Complete Transcript of My Afternoon With Stephan

White = Narration
Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan
Purple = 3eb management
Yellow = Charlize
Green = Stephan's guitar tech
Orange = Arion

I arrive in Pensacola, unsure of where I am supposed to go or what I am supposed to do.   So around 4pm I head to the venue to wait for my friends who assure me that they will be on time.  They aren't, surprise, surprise.   So my sister hangs with my in the parking lot for an hour because gates don't open until 5pm and I can't get in touch with my "sources" to let me in.  As a back up, I had purchased a ticket to the show.  This came in handy as gates opened at 5pm and I strolled to the stage to ask for the Tour Director.  Security rushes off to find the man in charge and soon I am escorted by a lovely young lady to the production area where I meet up with the production team for Third Eye Blind.  What a wonderful bunch they are.  I take a seat and randomly attempt to carry on a conversation as they busily ready for the show.   Around 6pm Stephan strolls in and I am taken aback by his nonchalant demeanor.   He has to use the phone so I am asked to step outside, surely they don't want his conversation to end up on my website - haha (I would never).  In the lobby I talk to security chicks who are all military types but cool as hell.  I talk to the fish who are caged in aquariums that are built into the walls.  In the meantime, I see the rest of the band members enter to make their way to the hospitality room that is filled with all sorts of goodies to ease any craving.   Within minutes Charlize enters the production room and Stephan finishes up on the phone.  Inside I go to the production room and am introduced to Stephan for the Nth time.  "Stephan, you remember Jen, the girl who runs"   Stephan replies, "Oh yeah, so you made it.  So we are going to do this?"  But of course!  I hand over my prized drawing of Stephan, a caricature that you can see at the opening page of this site.  He loves it.   And here is the REST of the story (in my best Paul Harvey voice).

(I give Stephan the caricature drawing of himself)

Do you like that?  I DO like it. laughs  Your not grabbing yourself.  People said that it looks like you are grabbing yourself, you know kinda like pulling a Michael Jackson.  That's funny. 

(For the Shotgun Wedding Tour, as it was dubbed, the crew and band had access passes that they wore around their necks to identify them to security.  Instead of their photos on the back, the crew had picked out porn photos and cut and paste to make spectacular porn combinations.  Stephan's id consisted of two girls naked with penis' pasted on.  It was rather funny.  The whole group was discussing the making of an id for Charlize.  So, they were looking at a porn mag to find what to cut out.)

Let me see!  Focus!  Bring her over here, let me see.  Pigtails.  Focus. Charlize is having a difficult time committing. Well, I've already committed, I'm waiting for it.  Oh, you did commit?  I'm looking at this stuff now. Wait, are you gonna go with the one with pigtails?  How bout this big boob special #5?  That's good. 

What magazine is that?  Uh, this is a porn magazine.  We all really like, um, uh, around here we just love porn.  No, uh, this is Bobby's idea.  Uh, instead of taking photos um I like Snuff actually.  Haha Snuff.  Oh, I've seen the backs of the passes yeah a crotch shot or something. Right.  This is um, it's pretty funny.   Arion was pretty offended by his cuz it's got the pink in it actually.  But here's. Arion was offended?  Yeah.  So he took um.  We traded, I gave him mine which was, mine was more shall we say subtle.  But I thought the craftsmanship and the  way it was cut was really good.  Oh yeah.  So, I didn't have, this is all Bobby's idea.  Oh my gosh!  I really like big boob special #5.   Ok.  So.  Alright.   

Are we, are we going? Yes we're going!  Are you recording now?  I'm recording now. You want to check and see if that works?  Yes, we can do that. 

Is it's incense?

Can I leave (picture) this here?  We should just go.  Yeah leave that there.   Let's have the bus here when we get through. 

(looking for a place to do the interview)

Let's just do it here.  Can we sit in the canoe?  Can we just get in here?  Yeah, we can get in here.  That might be fun. They might get upset.  Wait yeah here's a couch. 

Do you know these Dance Hall Crasher people?  Yeah!  They did some shows with us before.  Oh really? 

(Stephan gets his two new guitars)

Oh!  My new guitars!  Oh, I wanna see it!   You have to tell me, ok.  Tell what kind it is for Aaron, who runs the tabs page.  Um, this is a uh.  This is a Gibson Explorer. Gibson Explorer, ok.  Any fancy numbers that go along with it?  Natural Burst.  Um, what is this, this is like custom.  That is really, really awesome. 

(Stephan plays random chords for a long time)  Have you played em up?  Yeah, they play really nice.  That's a nice case too.  This is so cool!  I was in Orlando last weekend.   And it was the best fucking show except when y'all just disappeared!  What happened?  We got kind of confused, ROCKKK!  

(Arion enters)

Hi Arion!  Hey! What's up?  I'm Jennifer, I um, run  Yeah, I know, I've met you before yeah.  Yes.   A couple of times.  Yes, a couple of times.  What's going on, how ya doin?  I'm doing alright. 

Dude, wow.  It will take a little while to get used it cuz they sit.  Do you wanna see this?  What is it?  (I show Arion my tattoo.  Stephan looks at my ankle)   Wow!  Did you see?  What is that?  It is a tattoo.  Tattoo of the sun?  Yes, of a red summer sun!   Right!  Wow!  Wowww.  Goddamn!  That's nice work.  So I covered two songs in one, right?  Cuz you guys are gonna you know, have Red Summer Sun.  Right.  Ok, cuz I heard that.  You know, but if you don't then at least I'm still covered by one song.  Yeah.  Exactly.  You know, I've covered myself um.  My man was not too happy about it.  Oh, he'll get used to it(Stephan plays random chords)  

Wow, that's nice man.  My mom said "that's just nasty!"  (Interruptions for set list for the evening)  Hi, set list?  Oh.  Bye Jen.  Bye nice seeing you again.  The action is so cool on this.  Right?  Yeah, it's cool, it's very cool.  (Stephan plays random chords)  Is it like a new pair of shoes where you kinda have to work it in?   Gonna hurt your fingers.  A little bit.  Ok yeah.  Um, uh, just just, you know what?  Turn it to the front pick up song so when I flip it up it's off.  But let me play it on everything that I uh, everything I play the uh uh the PRS on.  See what I'm sayin?  Yeah, yeah.   You just want to set these.  Yeah.  Ok. are we ready?  OK, I'm sorry, I'm all yours now.  No problem, no problem.  I'm sorry what song did you want to play it on?  Any, just substitute it for the PRS.  Your main guitar?   Yeah.  If that's what you want to do.  Yeah, let's try it out.  No way to learn unless you do it.  Dude, it's so cool!  I think it's just so bitchin and kick ass.  So you got two new ones?  Yeah.  I'm not sure how the knob setup works but you should, I guess you should be able to just turn it on.   Yeah, just go try to mess with it and see what happens. 

Alright.  Well, Stephan I will kinda tell you a little bit. What I did, was I held a contest on the site for questions.  Because I just didn't want to come up with the questions myself.  And their not really questions...Ok.

Um, so we had 3 winners.  And their going to win autographed "Jumper" singles.  Oh ok.  If you'd be so kind to sign these.  Well, why don't, why don't you give them to me and so I can sign them as we talk.  Ok.  If you just want to sign the, whatever, here's a nice little metallic pen.  But um, first of all.  Who are they to?  The first one is to Angie.  And then.  Are you going to have everybody in the band sign it?  Or just me.  Um, I was hoping to have everyone but if just you then that's ok.  I'll just sign them.  I'm sure that they'll be happy to get that.  Who's the rest?  Angie and Michael.  Ok, I am sorry I cannot find the other person's name.  I'll just sign it.  My bad.  It's ok, I'll just sign it.  Alright.  Ok so, let's fire away.   Is that alright?  Yes.  Bring it over here so I can ok.  I'm sorry, I've never done this before. 

You guys have a very big internet following.    And there are at least 100 websites out for you guys uh-huh and um also there's a number of emailing lists um I have 3 and there's over 3000 people that subscribe and get daily emails wow about appearances, just anything Third Eye Blind and you know they that's where you hear it first uh huh is uh huh on the net.  And so um basically the first question that someone sent in that I was interested in because it directly relates to me is that um you know uh...

Does it freak you out that there's a

No, it doesn't freak me out. 

It doesn't?

No.  I don't feel freaked out    I don't feel threatened by it or anything like that. Right There's uh, I mean, you know, sometimes I'm getting up in the morning and I'm just completely just ham faced, like I am right now and I'm going out to go get coffee or something like that and there's people out in front of my house - that's weird. People get my hotel, people get my hotel room even though I stay under an alias.  Um.  When they find my hotel, tha that's a bummer.   But.   Well, me being in Alabama...  Um, But the whole.  The, the, the   internet thing, so you don't feel threatened by that is not like, that's ok.   No, no and the fans that follow us from show to show there's a lot of fans who uh who do alot of driving and travel you know, along side of the band that's fine too.   It doesn't bother me.

So have you had a chance to visit the site?

Yeah, I did.  I think I sent you guys a note, actually.  yeah  Cuz I was sick or something like that or.  Yeah I got that and something yeah but so I posted it  on there yeah people were glad to see and after you sent that just so many more started piling in because it's like they realized Stephan was reading these and um it was making a difference, so.


75 minutes.  Can I have the old one?  Yeah.  Just, hey, just run the old one for tonight.  Uh, maybe uh, you know whatever we played before will be cool.  Can I see it?  The old set list?    Um.  Well, we also needed RockFest yesterday.  Ok, ok.  Sorry.  Alright.  Should I keep going?  Yeah.  Are you ready?  Ok. 

One thing that I and several fans have noticed is that you don't ever take your shirt off on stage yeah you know alot of rock stars like to parade around, you know, topless and what not, um, you don't do that and so, uh, you know, just kinda wondering do you have, um, you know, some reason that you don't.  If it's just something personally, or just something you don't think about or do you have like a hairy back or no a third nipple no I, uh I really don't have much body hair.  And uh, there's no reason that I don't.  Um, I think the first time I even wore like a tank top was the People magazine shoot.  Right  First time I ever, like, you know.  Uh.  I guess it's probably, probably, because of uh, um just some anxieties about being a piece of meat a little bit.  I mean.  Don't want to be known as another cute boy band. Yeah, yeah, I agree with that it's more kinda like that.   Uh, but, you know, then again next tour I probably won't wear a shirt the whole tour.   Probably, next tour, I'll probably do like a whole Iggy Pop thing and I'll never take my shirt off. I just wanna be I just, I guess, that uh I just uh, yeah, no I don't have any back hair.  Or no third nipple?  No.  Or anything, just kinda clarify for everyone No I've got two nipples.  Yeah. 

Well, one of the winning questions was, um, Angie, who you signed the cd for, um, she's in Gloucester, England  and she wants to know Gloucester!  yeah uh huh She wants to know if your belly button is an innie or an outie.  It's an innie.  It's an innie?  Uh huh.    Ok. Yeah. We thought that it may be an in-betweenie or something. No it's an innie - it's straight up innie.  Yeah. 

Well, um, you were just talking about People magazine... and I, I have a little line, um, I, I, I, I'm not particularly hairy but I have like a little line that I um. The happy trail?    Yeah the happy trail.  That's wonderful.

You were just talking about People Magazine and that was your first time wearing a tank top and we were pleasantly surprised to see that.  Um, you know, kind of a change from the norm uh huh loved the leather, the silver leather pants, but um.  How did it make you feel to be awarded such a title?  Oh, I was pretty embarrassed, frankly.    You were embarrassed?  Yeah.   I was like you guys got the wrong guy.  Mr. Ham Face. Well, um.  I'm so like, I mean, I was just like, you know..  I don't know. 

What did they do, did they just call you up and say yeah your in it.  Your in it?  Your in it.  Your in it. We're gonna come take a picture, write a real good article... You've been, we can take a picture of you or you or we'll just use a found one.  So.  Really? So I. So you opted to let... Yeah I let em take a photo of me.  That's great.  Either that or just use, use one. 

Millions of people saw you at the MTV premiere of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace with your canine date, who's so cute.   And, um, just wanted to, um, see if you enjoyed the movie?  OH!  Did you see that?   I haven't seen it yet, I'm sorry to say.  But, um, were you a big Star Wars fan back in the day? Um... yeah, sort of.   You know, the movie actually, it's sort of weird, I mean.   Have you seen it? Un nuh. Well, they've got these, like, these frog people that are just so, like, the intergalactic Negro.   Of course, it's so, it's like, it's almost racist, it's hilarious.  It's like, you know, that jive talkin, you know, 70's, uh, bell, it's very weird that that's what they came up with.   They also say "yippee" three times in that movie - which to me is like you've got to be pretty Goddamn desperate to say "yippee" three times.

Are you done with this? Almost.  Um.  (I look over at the set list that Stephan is preparing) I like that song, Never Walk With The Devil, is that Walk With The Devil Again yeah. I really like that song.  Yeah, it's a song I want to sing tonight.  We'll do Kevin's song.  Um.  That was very beautiful. Oh that's like three new songs in a row though.  Um, let's just shout it.  Never, um, cut Justice.   Cut it because it's new?  Cut it? Well, we don't need the time I don't think.  How long is this?  This set?  What do we need an hour?  75.  Why don't you just put Justice between London and Graduate.  Don't listen to me.  No, that's cool.  Alright, put Jus... Should we do Justice or should we do 1000 July's?  Both.  Ok.  Are we doing Kevin's song?  Oh, I didn't put it in.  Should we put it in?  Go ahead.  Alright, we'll put it in where, where...we'll put it in here.  Just tentatively?  Are will Never...  Yeah, Never we're cutting.   Light That  Hits The Room, in place of Never, um.  Let's cut 1000 July's and keep Justice.  Ok? Sure.  So bring this back.  That's, That's more than enough time.  Ok?  Does that make sense? Cut Never, do Kevin's song instead. Yeah, Justice is staying and 1000 July's is cut.  Yeah.  Justice is staying where it is? Um..  Yeah, keep it there. Yeah, where, stay where it is.  Let me do the other set.  Sorry, let's just pause this for just one second.  Ok, no problem. 

So, back to Star Wars then, right?  Yeah.   Uh... K, that's that.  umhum.  And then, um, the numbers are actually messed up because I cut a song.  You'll have to re-number them.  I can handle that.  Uh, ok. (he reads off the set list for RockFest)

Losing A Whole Year
I Want You
How's It Gonna Be
Ain't Talkin Bout Love
If we have time, if they go do one more, do one more, we'll do God Of Wine. 
Ok, so there's 11 songs?  There's 10.  It's a 10 song set.  Well, actually, if you include God Of Wine it's 11.  Yeah.   Ok.  Ok?  Um hum.  Gimme!  Hurry up!   Alright.  Our tour manager.  Back to Star Wars.  Yes, she's very nice. 

Um, did you ever have Under Roos?  The Star Wars Under Roos?  No.  Or were you too old for those when those were out? I never had... Cuz I had R2D2, there went the pen.  No, I  didn't have any of those things.    You didn't?  Un nuh. I think you might have been a little too old, cuz I'm 22.    I didn't have any swag like that, no. Yeah. Well, um, which character is your favorite then in Star Wars - and that's the last Star Wars things that I'll ask - cuz it's so popular right now and you know, whatever.  Uh, I thought that Natalie Portman looked like a little kiddy porn star in that movie.   And she looked like a Fetish, uh, like she's a Fetish magazine centerfold, uh. With all those glitter yeah yeah and everything and all those yeah.

Well, um,  moving along...    This is gonna be fun, you're gonna like this one.  Um, but you said you're tired so I don't know, you may not. Ok.  So get ready. I'm ready.  Um..  Alright.  Before Third Eye Blind we know that you were part of the rap duo Puck and Natty yeah and um, So basically right now I wanted to test your freestyle skills and see if you still have what it takes to bust a rhyme and uh, this is one of the winners who sent in a line and he wants you to take it and just roll with it... uh huh  So do you think you could do that, if I could give you a line you could just kind of take it Oh God and go?  Or are you too tired? Oh, I'm sort of tired. Let me give you the line and you can make this dirty, you can make it clean, jinglish, whatever. Ok.  But, here it is - Michael in Portland says, um, he wants you to take this line.  "Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener!"

Uh, I have nothing for him.  You don't?  Huh? You don't have anything?  Just.. 

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener.  Meaner than all the lunch meats.  I cut beats of lyrical rhyme, on time, ready for lunch time.  You get yours, I get mine.  Quick with the mustard, I bring it all across.  Across the salad and eat one.

That's awesome!  That's so great!    Alright, well then you win.  You pass.  Ok.   Alright. 

Alright, well, last week I was lucky enough to hear the new songs, some of them, in Orlando, and they were very good.   But one kind of stuck out in my head and, um, it was "She's 10 Days Late". Uh huh. And the reason why (laughs) is because alright (laughs).  The reason why is I do not know one girl who is sexually active who hasn't had that scare. That's right.  And, myself included, and so.  Yeah, well, babies are a consequence of having sex. Right.   Uh, and uh, and uh, I think everybody's had that, that feeling.  So it's a very strange, feeling, because, uh uh.  Well, how did that come about?  Is it. Oh well, God, you know how do all the songs come about it's kinda like, uh.  I don't know we've had so much. pauses  I've had alot of joy but I've had alot of wrenching pain in my life as well. Right.   And, and, uh.  Umm.  Usually, I'm not very comfortable saying what the real, you know, origins of those songs are. Right.  Well, then, you know, you don't have to. But, uh.  I don't know there's something almost, there's something almost joyful in "10 Days Late".  Cuz, uh, she says "I don't know what to do" but (sings) "it's been great!  no waiting here.  She's 10 days late!"   So its, I don't know, it's like. (me singing) "It was going, going no where when", is that the lyrics?  I mean, uh huh it was hard for me to understand yeah cuz I was in the audience in Orlando and just hearing it one time you know.  Yeah, you'll, you'll have to uh. I absorbed so much of the new, you know, songs.  Uh huh. And um. Says, uh, "I want to feel it kicking in your belly".  Right.  That was when (talking to Charlize ) Hi sweetie! I'm going to go watch the Dance Hall Crashers. Ok, I'll be out there pretty soon.  I'll come catch you on the stage.  Sorry.  But, um, when I heard you say that though, I went "OH MY GOD".   Because the lyrics, are just, in that song are so powerful and you have such a way with words.  Oh, thank you. And, you know, you just don't hold back.  And I think you even said you think that that's going to be a song that you guys get in trouble for, you know probably, yeah kind of yeah it's like one out of four American women are pregnant by the time, get pregnant, um, in their teens. Yeah. And of course you're gonna, you guys are probably be girls get pregnant blamed for that yeah, it's something bad or. But it's like, I think it's better, to just, you know, just go ahead and talk about it. Right, definitely. You know.  I don't know, so. 

Well, do you want to give us a quick update on the new album and when we can expect a tour?  Um, I think we had heard through the grapevine that the album has been pushed back to Thanksgiving.  Is that true?  Yeah, I think we should have it out in November, hopefully.  We're making it right now, so.  That's how we're all spending our summer.  I'm living on a house boat in Sausalito and it's beautiful.  Wonderful.  It's all, it's sort of, it's sort of like, this two story thing that's rotting in the bay but it's sort of peaceful.  It's like it's in the sunset.    You know, I sorta like that.     Yeah.  There's something glorious about the melancholy decay, you know?  That's why like "The Red Summer Sun"  is sort, it's sort of, you know, it's very me, it's very like, it's like uh...a beautiful bummer.  Um, so that's how we're spending the summer.  It's great.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Uh, but the record won't, we finish it maybe in September and it takes a month or so to get out.  So it will be out sometime. Yeah, well. 

And what about a tour to go along with that?  Well, we'll probably do some Christmas shows in November and then hopefully in February we'll actually do a new tour.    Which I'm actually looking forward to because I love designing the uh, the stage. Yeah.  You know?  It's something that I really put alot of time into on the last stage.  Yeah.  The last one was like we had I remember three, three different acts of the show and this one's gonna be very different.  This one's going to be very different, the uh.  No more red chair?  No more fans coming up?   No.   No, all those will be gone. Yeah. Yeah.   All those things will be gone, there'll be different things.  But, uh, there are things that's I'm really excited about.   I've, I've been thinking about quite a bit.  Um...So I think the next tours gonna be much better.   Yeah. You know, I was really surprised by the last one. We have been in withdrawals, I'm telling you.  That's why I went all the way, I drove 16 hours for the Orlando show roundtrip.  And I HAD to go because I was, it had been since November and I was just, I was feinin'.  So.   Well, the next tour's I think it's gonna be we just hopped in the car I think people and went down there will like it alot more.  Yeah.  It's gonna be really different. We, we're all ready for, you know.   We loved the first cd and everything but we're all like, you know.   "Train In Vain", I can't tell you.  I have a cd store through my site. Yeah. Through uh uh and I can't tell you how many of those sold through my site.   Oh really?  Yeah. You know, I've never talked to anybody who's heard and the Braids too that song.  You haven't? I've never talked to anybody who's heard the uh, who's listened to the um the uh "Train In Vain" track.  You're kidding!  No!  No.  That song kicked our ass.  It really did.  Cuz it really showed me what a great band they are and if I had to do it over again I'd do it in a completely different way. Yeah?    Yeah.  Oh.  I mean, we had fun making it, but it was like different.    Oh I pre-ordered it, I wanted it so bad.  I wanted new stuff, new blood.    So, yeah I like pre-ordered oh it and it came to me yeah like the next day. That was actually, that was actually um, that was just me and Arion. Oh it was?  Yeah. Arion did...Because the credits said like vocals, everyone had vocals and yeah it was just you yeah.  And it was that was pretty much just fucked up.  Uh, Brad couldn't make it up so I played drums.  And um, and Arion played uh guitars, he played everything.  Well, I play tambourine.  Oh yeah? Yeah.  Alright..  (laughs)    I brought it with me actually.  Oh! But I didn't bring it here. Good, I'm glad you got to hear that song. Yeah.  Um, love that song and also very nice work on The Braids.    Thank you. Yes.  Yeah, I'm really proud of that record but they, uh Atlantic Records just never did anything with it.  They have a, I checked it out, they have a website reserved, you know, yeah and it's never been developed.  Yeah, it sucks.  You know, it's kind of shitty, you know.  They suck. But yeah, cuz I was really proud of them, I was really proud of that record um. It sounded yeah really good, I liked it.  Just a few more here.

At shows, your notorious for the cryptic little hand signals and yeah when you show those to the audience they just throw them yeah right back at you and they don't know what the hell they're doing, they just right do it because you're doing it. Yeah and one of them is you see they put their own meanings into them so.  It's still significant it doesn't really matter what it means to right me.  But I do, I do make alot of hand signs yeah. I mean, I do this one (holds hands up connecting both thumbs and index fingers into a triangle).  That is the one I'm asking about.  Because, you know, I just may be an ignorant shit, I think like, unity when I see a triangle. Uh, it's like Third Eye.  But unity's fine.  You see, I don't even... The third eye, is, it's like a salubri* symbol? Yeah.  You know the vampire.   Yeah, it's the, well it's supposed to be like, the spiritual eye or stuff but.  It's kind, I just kinda do this, I don't know I just started doing this and people started doing it back. Yeah, they do, they totally do.  And I'm like but you know what the hell?  If it means unity or if it means like, uh, if it means like the sign for Third Eye Blind then, you know.  It's like that, this is like the Third Eye Blind sign (hold hands up again) Yeah, you know?  Yeah, we need to sometime decipher all your little hand signals and what they yeah mean to you. Yeah, think of what they all are.  But I just.  Well you do this (hold hand to head like a gun) like during "Jumper", I think. I do? Yeah, you do that alot.  And um, I can't is that, oh think of them all right now. This is what I do. Oh and I love when you run around stage oh when I go like this? skipping (wags fingers in the air) Yeah, well this is like, uh, um.  It's like Minnie Mouse or something.  This is like the rave, this is like rave.    Which is like, uh, like um, like, if I really like a song or something like that.   Like, at a club, I start going like this (wags fingers in the air and shakes his head).  It's just, it's just stupid.  It doesn't mean anything more than that, it's just like, to me it's just like when I'm having a really good time I go like this (wags fingers in the air and shakes his head) and sort of wag my fingers in the air. I really liked when in Orlando you had those, what are they called, maracas or whatever?    Right.   Those little skulls yeah my little skulls yeah yeah I have some pictures of that actually.  Oh, I want to see.  Oh, I, you know, I feel like alot of what I do onstage is just, is like, is just to keep myself entertained. Uh huh.    You know?  So, I go shake the things like that and just. Oh.

Jen's note:  To read more on the Salubri vampire clan click here.    Read the story and make your own opinions as to if there are some similarities to 3eb.  There is also a page called The Third Eye that is a Salubri site you can look at by clicking here.   The Salubri symbol is very interesting because it is a triangle with 3 eyes:


Then this is a wicked cool 3eb logo that uses the Salubri theme but changes it by making the "third eye" blind.    A friend made this for me:
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(showing Stephan my pictures from the Orlando show and pictures of my dog) These are, well their kind of mixed in.  This is my dog, actually.  Meet and greet in about 15-20 minutes.  Ok. And Kevin's doing his song solo, just like Orlando, right? No.  No?  No.  With the band?  Yeah, with the band, yeah.  Ok. I was in the very front row in um, and I have the bruises to prove it.   Here's some more.  The little thingies.  Oh, there's a good one.  I swear my hair's so long.  It looks good!  I like it.  I need new pictures for the site, like bad.   People are like when are you getting new pictures?  There's a good one. These are funny.  Oh yeah, here's a good one.  I just got these back last night, I was lazy.  These are great!  They're mixed in.  This is my baby (looks at pictures of my dog who had just taken a bath and his hair was messy like Stephan wear it.  My dog has Stephan hair.)  Oh, great!   Cutie pie.  And this is him with Stephan hair.  Right.  (laughs) I had him completely shaved except his head so I could like put gel in it uh huh uh huh and mess it up. Right.  Now I'm growing mine out.  Yeah, I know!   Yeah.  So I had him shaved, but anyway.  Um.   Just a few more, I'm so sorry, I know you have things to do. 

Several people that I know are, have or are in the process of getting Third Eye Blind related tattoos.  Oh yeah?  Making their love permanent. You know what?   Um, we are going to do a video that's going to be about, um, Third Eye Blind culture. Um, hum. And, uh, anybody who has a Third Eye Blind tattoo will definitely be able to be in the video.   Really? Yeah, cuz we're going to do, like, we're going to well I have mine do like, we're gonna do like people's rooms.  Cuz people've showed us pictures of like, they make like, Third Eye Blind shrines in their rooms. Yeah.  Some of them are like really, really amazing? uh, so out there.  Like so designed, you know.  The rooms are just... um, so we're gonna film those.  And we're gonna film, like parking lots.   And like, like how people make a culture out of it.  Stuff like that yeah so. Yeah.  Well, I have mine.  Yeah.  And three of my friends have "burning man" uh huh tattoos and they're awesome.  Wow!    And, um, so you're pretty cool with that then? Oh yeah.  Do you think it's if that's what somebody wants to do, um. Yeah. Yeah so.  No, I want a picture of it. So is that like the ultimate flattery... First time a guy showed me a uh, uh, tattoo, uh, he had the uh the 3eb logo.  Uh, which is a 3 and then the lower case "b" right and the "e" in the middle. Had it on, on his shoulder and I was like "wow". Yeah.  Because that's like there for life. Yeah.  To me it shows, you know, you're showing your love for the band permanently.  For the rest of your life.  I'll be 80 years old and still be going "oh yeah!    Third Eye Blind!"  You know?  "That's where I got that from!" (Stephan begins to sing) "When you're 80 years old and...."  Huh, that's amazing. But uh, ok.

Several publications have a love-hate relationship when it comes to you. Oh yeah. And, I mean, I've read things very flattering like People Magazine and I've also things that called you like "The Loudest Mouth In Music". Right. And um, so basically, I was wondering, do you think you'll ever make an appearance on Politically Incorrect?   Because you like to, you're so maybe sometime vocal I might do something like that.    But I, I kind of feel like, I, I, I feel like I have a really direct contact to the people who, uh, who listen to my music. Um hum.    Um, and...

Come here, look!  Char!  Look at this!   It's Jen right?  Jen or Jennifer.  She got a red summer sun tattoo.  Oh my God!  When did she get it?  So we better put that song on the record.  Yes! When did you do it?   About a month ago.  Wow.  Yeah, when I found out about these shows, I went out the next day at lunch. Wow!  Now how did you know about the song Red Summer Sun?  From the interview you did with Dena, that has the I Want You website.  Ohhh.   That healed really quickly.  Mine took forever. Yeah it did.  Can I see that? It was so nasty though, when the scab came off. Yeah, I know, it takes forever. No, I was at work.  I left work at lunch and I said "I'm going to go get a tattoo".  And they're like "yeah right", you know, go for it. So that's where you heard about the song?  I came back and I had a tattoo of a red summer sun.  She was there when we were rehearsing that song.  Playing it over and over again.  Oh yeah, I haven't heard it.  We should really play it for you. It's really crappy. (sarcastically)   It sucks.  So, any more questions?  Yeah, just a couple more.  My pal Ruby wants to know where you were and what where you doing in the...  I'm sorry. No.  Steve will you grab one of these before you come down there? (she holds up a beer)  You, another one for you?  Yeah. You want two beers?   Well, you're gonna be here for a while. I won't be here, ok.  I'll come up.  You've got it.   But um..

Where were you and what where you doing in the quake of '89?  If you can remember. I was on the 3rd floor of a Victorian flat on 767 Haight Street.  I was on the 3rd floor of 767 Haight Street, where alot of the songs were actually written about.  Um, and I was sitting in my room with two other girls.  And, um, one was a roommate.  And we were sitting there and everything started to rattle off and I said "it's the big one!"  (I laugh)  That's what I said.  I said it as a joke but I go "it's the big one!"  And we all ran down the stairs and I, I got down the stairs so fast.  But as the guy was painting the house on a scaffold outside and he was falling off the scaffold.  And as he fell I caught him. You did? I did, I caught him and then I got on um, I you're a hero! I, I smoked cigarettes at the time, I don't smoke anymore but right.  Um, uh, I got on my motorcycle, and um, no a bicycle, a mountain bike.  And I was wearing a pair of uh like camouflage pants, a black t-shirt and a beret. You totally remember everything. I remember everything.  And I went riding around the city to survey the city.  And I was so psyched because it brought us all down to like, the same level.  Right.    And I was suddenly like Mr., Mr. Guy.  You know it's like.  Cuz all these like, yuppie fuckers, were you know, who were like all out of their jobs and like I am the king of the city now!  You know?  Then I saw this girl, I didn't even know her at all.  I hardly knew her, I had met her once and I stopped on the side of the street and she walked up and we just made out. Really? We totally tongued down.  It was like the apocalypse, it was wonderful.  Very romantic.  Then that night, uh, for no reason at all, we all ended up at this girls house.  Uh, because the phones were out, but they were going to have a party the next night, but they, uh, they had uh, all the stuff, all the food was there, but there was no power.  So we played acoustic guitars and we drank wine and was this wonderful, warm, chaotic, San Francisco night. Yeah. And had it not been, if people hadn't died in that thing, it would have been one of the best days of my life.  Yeah.  Cool!

Well, um, are you going to release any more songs from the last, from the first album?  Or are you guys done until the new album comes out?  Uh, I....shh...well.  We're gonna have a song called "I Want A New Girlfriend" that's going to be in the movie American Pie Pie, yeah.  Comes out soon. Yeah.  I checked last night and it still wasn't out.  Yeah.  I think in June. Yeah. And uh, so is, so is that pretty much going to carry you through November? Yeah.  Yeah.    Yeah it is, it's sorta go into hibernation or whatever yeah. Ok.  "Jumper" still gets played alot on the radio. Yes it does. So.  Yes it does, very much so.   

Well, um, how's Boo? She's great! She is?  Yeah. And she was with you at Star wars? She was with me, yeah.   You couldn't find a babysitter?  She was, she was with my ex-girlfriend who is about to start her or is in her second year of medical school at Harvard actually.  Uh, and and uh, uh, I finally got her back. Yeah.  So it's great.  Well, you had said that in November that you wanted visitation rights come February. Yeah.  I finally, I finally just got the dog back.  So that's good. Aww, yeah that is good.  Yeah.

Um, the last question is... and um is one of the winning questions because it was very funny to me.  Was... let me refresh your memory.  You did, you and Arion did an appearance on Loveline.  uh huh. I don't know if you remember and I don't know if you remember the topic of conversation but it's something that you preach about often.  And I guess what's that? that it's something that you openly advocate. What's that? Masturbation.    I don't remember. You don't remember? No, what did I say? You said that men like to, when they check into a hotel they oh yeah feel like they need to mark their territory yeah absolutely and go in and wank it.  I found that through the girls on the crew here that they uh, they wank when they get into a hotel room, too. Oh, do they?  yeah, everybody wanks.    It's good for you.  So you kinda christen the yeah. So is that something, is that something you participate in or something you speak of and know nothing about?  What, do I masturbate? (laughing)  When you get into a hotel?  Oh!  Yeah. Do you christen the room?  Absolutely!   (laughing)   That's awesome.  Yeah. I knew you'd answer that.  So that's funny.  That pretty much wraps wanking's funny it up.  Masturbation's funny, people should masturbate more often.   Well, actually, they couldn't masturbate any more than they do, they should just be open to it more.  Yeah. 

Well, um, real quick, I was gonna see if um.  I wanted to when you yeah pull up, like just "hey, it's Stephan" or whatever you want to say, basically.  So I was just gonna see if you wanted to, you know, let me see how much time is left on this.  Well, it's not my site so I wouldn't want people to think it was mine.  You know what I mean?  Oh ok.  See what I'm sayin?  You want, you could say.   Cuz welcoming them to is like, cuz it's not like, it's not like my official site, it's a fan website.  Right.  Which is really cool, um, but if I, if I did that it would, it would sound like it's my own website, which I wouldn't want to confuse people.   You know what I mean?  You could say "welcome to Jen's site"?  Well, it's ok. I'll do that. It's ok.  You want me to say that?  Yeah, I mean.   That's fine.  If you want to say something, to just, when you pull it up go "what's up, how's it hangin".  Ok.  Uh, Hi.  Or go masturbate. (laughs)  Uh.   Hey, this is Stephan Jenkins and you are uh, you're now on Jen's  Alright!  How's that? That's wonderful.  And, you guys did a Christmas greeting for the websites, for all the fans websites.  Did you get that? Yeah, I got it. I never got to hear that.  You didn't? No, how is it?  Well, you can hear it, I still have it on my site on the sounds.  How was it?  Oh, it was fuckin hilarious.  Is it funny?  We had such a good time making it.  It took like 10 years to download, to where you could play it. Oh really? But it was awesome.  See cuz I'll tell you how we feel about it.  I was saying this before cuz we talked about the press.  Um, I feel like I have a really direct line with the people who, who listen to my music.  Um hum.   And that's what's really important to me.  When in sort of spreading that out to the rest.  So like, we have our own culture.  We have like Third Eye Blind culture.  Right. And that's what's really, that's real to me.  And that's not something's that's gonna get dissipated.  And, and, and, flouted out. Right.  So, most of the time when somebody asks me for an interview the answer is "no".   And the mainstream media, um, is not something that I believe or trust at all. Right.  Where as the websites, the fans on the websites, they make this.  You guys actually create these things.  So, we're more likely to say "yes" to a website interview than we would be to uh, to you know, a major publication.  And that's wonderful. Because it's so much more just straight across.  It's like, these are people who actually make some, make some identity out of what we do.  And that's what I did with records when I was a kid growing up. Right. Was, you know, The Police sort of helped tell me where, where I was at and what I was about so that's really important.  Right. Um.  Well, I think that for the webmasters, um, it's kind of like making music.  It's that, you spend so much time keeping it, you know, good.   And, um, like you guys are always going out on tour and getting more people to, you know, hear your stuff.  And for webmasters, constantly strive to make the site better so people want to come back and tell their friends about it. Yeah.  And then all their friends come too and just learn more yeah about you and news about the band. That's really cool.  Things like that.  That's way, just shining to me.   Who cares what the print press says.  They always misquote you.  It's always bullshit.  So.  I read... See all this stuff about feuds with bands, it's like, it's ridiculous.  You know, we talk to those guys.  Whatever, they suck.  Yeah.  But, I was just, the whole reason I brought up the greeting thing, I wanted to see you wanted to...A Christmas greeting?  (Arion passes by but doesn't hear)  Arion, if Arion could come over.  I think he just walked by. I'll, I'll do...  If you guys could get together, just for a second.  You can't get us all together, we can't, we just don't do that.  But I'll do one.  Ok. Great.  That will be wonderful.  Ok.  Just a summer greeting or something like that.  Uh, hey this is Stephan from Third Eye Blind.   Oh, I don't want to say that, um.  Hey, this is Stephan Jenkins uh, Happy Christmas, Kwanzaa, uh, Gung Hay Fat Choy.  Uh, Happy Holidays to everybody, cheers.   Ok.  Alright.  So.   And this is for next Christmas?   Yeah.  Oh, I was gonna see if you could do one for the summer.  Oh, ok.   Well, that was for Christmas.  Ok, we'll save that for Christmas.  Uh, right.   Um.  Hello, everybody, this is Stephan Jenkins um, very flattered that uh, that you're checking this out.  Have a good summer.  We'll be spending ours uh, making a new record so uh Happy 4th of July and uh and uh have a great time beating the heat.  Well, I think that's it. 

After the interview Stephan goes to get Charlize a beer and I look for an elevator to take me down to the venue so I can find my friends.  When I find the elevator, Stephan returns and asks can he ride down with me.  I said sure.   When we got on the elevator I thanked him for his time and told him that I thought the interview turned out really well and he told me that I did a great job.  He said that he had a great time doing it.  I told him that he didn't make me nervous at all.   He told me "Jen, I only play a rock star onstage.  I am a person just like everyone else." 

Well, Stephan, I wouldn't go so far as to say that because I don't spend numerous hours on this website for just any one person.

And that's the REST of the story.

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