Transcript 9

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

Several people that I know are, have or are in the process of getting Third Eye Blind related tattoos.  Oh yeah?  Making their love permanent. You know what?  Um, we are going to do a video that's going to be about, um, Third Eye Blind culture. Um, hum. And, uh, anybody who has a Third Eye Blind tattoo will definitly be able to be in the video.   Really? Yeah, cuz we're going to do, like, we're going to well I have mine do like, we're gonna do like people's rooms.  Cuz people've showed us pictures of like, they make like, Third Eye Blind shrines in their rooms. Yeah.  Some of them are like really, really amazing? uh, so out there.  Like so designed, you know.  The rooms are just... um, so we're gonna film those.  And we're gonna film, like parking lots.   And like, like how people make a culture out of it.  Stuff like that yeah so. Yeah.  Well, I have mine.  Yeah.  And three of my friends have "burning man" uh huh tattoos and they're awesome.  Wow!   And, um, so you're pretty cool with that then? Oh yeah.  Do you think it's if that's what somebody wants to do, um. Yeah. Yeah so.  No, I want a picture of it. So is that like the ultimate flattery... First time a guy showed me a uh, uh, tattoo, uh, he had the uh the 3eb logo.  Uh, which is a 3 and then the lower case "b" right and the "e" in the middle. Had it on, on his shoulder and I was like "wow". Yeah.  Because that's like there for life. Yeah.  To me it shows, you know, you're showing your love for the band permanently.  For the rest of your life.  I'll be 80 years old and still be going "oh yeah!   Third Eye Blind!"  You know?  "That's where I got that from!" (Stephan begins to sing) "When you're 80 years old and...."  Huh, that's amazing. But uh, ok.

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