Parks Wonder


last updated 10/01/12

Artist Name: 
park's wonder

Artist Contact Information: 

Artist Location:
bakersfield, california

Artist description:
malcolm and chris are both sophomores at highland high
school and mike is a junior at garces memorial high school.

Music style:
indie rock/emo

How does 3eb influence musically?
malcolm is the main one who listens to 3eb
and a lot of his riffs and chord patterns are a product of that.

Who do you think you sound like?
third eye blind, eve6, green day

Artist history:
they formed in july of 2000, recorded their cd in october of
2000 and played their first show on january 5th, 2001. they have since played at various venues around bakersfield and have made quite a name for themselves.

Group members and their role in the band:
malcolm jackson (vocals,guitar),
chris florence (bass), and mike ward (drums).

"all by myself-titled" released october 2000 by park's wonder.