Transcript 7

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

Well, do you want to give us a quick update on the new album and when we can expect a tour?  Um, I think we had heard through the grapevine that the album has been pushed back to Thanksgiving.  Is that true?  Yeah, I think we should have it out in November, hopefully.  We're making it right now, so.  That's how we're all spending our summer.  I'm living on a house boat in Sausalito and it's beautiful.  Wonderful.  It's all, it's sort of, it's sort of like, this two story thing that's rotting in the bay but it's sort of peaceful.  It's like it's in the sunset.   You know, I sorta like that.    Yeah.  There's something glorious about the melancholy decay, you know?  That's why like "The Red Summer Sun"  is sort, it's sort of, you know, it's very me, it's very like, it's like uh...a beautiful bummer.  Um, so that's how we're spending the summer.  It's great.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Uh, but the record won't, we finish it maybe in September and it takes a month or so to get out.  So it will be out sometime. Yeah, well. 

And what about a tour to go along with that?  Well, we'll probably do some Christmas shows in November and then hopefully in February we'll actually do a new tour.   Which I'm actually looking forward to because I love designing the uh, the stage. Yeah.  You know?  It's something that I really put alot of time into on the last stage.  Yeah.  The last one was like we had I remember three, three different acts of the show and this one's gonna be very different.  This one's going to be very different, the uh.  No more red chair?  No more fans coming up?   No.  No, all those will be gone. Yeah. Yeah.   All those things will be gone, there'll be different things.  But, uh, there are things that's I'm really excited about.  I've, I've been thinking about quite a bit.  Um...So I think the next tours gonna be much better.   Yeah. You know, I was really surprised by the last one. We have been in withdrawels, I'm telling you.  That'ts why I went all the way, I drove 16 hours for the Orlando show roundtrip.  And I HAD to go because I was, it had been since November and I was just, I was feinin'.  So.  Well, the next tour's I think it's gonna be we just hopped in the car I think people and went down there will like it alot more.  Yeah.  It's gonna be really different. We, we're all ready for, you know.   We loved the first cd and everything but we're all like, you know.   "Train In Vain", I can't tell you.  I have a cd store through my site. Yeah. Through uh uh and I can't tell you how many of those sold through my site.   Oh really?  Yeah. You know, I've never talked to anybody who's heard and the Braids too that song.  You haven't? I've never talked to anybody who's heard the uh, who's listened to the um the uh "Train In Vain" track.  You're kidding!  No!  No.  That song kicked our ass.  It really did.  Cuz it really showed me what a great band they are and if I had to do it over again I'd do it ina completely different way. Yeah?   Yeah.  Oh.  I mean, we had fun making it, but it was like different.   Oh I pre-ordered it, I wanted it so bad.  I wanted new stuff, new blood.   So, yeah I like pre-ordered oh it and it came to me yeah like the next day. That was actually, that was actually um, that was just me and Arion. Oh it was?  Yeah. Arion did...Because the credits said like vocals, everyone had vocals and yeah it was just you yeah.  And it was that was pretty much just fucked up.  Uh, Brad couldn't make it up so I played drums.  And um, and Arion played uh guitars, he played everything.  Well, I play tambourine.  Oh yeah? Yeah.  Alright..  (laughs)   I brought it with me actually.  Oh! But I didn't bring it here. Good, I'm glad you got to hear that song. Yeah.  Um, love that song and also very nice work on The Braids.    Thank you. Yes.  Yeah, I'm really proud of that record but they, uh Atlantic Records just never did anything with it.  They have a, I checked it out, they have a website reserved, you know, yeah and it's never been developed.  Yeah, it sucks.  You know, it's kind of shitty, you know.  They suck. But yeah, cuz I was really proud of them, I was really proud of that record um. It sounded yeah really good, I liked it. 

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