Transcript 13

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

Um, the last question is... and um is one of the winning questions because it was very funny to me.  Was... let me refresh your memory.  You did, you and Arion did an appearance on Loveline.  uh huh. I don't know if you remember and I don't know if you remember the topic of conversation but it's something that you preach about often.  And I guess what's that? that it's something that you openly advocate. What's that? Masturbation.   I don't remember. You don't remember? No, what did I say? You said that men like to, when they check into a hotel they oh yeah feel like they need to mark their territory yeah absolutely and go in and wank it.  I found that throught he girls on the crew here that they uh, they wank when they get into a hotel room, too. Oh, do they?  yeah, everybody wanks.   It's good for you.  So you kinda christan the yeah. So is that something, is that something you participate in or something you speak of and know nothing about?  What, do I masturbate? (laughing)  When you get into a hotel?  Oh!  Yeah. Do you christan the room?  Absolutely!   (laughing)   That's awesome.  Yeah. I knew you'd answer that.  So that's funny.  That pretty much wraps wanking's funny it up.  Masturbation's funny, people should masturbate more often.  Well, actually, they couldn't masturbate any more than they do, they should just be open to it more.  Yeah. 


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