Transcript 8

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

At shows, your notorious for the crypitic little hand signals and yeah when you show those to the audience they just throw them yeah right back at you and they don't know what the hell they're doing, they just right do it because you're doing it. Yeah and one of them is you see they put their own meanings into them so.  It's still significant it doesn't really matter what it means to right me.  But I do, I do make alot of hand signs yeah. I mean, I do this one (holds hands up connecting both thumbs and index fingers into a triangle).  That is the one I'm asking about.  Because, you know, I just may be an ignorant shit, I think like, unity when I see a triangle. Uh, it's like Third Eye.  But unity's fine.  You see, I don't even... The third eye, is, it's like a salubri* symbol? Yeah.  You know the vampire.  Yeah, it's the, well it's supposed to be like, the spiritual eye or stuff but.  It's kind, I just kinda do this, I don't know I just started doing this and people started doing it back. Yeah, they do, they totally do.  And I'm like but you know what the hell?  If it means unity or if it means like, uh, if it means like the sign for Third Eye Blind then, you know.  It's like that, this is like the Third Eye Blind sign (hold hands up again) Yeah, you know?  Yeah, we need to sometime decipher all your little hand signals and what they yeah mean to you. Yeah, think of what they all are.  But I just.  Well you do this (hold hand to head like a gun) like during "Jumper", I think. I do? Yeah, you do that alot.  And um, I can't is that, oh think of them all right now. This is what I do. Oh and I love when you run around stage oh when I go like this? skipping (wags fingers in the air) Yeah, well this is like, uh, um.  It's like Minnie Mouse or something.  This is like the rave, this is like rave.   Which is like, uh, like um, like, if I really like a song or something like that.   Like, at a club, I start going like this (wags fingers inthe air and shakes his head).  It's just, it's just stupid.  It doesn't mean anything more than that, it's just like, to me it's just like when I'm having a really good time I go like this (wags fingers inthe air and shakes his head) and sort of wag my fingers in the air. I really liked when in Orlando you had those, what are they called, maracas or whatever?   Right.   Those little skulls yeah my little skulls yeah yeah I have some pictures of that actually.  Oh, I want to see.  Oh, I, you know, I feel like alot of what I do onstage is just, is like, is just to keep myself entertained. Uh huh.   You know?  So, I go shake the things like that and just. Oh.

Jen's note:  To read more on the Salubri vampire clan click here.   Read the story and make your own opinions as to if there are some similarities to 3eb.  There is also a page called The Third Eye that is a Salubri site you can look at by clicking here.  The Saubri symbol is very interesting because it is a triangle with 3 eyes:


Then this is a wicked cool 3eb logo that uses the Salubri theme but changes it by making the "third eye" blind.   A friend made this for me:
salubri3eb.jpg (30305 bytes)


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