Transcript 6

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan
Yellow = Charlize

Alright, well, last week I was lucky enough to hear the new songs, some of them, in Orlando, and they were very good.   But one kind of stuck out in my head and, um, it was "She's 10 Days Late". Uh huh. And the reason why (laughs) is because alright (laughs).  The reason why is I do not know one girl who is sexually active who hasn't had that scare. That's right.  And, myself included, and so.  Yeah, well, babies are a consequence of having sex. Right.  Uh, and uh, and uh, I think everybody's had that, that feeling.  So it's a very strange, feeling, because, uh uh.  Well, how did that come about?  Is it. Oh well, God, you know how do all the songs come about it's kinda like, uh.  I don't know we've had so much. pauses  I've had alot of joy but i've had alot of wrenching pain in my life as well. Right.   And, and, uh.  Ummm.  Usually, I'm not very comfortable saying what the real, you know, origins of those songs are. Right.  Well, then, you know, you don't have to. But, uh.  I don't know there's something almost, there's something almost joyful in "10 Days Late".  Cuz, uh, she says "I don't know what to do" but (sings) "it's been great!  no waiting here.  She's 10 days late!"   So its, I don't know, it's like. (me singing) "It was going, going no where when", is that the lyrics?  I mean, uh huh it was hard for me to understand yeah cuz I was in the audience in Orlando and just hearing it one time you know.  Yeah, you'll, you'll have to uh. I absorbed so much of the new, you know, songs.  Uh huh. And um. Says, uh, "I want to feel it kicking in your belly".  Right.  That was when (talking to Charlize ) Hi sweetie! I'm going to go watch the Dance Hall Crashers. Ok, I'll be out there pretty soon.  I'll come catch you on the stage.  Sorry.  But, um, when I heard you say that though, I went "OH MY GOD".   Because the lyrics, are just, in that song are so powerful and you have such a way with words.  Oh, thank you. And, you know, you just don't hold back.  And I think you even said you think that that's going to be a song that you guys get in trouble for, you know probably, yeah kind of yeah it's like one out of four American women are pregnant by the time, get pregnant, um, in their teens. Yeah. And of course you're gonna, you guys are probably be girls get pregnant blamed for that yeah, it's something bad or. But it's like, I think it's better, to just, you know, just go ahead and talk about it. Right, definitely. You know.  I don't know, so. 

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