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Would you like to send a Christmas card to a 3eb band member?

Christmas is a time to remember what you're thankful for.  Undoubtedly, we
are all VERY thankful for Third Eye Blind's music.  Please let the band know
how much the music means to you this holiday season!  Make a card (orreindeer.gif (13272 bytes) buy
reindeer.gif (13272 bytes)one) and let 3eb know you're thankful!

We'll make sure your card gets to the boys, YOU just make sure that you send the card to a specific band member.  Yes, that means 4 separate cards.  I won't be opening the cards and reading them.  

PLEASE DO NOT SEND GIFTS.  Cards only!  It's a small PO Box!

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Also, pleaseeeee do not send your cards via certified/registered mail or any kind where I have to sign for the cards.  This is a PO Box and I don't go during the hours when people are there, so your cards will not be picked up.  If you want some sort of delivery confirmation, ask the postman to give it to you... it's like 30 cents extra I think.

Address the card(s) like this:

*insert band member name here*
c/o Jen G.
PO Box 77111
San Francisco, CA 94107


This means you must MAIL the card by 12/14.

Click to hear Stephan's Holiday greeting!


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