tour.   Probably, next tour, I'll probably do like a whole Iggy Pop thing and I'll never take my shirt off. I just wanna be I just, I guess, that uh I just uh, yeah, no I don't have any back hair.  Or no third nipple?  No.  Or anything, just kinda clarify for everyone No I've got two nipples.  Yeah. 

Well, one of the winning questions was, um, Angie, who you signed the cd for, um, she's in Glouceste, r England  and she wants to know Gloucester!  yeah uh huh She wants to know if your belly button is an innie or an outie.  It's an innie.  It's an innie?  Uh huh.   Ok. Yeah. We thought that it may be an in-betweenie or something. No it's an innie - it's straight up innie.  Yeah. 

Well, um, you were just talking about People magazine... and I, I have a little line, um, I, I, I, I'm not particularly hairy but I have like a little line that I um. The happy trail?   Yeah the happy trail.  That's wonderful.

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