Transcript 11

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

Where were you and what where you doing in the quake of '89?  If you can remember. I was on the 3rd floor of a Victorian flat on 767 Haight Street.  I was on the 3rd floor of 767 Haight Street, where alot of the songs were actually written about.  Um, and I was sitting in my room with two other girls.  And, um, one was a roommate.  And we were sitting there and everything started to rattle off and I said "it's the big one!"  (I laugh)  That's what I said.  I said it as a joke but I go "it's the big one!"  And we all ran down the stairs and I, I got down the stairs so fast.  But as the guy was painting the house on a scaffold outside and he was falling off the scaffold.  And as he fell I caught him. You did? I did, I caught him and then I got on um, I you're a hero! I, I smoked cigarettes at the time, I don't smoke anymore but right.  Um, uh, I got on my motorcycle, and um, no a bicycle, a mountain bike.  And I was wearing a pair of uh like camoflouge pants, a black t-shirt and a beret. You totally remember everything. I remember everything.  And I went riding around the city to survey the city.  And I was so psyched because it brought us all down to like, the same level.  Right.   And I was suddenly like Mr., Mr. Guy.  You know it's like.  Cuz all these like, yuppy fuckers, were you know, who were like all out of their jobs and like I am the king of the city now!  You know?  Then I saw this girl, I didn't even know her at all.  I hardly knew her, I had met her once and I stopped on the side of the street and she walked up and we just made out. Really? We totally tounged down.  It was like the apocolypse, it was wonderful.  Very romantic.  Then that night, uh, for no reason at all, we all ended up at this girls house.  Uh, because the phones were out, but they were going to have a party the next night, but they, uh, they had uh, all the stuff, all the food was there, but there was no power.  So we played acoustic guitars and we drank wine and was this wonderful, warm, chaotic, San Francisco night. Yeah. And had it not been, if people hadn't died in that thing, it would have been one of the best days of my life.  Yeah. 

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