Transcript 5

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

Um, did you ever have Under Roos?  The Star Wars Under Roos?  No.  Or were you too old for those when those were out? I never had... Cuz I had R2D2, there went the pen.  No, I  didn't have any of those things.   You didn't?  Un nuh. I think you might have been a little too old, cuz I'm 22.   I didn't have any swag like that, no. Yeah. Well, um, which character is your favorite then in Star Wars - and that's the last Star Wars things that I'll ask - cuz it's so popular right now and you know, whatever.  Uh, I thought that Natelie Portman looked like a little kiddie porn star in that movie.   And she looked like a Fetish, uh, like she's a Fetish magazine centerfold, uh. With all those glitter yeah yeah and everything and all those yeah.

Well, um,  moving along...   This is gonna be fun, you're gonna like this one.  Um, but you said you're tired so I don't know, you may not. Ok.  So get ready. I'm ready.  Um..  Alright.  Before Third Eye Blind we know that you were part of the rap duo Puck and Natty yeah and um, So basically right now I wanted to test your freestyle skills and see if you still have what it takes to bust a rhyme and uh, this is one of the winners who sent in a line and he wants you to take it and just roll with it... uh huh  So do you think you could do that, if I could give you a line you could just kind of take it Oh God and go?  Or are you too tired? Oh, I'm sort of tired. Let me give you the line and you can make this dirty, you can make it clean, jinglish, whatever. Ok.  But, here it is - Michael in Portland says, um, he wants you to take this line.  "Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner!"

Uh, I have nothing for him.  You don't?  Huh? You don't have anything?  Just.. 

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner.  Meaner than all the lunch meats.  I cut beats of lyrical rhyme, on time, ready for lunch time.  You get yours, I get mine.  Quick with the mustard, I bring it all across.  Across the salad and eat one.

That's awesome!  That's so great!   Alright, well then you win.  You pass.  Ok.   Alright. 


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