last updated 10/01/12

Artist Name:  Deafening Silence

Artist Contact Information:  
E-mail -  

Artist Location:  
Gladwyne, Pa (Philadelphia)

Artist description:  

e are a 4 man band all of us are ages 15-16. we have been playing covers since like 4 years ago and about a year ago we started writing. We have about 20 original songs and we play local gigs. We hope to be going on tour this summer with the band Shifted.

Music style:  

Alternative rock

How does 3eb influence musically?: 

At one point in time every band member has been obsessed with 3eb (Dan the most) and 3eb's style has significantly influenced our song writing. By learning 3eb songs, Kevin taught us a lot about writing great and original sounding music.
who do we sound like: third eye blind, eve 6 on some songs, and a little bit of foo fighters
Artist History: In sixth grade we thought it would be cool to make a band. we learned instruments and began playing mostly 3eb songs. by 9th grade we were pretty good and now we are in tenth and we are really together musically.

Group members and their role in the band:  
Tommy Price- Lead vocals some guitar
Dan Stevens - Lead Guitar and vocals
Chris Davidson- bass 
Rob Pavlenco - Drums 

Our self titled debut CD demo is available for purchase on our website www.deafening-silence.com