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Jen Grant

Jen  at

blondijen Site owner, pays the bills and does all the work.
  • PLEASE, BEFORE YOU EMAIL JEN!  If you have a question, please post it here, you will get a faster response.  I'm married now and have a full time life and I don't go online as much anymore. 

  • The band does NOT have email or an address for you to mail them letters.  However, if you email the webmaster, he will pass them on to the band.

  • Post a message to Stephan in the PROPS section of this site.

  • Talk to other fans on the MESSAGE BOARD!

  • Snail Mail

    • If you have something to contribute to this site that can't be done by email, please snail mail it to:

    P.O. Box is closed till further notice.


    PLEASE don't send any certified mail, large envelopes or any kind of mail that has to be signed for.  It will be returned to sender because I refuse to stand in line at the post office.  :)  thanks!

Jen and Stephan

Me and Stevo on 8/30/98