It's FirstName: Courtney B.
City:      Minneapolis
State:     MN

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After the Minneapolis show about two weeks ago(it was their best yet that i have seen live!), me and a bunch of my friends went out to the buses and waited there for almost two hours in the freezing cold after the show so we could meet them! We are all die hard 3EB fans and i was gonna stay there even if my friends left me there! Stephan, Brad, and Tony all came out to signautographs and take pics with everyone! I have always dreamed of meeting them, and that night my dream came true! I still can't believe that i met and talked to those guys. They are all awesome and super nice. And all of the stories about Stephan being a so-called "prick" or whatever you want to say, is SO not true! He was so cool to everyone. He was telling us about the new video and how MTV probably won't even play it because it is so dirty:)! It was the best night of my life thus far! And i can't wait for them to come back to Minnesota again!

FirstName: Gina
City:      San Francisco
State:     CA

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Well, I was going over to my friends place. It turns out her older brother went to school w/ Stephan but never told either one of us knowing that we are Stephan fans and all. As she opened the door she wouldn't let me in. She came running out whispering, "Do you know who is in my house? ... Stephan Jenkins." So we both casually walked into her apartment I looked over and hardly recognized him. He walked over to me and said "Hi, I'm Steve ... Mike's friend." I was very proud of myself for not acting like a total idiot. We all hung out basically the whole day. And I've talked to him a couple of times after that and seen him. All in all he's a nice guy w/ a good heart.

FirstName: Ruby
City:      San Jose
State:     CA

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The first time I met Stephan was before the show at the San Jose State Event Center in April of 98.  It was my 3rd 3eb show and I hadn't even attempted at meeting the band yet so I thought I should try this time around.  We thought we'd try AFTER the show, but serendipity allowed us to meet them before. 

We got to the venue a few hours before to try to get a good spot in line but then we saw my ex standing in line so we scrapped that idea.  We took off to Pizza-A-Go-Go for some lunch, saw another of my ex's (I really don't get around that much, I guess I was just having a bad day) so we grabbed our pizza to go and found a nice green spot to picnic at the side of the venue. 

There was a swim meet going on at the pool a few feet away from the venue so we were entertaining ourselves watching the boys in their speedos.  Plus the soundcheck had started and we could hear it perfectly from where we were.  We really liked our green spot in the shade at the side of the venue avoiding any and all ex's who may be in the area when this limo drives up.  Not a stretch limo, but like a town car. The car stops right in front of us and just stands there for a few seconds.   And then these 2 secret service-type guys with white shirts and sunglasses come out of the front seats and glare at us.  Excuse us for having a moment on the grass.  After glaring at us for long enough, they finally open the back door and this leg comes out. 

It's like it was straight out of a movie.  Or like one of those starstudded premieres you see on Entertainment Tonight  where the star arrives in all her glamor.  The driver opens the limo door, she sticks her leg out in a sequins gown with expensive stiletto heels onto the red carpet.  It was like that but instead it was cuffed jeans and boots stepping out of the car belonging to Stephan Jenkins.  He was about 15 minutes late for the soundcheck. 

We go over and say hi, he signs some stuff for us, we snap a pic and then he's hurried off to do the soundcheck.  It was awesome being able to hear the soundcheck, they played Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club.  The backstage door was right there swung wide open and when they were done, I guess they were given a few hours to screw around.  We saw them walk by several times and then we saw Stephan and Charlize wrestling with each other and we waved at Charlize, but Stephan waved back. 

Stephan was cool, he didn't say much  but he was very cordial to us.  Even though he was terribly late to the soundcheck, he still took out a minute to say hello to some fans.  So I guess it just goes to show that sometimes you don't have to try to meet the band if the band unexpectedly finds you.  and maybe he was good luck because we didn't end up seeing anymore ex's that night.

Thanks Stephan!

FirstName: Rebekah
City:      West Lafayette
State:     IN

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FirstName: Lisa
City:      Detroit
State:     MI

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Yes, I finally got to meet him. My best bud and I have often fantasized about what we'd do and say when we got to meet Stephan. I'm still in awe.

So, my group of 3eb buds and I are waiting in line before the show at the State Theatre, when I realize I left my tix in the van. So, one of my friends and I head back to van (we were fatefully parked near the back entrance) and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Brad, just casually walking outside before the show. My friend and I frantically found a pen and paper and worked our way towards him. I don't even remember seeing him come up, but when I got to Brad- Stephan was right there next to him. At this point my heart's beating 1000X per sec.(I know it sounds teenybopper-ish, but I couldn't help it) I asked them to sign, and probably mumbled some other dumb stuff. There was so much I wanted to say, but I became oblivious to everything when he was standing there in front of me. Both him and Brad were quite polite and Stephan complimented me on my shirt (hehe). Anyway, I got their autographs- and by the time I went back to my van and got the camera (still shaking) Stephan was walking away (climbing the fire escape actually). I still got my pic with Brad which is being developed as I write.

To say the least, my friends in line were just a little irked. But I have no regrets. I'm still amazed that there were no mobs over there trying to get a glimpse of the guys. We were literally the only ones in the lot.

There's more! I had THE best seats in this place. We were sitting 1st row balcony...which just happened to be the exact spot Stephan decided to sing "Losing a Whole Year." He was right next to us, in fact, at one point he stepped on my jacket. It was crazy, one second he's on stage the next he's next to me! Later I realized he used the fire escape, which explains why he was checking it out before the show. My buds we mad at me no longer, and my night went perfectly!

It was a total dream that still hasn't quite sunk in yet. I didn't even have to use Jen's tips! Next time, I'm parking in the same spot. 

FirstName: Kristiana
City:      Chicago
State:     IL

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Alright I've been looking at your website for a really long time, and i've always been so jelous that you actually got to meet the band and everything. Well I just attended both of the Chicago shows on March 17 and 18 and got to meet and talk with all them both nights! It was the best experience of my life. It was just so much fun and i felt like any moment i was going to wake up from a dream. It was just so cool being able to stand there and talk with them and actually tell them how much i like them and how good they played. I'm really excited to go to Purdue next weekend and hopefully meet them again, because i now have the hook up with a roadie.

FirstName: Krystina M.
City:      Chicago
State:     IL

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Me and my friend had thought we we're going to have shitty seats then the security guard told us to sit whereever so we got 2nd row balcony. This was in the Riveria a small ass theatre. The show kicked ass and afterwards I kept telling my cousin that Jen *HEY!!* said to meet em STAY BY THE BUSES. Of course my cousin "Shes lying ...lets just take the cab home". Thankfully Im blessed with a virtue of persistence.. and just being a 3EB fan! So we waited for about 45 min then she called my father and he came and he and her sat in the car across from the buses and I stood outside the stage door by the limo.3 drunk,homeless,perverted men later and many security guards yelling.. out comes Brad and Tony. They got into the limo then hopped out and signed. Then came Arion and moments later Stephan came out.I started screaming for my cousin to come back then said "screw it" and pushed forward and gave him my CD case to sign. He said " Open it up hon and give me the cd" and I said (voice quivering totally) "ah .. shit gak its at home! in my cd player! cause I was listening" (yea I rambled) he said "Oh.. well no good there! " and signed the booklet instead.Then he patted my head and I went on to Tony and got his and my cousin FINALLY comes back and she got a hug and signature from Arion.

FirstName: Jason
City:      Minneapolis
State:     MN

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Well to tell the story I must give the background. I ended up getting a backstage pass from this drunk guy that was sitting right behind me. He said his name was Johnathon and that he knew 3eb's manager Eric. He also said that he used to give Stephan riffs on the guitar, back in the Puck and Natty/Zen days, but that Stephan told him to keep trying. :)
  Anyways, I got backstage and while we were walking back we had to walk by a huge crowd that was waiting for the guys. I felt sooooo bad. I wanted to run and grab all of them and bring them back with me. If any of you are reading this...I'M SORRY!!!!
  But yah, we waited for like 15 minutes and then the drunk guy that gave me the pass got rowdy and they threw him out, but then like 20 seconds later he comes walking back in with none other than Stephan himself. Stephan was shaking his head at him, asking him why he got so drunk and rowdy. :) So after a minute I finally got Stephan's attention and I asked him to sign my laminate (GO JEN AND CASEY!), which of course he was more than glad to do. I had been trying to think of a question to ask him for a LONG time, but all I coud come up with was, and I quote myself  "What did you play when you were a kid...Duck, Duck, Grey Duck or Duck, Duck, Goose?". See me and my friends had debated that one for a LONG time, and here in Minnesota we play Duck,Duck ,Grey Duck....but it seems like everywhere else other than Minnesota and Wisconsin they play I had to know. Well if that question was boggling any of your minds as much as it was mine, he played Duck, Duck, Goose. Anyways, I saw he had a couple video games in his pocket, so I asked him if they still play Goldeneye and he said "No, we retired that one a while ago". So me being the video game fanatic that I am....I told him to try Mario Kart out, 'cause I've wasted haf of my college career on that frickin game. Then he told me he had to head out, so I asked him if I could get a picture really quick. And he said sure. and then he headed out.
    BUT WAIT!! There's more! I talked to all of the guys. I'll give you a short synopsis of those. Tony was really nice, seemed a little star-stuck still tho. Brad kicked major butt. He was REALLY nice and shy as Jen said, and we talked about Jazz a little bit. Arion was incredibly nice....shook my hand numerous times. I talked to him about Black and about the label.
   And then I headed towards the exit, but Stephan was about to make his exit through the same door. So I gave him a pat on the back( yah I know, I can't believe I had the balls to do i either ) and I told him thanks again for the amazing show! And said " No, thank you". And that was soon as I got outside everybody started screaming and I thought "kick ass, they're screaming for me!" Then I turned around and there was Stephan. He kinda dashed my dreams. :) Well, that's it.

FirstName: cristal
City:      miami
State:     FL

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a miami radio station and ocean drive magazine were sponsoring a small beach fest on Ocean Drive called Volleypalooza in where they have like modeling agencies bring out some of their models to participate in a volley ball contest. They also happened to have had Third Eye Blind performing and when i found out, i went crazy. So Sat. afternoon i headed out to SOuth Beach with my boyfriend, and we saw 3eb perform and they were so awesome!!! after the show, my boyfriend was like "let's go around the back" and sure enought stephan and the guys were signing autographs stephan was very nice and very friendly. He was taking pictures with everyone for about 15-20 minutes and he signed my agenda!!!! he had to leave so he was walking out of the backstage area which was like a fence and a bunch of girls just swarmed him and he got into this car and took off. but he was the nicest , sweetest, and cutest guy. And on april 8th they'll be back in town to play in pompano and of course, i have tickets!!!!!

FirstName: Courtney and Carly
City:      Broomfield
State:     CO

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Two nights ago {3/14/00}, we met Stephan and the rest of the band {Tony, Arion, Brad} after the concert at the Paramount theatre in Denver.  It was one of the most exciting WAS the most exciting moment in our lives.  We walked around the venue and found the tour buses/other fans waiting to meet our guys.  We talked to Jeff for a while {from Tonic}, and then finally Stephan and the guys came out.  First Tony came out, and he was a really cool guy...we talked to him for a little bit, and then Stephan came!!!  It was inspirational hearing his voice in person, and looking into the eyes of a musical genius.  We hope that anybody else which gets the chance to meet him does...because believe's worth it!!!

FirstName: Sophia
City:      Petaluma
State:     CA

Comments Or Questions:

The first time I saw Stephan Jenkins on his first video "Semi-charmed life" I instinctively knew that he was going to acheive rock star status.  I was mesmerized by his dark looks but what hooked me was his dimples.  I was in love.  I've never crushed on somebody famous before but here I was at the age of 21 and obsessed with a lead singer from a rock band.
The meeting transpired in his home town of San Francisco at the Fillmore. My friend is shorter than average and we were able to convince security to let us in a little bit earlier so we could get the appropriate seating.  And they did let us in early.  We ran inside and immediately went up the stairs.  She would have been stomped on if she was forced to stand in the general seating area.  We got into the concert about 30 minutes early.  We were just sitting there when I kept noticing this guy looking over at us.  At first I ignored it and assumed he was one of the staff wondering how two girls were able to con themselves in earlier.  When I finally looked back at him I immediately recognized him to Be Stephan.  I stifled a scream and grabbed my friends hand and inconspicuously told her that man who was staring was Stephan.  She wouldn't believe me and then she went over to where he was standing and introduced herself.  I was in complete shock.  I couldn't move and I was so nervous about approaching him.  When I finally got the nerve somebody was escorting him away.  My friend  got an autograph for me and herself.  I was kicking myself wondering why I couldn't get past the intimidation and just approach my idol. The whole concert was marred with my irritaion at my lack of courage.  Nonetheless the concert was amazing and Stephans performance reinforced my feelings about him.  He radiated such profound beauty and strength it was like being in a trance.  I knew every lyric and sang my heart along with him.  I guess someone took notice because one of his personal friends approached me and gave me his back stage pass.
Later i found out that it wasn't a back stage pass but a pass for the after party.
This is where I met him.  He came off the stage and 20 minutes later he breezed out sporting addidas.  He looked amazing and was interacting with his guest.  The whole time I felt an insufficent amount of oxygen in the room and I literally thought I was going to burst.  My friend and I approached him and I thanked him for the autograph.  I shook his hand and he smiled his dimple smile at me.  We proceeded to talk for a little bit and then I actually left him standing there.

FirstName: Sofia
City:      Stockton
State:     CA

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My car was parked acroos the strret from the tour bus. We decided to wait awhile for 3eb to come out. Tony came out after like a half hour. My friend was cold and was really tripping. I really wanted to see Stephan but he was taking sooo long. We were going to leave when my brother realized he locked my keyes in my car. I freaked!
I was in my own world just about 50 ft. from the bus. The tow truck came to open my door and I looked up across the street. Stephan!!!
My friend was like" Go, he's your hero, I'll worry about the car!"
So, I ran across and was the last of about 5 people to talk to him.
While he signed my cd I told him about the car situation.
He said "Oh, sweetie, is anyone helping you?" I said yes and asked
him to sign something for my friend who was freezing across the street. I asked for a picture with him and he said "Of course"
I am very tall and was surprised to see in my picture that he was
much taller than me! He was so gorgeous in person!! I will never forget my Jenkins encounter! I was so amazed I forgot how pissed I've been about the whole Kevin situation, that is a miracle in itself!

FirstName: Debby
City:      San Francisco
State:     CA

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I work for a veterinary hospital in San Francisco and always used to joke with my friend David that it would be so great if Stephen was one of our clients.  Well, no joke!  About a month ago, I was going about my daily business and one of the receptionists came into my office and asked me if I could sing a Third Eye Blind song.  I say, sure which one?...why are you asking me this?  Her reply was, I think the singer is in exam room 1.  Needless to say, I bolted to the peephole for the room to confirm the rumour.  It was true!  Now, I was faced with a dilemma, what do I do?  This is his personal life, not a concert, not a meet and greet...what's the proper response?  I retreated to my office (which has a clear view of the exam room door) and proceeded to call my family and friends to tell the who was in the hospital and to decide what to do.  I knew I didn't want to come off like an idiot and that I didn't want to ask for an autograph or a pic (tacky in his non-professional life), but wasn't sure how to approach it.  Stephan came out of the room and was waiting in the reception area to be checked out.  He was talking to one of our receptionists about a puppy she has and I came up with a plan!  Use my dog shamelessly! :)  I put a leash on Reilly (my dog) and walked into the reception area.  I knew Reilly would run up to the receptionist talking to Stephan, the dog loves her.  Well, Stephan happened to be crouched down playing with her puppy and my dog, being the wonderful animal that he is, threw himself into Stephan's arms.  I'm thinking "what a good dog"!  We chatted for a couple of minutes about the dogs and then I took Reilly out for a quick walk.  When I returned, Stephan was still there.  I ended up at the reception desk with a couple of other people and ended up chatting with Stephan some more while we got his prescription ready.  We found out that he was going to take his dog on tour with him, but didn't really acknowledge who he was.  He was such a nice guy, I'm sure he knew that we all knew who he was, b

My friend, Angelia, who also works at the hospital also loves 3eb and made sure that she was the person who got to check Stephan out.  She was so exicited and flustered that she forgot to charge him for his prescription!  I had to send him a bill.

On a separate note, there is a funny story about the veterinarian who saw Stephan's dog.  This vet likes to chat with the clients and ask them about their jobs.  This is the conversation they had:

Vet: So, what do you do?
SJ: I'm in a band.
Vet: Do you play weddings?
SJ: Um, well, we're on the radio.
Vet: Oh, sorry.

We will never let the vet live it down!

Cheers to Stephan and 3eb for being such great guys!

FirstName: Deanna Byfuglin
City:      El Granada
State:     CA

Comments Or Questions:

Well my first encounter with stephan was with my 3 other best friends walking to the warfield and spotted him. We didn't want to make a scene and make him feel flustered since it was before a show and thought he would probably want to just relax before the show especially in his home town!! But still we where pretty excited just to spot him but played it cool! After the AMAZING show by third eye blind (I have never seen such an amazing show in my entire life!!) my friends and I talked to a security guard and told us to wait until after they visit with there family and friends then will be out in "awhile" So we waited for almost 2 hours (well worth the wait) and met stephan! Meeting him was like meeting an old friend! He talked to us for a few minutes about the show and signed our posters and told me and my friends how he remembered us from earlier and thanked us for not making a scene! Stephan was so friendly and so down to earth!!

FirstName: John Murnane
City:      Raleigh
State:     NC

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Well, I met Stephan with the rest of the band at a Meet And Greet Session on 6-6-99 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Stephan was acting kind of stuck-up though, or maybe he was just having a bad day. I mean, he wasn't what I suspected, yet the rest of the band were REALLY approachable and kind. Stephan must of just been anxious or something because he just had this "I am better then everyone sense to him." Oh well, maybe he doesn't like signing autograph after autograph, maybe he likes it the old fashion way where you have to find him after the show. Oh well, I still think he's a great guy because I know he's not always like that b/c I've heard so many other great stories about the guy. Now if he's like that the next time I meet him (if I ever do) then maybe that will change my opinion. I gues I'll just have to wait and see.

FirstName: Lisa Dilts
City:      Mnt. Pleasant
State:     MI

Comments Or Questions:

         It was November 13, 1998 at the CMU campus in Mnt. Pleasant, Mi. My friends and I had just seen 3eb for the 2nd time in concert during one of the tours for their first album. I, more than any of my friends, adored and obsessed over Stephan for almost 2 yrs.
Anyway, I was determined to get as close to my man as possible.
So, after  the concert my friends and I snuck backstage and got kicked out. We then snuck out by the tour buses and got kicked out.
So I begged my friends to hang out with me a while and wait just to see if I could even get a glimpse of Stephan's breathtaking face.
I never took the whole idea of meeting him seriously. I just liked the idea of being close to him. So, we waited about an hour and a half in the cold November weather. It was totally worth it !
        First of all, we met the drummer to Eve 6, who was the sweetest
shyest guy. Then it finally happened. There he was, walking right towards me, out of the whole bunch. He must have sensed my eagerness. I was the first person he approached. I nervously talked his head off, which was a bad idea. The poor guy didn't get a word in edgewise. All I spoke about to him was the FACT that, to me,
he is just the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my life.
I told him he was a brilliant writer, which he is,and how I've been obsessed with him for the past two years. The look on his face was kind of the look of fear. I felt bad, so I apoligized. I told him that I realized he was a normal person, but that I loved him anyway.
I mean, look at the man. What's not to love ?!?
         My friends  got a few words in, but I wanted his full attention,
which I had for a good half hour. It was the most thrilling moment of my life. I got an autograph and a big hug, best of all I had his full attention. What a nice guy ! He didn't even know me and he treated me like a friend.
          Another good thing was that he ended up not being so scared after all. Once I started to keep my cool , he opened up. He's a funny guy who always makes jokes and prides himself on being cocky. He doesn't act like a "rock star" ( whatever that might mean)
and he doesn't act his age, which by the way, he refused to tell me.
( HINT: He's about 35)  He acted more like a college frat guy, a beautiful frat guy. He was super nice and by the end of the conversation he was hugging me goodbye. I chose a wonderful idol and the perfect object of my affection when I chose rock's god,
Stephan Jenkins.

FirstName: Michele Biaso
City:      circleville
State:     NY

Comments Or Questions:

I was sitting in class with my friend and we were bored, so she mentioned that 3eb was going to be on TRL. Next thing I knew we were in the city waiting to go into MTV studios. When Stephan cane out, I called him over and gave him a powerbead bracelet that meant happiness. He wore it for the interview with Ananda. After the interview, he came over and thanked me for his present. He said he needed happiness in his life. Then he hugged me. When we were leaving, I noticed them going out to their Limo. The police were blocking them off, but I screamed to Stephan. He came over and took a pic with me and my friend. Unfortunately, the girl who took it for us did not press the flash in , and we spent the weekend upset because the pic didnt come out. Stephan was very sweet and down to earth. Although alot of screaming girls sent him on his way,  he was nice enough to chat with me.

FirstName: Terri Lavelle
City:      New York
State:     NY

Comments Or Questions:

Well, I actually met him twice. We went to see 3Eb at Hammersteim ballroom and wound up going the next day and got free tickets!! The security guard told us to wait at the back entrance, because the band usually comes out there. So me and my friend, Karen waited out there which was weird because we were the oldest ones. Anyway, the band finally came out and we chatted with them and got autographs. But it wasn't until the next weekend that six of us talked our way backstage at PNC Bank Arts Center in Jersey that we actually got photos and to really ask some questions. Brad and Stephan were both really nice but Stephan woulnd't share his beer...

FirstName: Bill Andrews
City:      Woodlands
State:     TX

Comments Or Questions:

Well me and a couple of friends were walking around after the opening band, Eve 6, performed. My friend looked over to the side and there he was walking through the crowd. We went over and talked to him, he told us to keep our voices down so as to not draw attention. We asked him what he was doing here and he said he liked to see what the crowd was doing before he went on stage. I also told him that I had seen him earlier in the year at the Aerial lounge in Houston. He said that was awesome to come back and see him and i also told him that he rocked. then we went back to our seats and some an awesome show.

FirstName: Bill Andrews
City:      Woodlands
State:     TX

Comments Or Questions:

Well me and a couple of friends were walking around after the opening band, Eve 6, performed. My friend looked over to the side and there he was walking through the crowd. We went over and talked to him, he told us to keep our voices down so as to not draw attention. We asked him what he was doing here and he said he liked to see what the crowd was doing before he went on stage. I also told him that I had seen him earlier in the year at the Aerial lounge in Houston. He said that was awesome to come back and see him and i also told him that he rocked. then we went back to our seats and some an awesome show.

FirstName: Megan
City:      Detroit
State:     MI

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Ok so my friend and I found out that 3eb was playing the half time show at the Detroit Lions game here on thanxgiving. So OF COURSE we immediatly call ticketmaster to get tix but low and behold they've been sold out for weeks. So we checked eBay everyday for 4 weeks and it was finally the day before and we were calling EVERY radio station and begging for tix, but nobody had 'em. So then we were praying that they'd release some tix that morning...but no. We thought all hope was lost but we went to the silverdome anyway, we did find a scalper and we paid an enormous price for the tix but we were willing to pay to see our boys...I mean they've been in the studio for like 6 months!! ok so we get in and we came with 2 pairs of binoculars, a camera, walk-e-talkies and a video camera! So it's the beggining of the 2nd quarter and we spot Stephan and Brad. So we race down and then we sit like 2 rows up from him and we get all our jetters and we go behind him and then we argue about who's gonna tap him! So my friend does and he turns around and is like "HI, how are you?" He was totally nice and really really hot in person (even though he messed up his hair!) But we took a picture and chatted for like 5 minutes. And I got it and the performance ALL on tape! Oh yeah and he said he liked my T-shirt! I had a personal 3eb shirt made and I wore it! Thanks for listening!

FirstName: Eugene
City:      Tokyo, Japan

Comments Or Questions:

Hey, great site! I was surfing around, looking for a place to tell my little 3eb story. I'm originally from Sunnyvale in the Bay Area, but am now living in Japan and attending an international school here. My friends and I were at Tower Records in Tokyo's Shibuya district. It's one of the downtown areas of Tokyo. This was where Titanic had its world premiere in Nov. 1997. This district was also featured in the music videos of REM's "Daysleeper" and Beastie Boys' "Intergalatic". This was on Saturday, November 27, 1999. Earlier that day, I'd heard "Anything" on the Billboard show on Tokyo's English radio station InterFM (which really sucks) and it was mentioned that the new 3eb album was out. I wasn't really impressed, but I often feel that way about songs and end up loving them. I had heard a new album was going to be released in November, but I had totally forgotten about it. So I was pretty anxious to check out the new album at Tower. When I saw the album on display on the 3rd floor, where they have the top pops, I was thrilled to find they had a brochure about 3eb having an in-store visit on December 10th. My friends aren't really 3eb fans and I didn't have much money on me, so I didn't buy "Blue" until a week after. Before I bought it, I asked a clerk how to get tickets for the in-store visit (because I remembered Christina Aguilera visiting HMV here in Tokyo and the only ones able to meet here had special tickets). She said I had to buy the Japanese version of "Blue" which cost 800 yen (about $7 - stuff in Japan is expensive) more than the imported version from the U.S. The difference between the two was that the Japanese version had "New Girl" as a bonus track, which was good but hardly worth it. Anyways, I bought the Japanese version and I got this ticket with a number in the 200s. They also gave me a 3eb Blue sticker and a poster, the one where they're all dressed in red.

The mini-concert on December 10th started at 7:00 PM, but I was there at 5:30. It was in the basement of the store, the biggest Tower Records in Japan, but no one was there so I hung around and listened to music until 6:30. But it didn't really matter anyway because you went in line based on the number on your ticket. I wasn't being very optimistic, my number being in the 200s, but as it turned out there was much less than that number of people before me. They let us in at 6:45 or so and gave us this drink coupon for a free cup of juice. There was already a line at the drink bar and all the seats were already taken (the whole room wasn't that big), so I said screw the drink and took a spot on the left corner of the stage. In typical Japanese fashion the drink was really, really small, so I didn't miss much. They showed the music videos of "Jumper", "Semi-Charmed Life", "How's It Going to Be", and "Losing a Whole Year". There was a guy, I think some 3eb assistant, who went on stage and tuned the guitars. Oh, I forgot to mention that it was only Stephan and Arion who were visiting. It was like that until 5 minutes past 7 when the Japanese hosts came on stage and, after some opening statements, introduced Stephan and Arion. They came on the stage and sat on these two stools set out there for them. Everyone was cheering. Stephan said "Thank you" and then they started into "Anything".

I think they made "Anything" longer than it was on the CD like they'd do at a concert. Afterwards, they drink some mineral water and Stephan said something like, "This is making me thirsty." Then they played "Never Let You Go," which received huge cheers when the crowd realized that was the song they were playing. Then they played "Deep Inside of You". For their fourth and final song, Stephan said, "From the first album... It's the first time I've said that." I think they played "The Background", but I honestly am not sure (aren't I a bad 3eb fan). Then there was the Q & A session. Some girl raised her hand and asked where they get the ideas for their songs, whether they were from experience or not. Stephan said some of it was from experience and a lot from stuff he's read. He said that he wrote the song "Darwin" after reading about evolutionary psychology. He said, "I read shit like that." The Japanese hostess then said something about Arion co-writing a few songs in this album. Arion said something. Then Stephan picked the standing right next to me to ask a question. His question was directed at Arion and it was asking for advice about playing base and what type Arion played. Arion gave some answer like, "I play all sorts of base." Then they gave the guy who asked the question an autographed poster. I wanted one, but no one from that side of the room would get picked again and I felt shy. Plus, I had no question to ask. I really didn't want to waste a question and ask something really dumb. I thought about asking, "Are you guys friends with other Bay Area bands like Train and SmashMouth?" but I didn't. Then another girl asked, "What are your favorite songs from each album?" Stephan deflected the question to Arion at first and Arion said that he liked all the songs from the first album just the same and that he would find a favorite from the second album after playing it more. Then Stephan said, right off the bat, that his favorite song from the second album was "Wounded". That was my favorite too, so I kind o

Anissa's First Time

Anissa's Night at Breastfest '99 with Stephan
This was my first time EVER to see any of 3EB live. Although Stephan was
advertised as the headliner, along with Duncan Shiek, I'm led to think
otherwise. Of the seven bands I saw, he did the shortest set - and I mean
SHORT. (Read on and you'll see what I mean.) Everyone else did five to six
full songs. Don't get me wrong though, the acoustic renditions of the songs
were great. There's no doubt that Stephan is an excellent performer (and
boy, can he sing), but why such a short set? It would have been nice
if he stayed on the stage a bit longer. Anyhow, on to the show...
The Key Club is a small venue with great sound. I was rather surprised
actually that Stephan Jenkins would be playing such a small place. And I
couldn't believe how empty it was - I was able to get right up against the
stage. I know that 3EB has a huge following but of the few people there,
only a handful were hardcore 3EB fans (all of us up against the stage). It
turned out to be a perfect opportunity to see an intimate performance of
Stephan. I mean how many opportunities have there been where you could see
him up-close, solo, practically serenading you with an acoustic guitar.
After five bands and two comics, Stephan finally came out on stage and
opened with "I Want You". He then introduced the next song as a "new song"
and that he "might fuck it up" (which got a chuckle from the audience). This
song turned out to be "Anything". Next Stephan talked about how some bands
have influences, and some just blatantly rip off other bands. Then he said
(3EB) blatantly rips off Lou Reed (another chuckle from the audience), and
he went into a Lou Reed song. This turned into a medley which included
portions of "Semi-Charmed Life" and "Jumper". Next was "Motorcycle Drive
By", which I think he cut short (just before it kicks in after the 2nd
verse). He literally just stopped playing and said "I think we'll just end
it there". Then that was it - the end of his performance. At some point
Stephan mentioned how this was his first "coffeehouse" type of gig. The
audience rooted him on but he
didn't seem totally comfortable up there. Either that, or he was real tired
or didn't want to be there at all. But he still did a good deed,
donating his time and energy for the breast cancer cause. That was the big
Aside from his seemingly awkward demeanor, Stephan still came across as a
down-to-earth, nice guy. Some girls offered him flowers during his
performance. He replied "I don't deserve them". But at the end of his
performance, he bent down, spoke to the girls, and graciously took their
gifts (see photos). You could tell that he really does appreciate his fans,
and that's always a plus.

Renee's First Time

Alright, the Chilhowie Young Life Club is going to travel 75 miles to
Radford University to see 3eb and Eve 6 on Campus Invasion 1998.  We walk by
a bunch of people wanting to buy our tickets because the show is sold out.
NO WAY!!! THIS IS 3EB WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!!!  We go into the Dedmon Center
and everyone's sitting on the floor.  Of course I'm equipped with my
"Stephan You Rock" sign and my "Yeah Baby" sign.  Me and my friend Brooke
stand in front row during Eve 6, but we're not really into it so we go to
the bleachers.  After their set, it seems like a lifetime before 3eb comes
on.  We are still in the bleachers and we're watching the Roadie with the
long hair tune Kevin's guitars.  We wave at him and he waves back.  So we go
on down to floor level.  It's time.  I'l ready.
They open their set with LAWY and I jam with my friends.  Justin wants to
crowdsurf so we send him on.  So does Barry and I am about to put him up but
he kicked me in my head!!  So immediately I drop him to the ground.  He goes
back up and I send my sign with him.  He throws it and luckily Justin
catches it!  Justin threw it and it lands right on the stage.  YEAH!!  SCL
is beginning and everyone's singing.  Stephan just stops and lets us sing it
for him. 
Then we flow into the lounge part of the set.  Stephan yells, "Do you guys
smell chocolate chip cookies??  Cuz it smells like fuckin chocolate chip
cookies up here"  Everyone cheers and then he goes, "It's fuckin hot in here
but we can still make it into a PARTY!!!"  Cheers of fans and others fill
the room and I hear this guy say "Let's just all have sex!!"  That made me
wanna run because he looked like a hippie from the 60's. 
They go back into the electric mode and they play "Baba O'Riley" and then
Stephan breaks into "Jumper".  It's so cool man, and he makes it sound
good!!  The end of the show is growing closer and they're playing
"Motorcycle Drive By".  The show is over, or so we think.
The usual claps of encouragement and "3EB, 3EB!!" brings them back onto the
stage!! Total greatness man!!  They break into Ice Cube.  "I gotta say it
was a good day"  Then the great one is having a heart to heart with the
college students.  "College fuckin sucks!  The professors are assholes and
the only great part is the parties!"  Then he's like "Oh man, they probably
won't have me back for that one"  "Anyway, I ate at a restaraunt called BT's
and it totally sucked!!"  Screams of understanding come from the crowd.  And
into "God of Wine" we go.  They finish the song and Stephan tells us to take
good care of ourselves and not to take life for granted.  It's true too.
And we left the show, and I bought the Bonfore Tour Book for $15.  The show
was over, but the memories will last forever.
I noticed that I'm the only one representing the Radford show so I decided
to send this.

from: Renee Plummer
date: November 18, 1998

Kelly's First Time

My name is Kelly and I met Stephan Jenkins on Sunday October 11, 1998 at
the UCI Bren Event Center (which happens to also be the college I attend) in
Irvine, California.  They were touring with Eve 6 and I've never really liked
a band so much as to go see them live, except for Third Eye Blind.  This was
my very first concert and I was extremely excited.
    My best friend and I arrived there and since it was random seating, we
got 2nd row seats right behind the pit.  We were just out there to have a
good time when my friend spotted a man at the sound stage.  He didn't have an
Authorize tag on him and had sideburns like Stephan so we just went down to
get a better look.  We couldn't tell if it was him or not because he had on a
coat and a cap, but we noticed that his shoes were black and white.  We were
just thrilled that if it was him, we were less than 8 feet away. 
    Then Eve 6 came out and by then, the mysterious man in the coat had
disappeared so we just enjoyed the concert.  Then 3EB came out and  the place
exploded.  My friend and I had been seperated and she was pushed to the front
of the pit and told me that she was really close to him and he was gorgeous
in person.  Half way through it, Semi-Charmed Life came on and my friend and
I rushed to the back of the pit just to dance.  All of a sudden out of no
where, some random security guy came up to us and gave me 2 backstage passes!
 We were so excited and rushed backstage after the concert.  Backstage, we
met the drummer of Eve 6 and also met Arion.  He was very sweet!  I told him
it was my first concert and we talked for awhile and he signed my ticket stub
(hey, I didn't think we were gonna meet anyone so we weren't prepared!) 
    Finally, in walks Stephan, with his black and white shoes!!! So it was
him that was at the sound stage keeping it low. Everyone rushed toward him
and got his autograph.  He looked really tired but my friend and I neverously
got an autograph (he signed my backstage pass).  I introduced myself as Kelly
and he said "Hi, I'm Stephan" and I'm all "Oh, we know that! Everyone knows
that!" We asked if he would pose for a picture with us and he was very nice
about it.  I will never forget his arms around us!!! (Of course he was in the
middle).  By the way, a girl we met backstage took the picture for us and
sent it to us. Anyway, we just stared at him for awhile and finally I had the
nerve to say "Was that you we saw?" Before I could finish my sentence, he
knew that I was talking about him at the sound system place and nodded.  I
will never forget what he said then.  He said "yeah, you 2 were the only ones
who noticed me."  To think that Stephan noticed us noticing him, was amazing
because he remembered 2 random fans out of a crowd of hundreds!  Finally
security started to kick us out so everyone was leaving. 
    It will always be a mystery to us whether Stephan had told the security
to give me and my friend the backstage passes, or if passes were just given
away randomly.  Either way, I finally met the one and only celebrity I wanted
to meet at the very first concert I ever attended.  Thank you Stephan for
remembering 2 fans that night because that night may have been any other
night for the band, but it will forever be embedded in my memory.
P.S.  I have the picture of Stephan sandwiched between me and my friend if
you want to see it.

Jonathan Rash

Hi Jen
Hey whats up? Not much here.Anyway I met Stephan Jenkins yesterday
at breastfest '99.There wasn't a lot of people there maybe 100,it was a small club.
Well there we're a lot of other bands there,most we're pretty good.Most of the people
I talk to there we're there to see Stephan.He came on stage I think 6 or something.
I was surprised to see he had really long hair.I mean really long.He was singing alone
with no band just him playing the guitar.The first song he played was "I want you"
then he played something from the new album ,I think it's called "Anything for you"
I thought it was ok ,I bet it would sound way better with the whole band doing it.
Then he sang the first verse to Semi-Charmed Life after that he did "Jumper" which everyone
loved.The last song he played was "Motrcycle Drive By " That sounded very good.
That was all he sang it was cool, worth going to it just to see him.I have it all on tape.
Later on when Duncan Sheik was playing I saw him walking around and I went up to him
and I told him the usual stuff you know I'm your biggest fan,I love your band Which I do !!
He singed my 3Eb Cd and my Losing a Whole Year Cd and he singed this paper addressed to me.
He was so cool ,that was the first time I met him.I also got hin saying hi to all my friends
on cam.Overall It was great to see him.I got to talk to him and everything,I always have read
that he's a cool guy ,now I know it's true.Well I can't wait till the new album gets out,I'll be the first
one to get it.I also wanted to say that you have a really cool site,I'm proud of you , your a real fan!
I forgot to tell you my name,well I'm Jonathan Rash.I live in Los Angeles and I'm 15.Thankx c'ya


Jen and Kristin meet Stephan

SO I was at this concert that Third Eye Blind and Eve 6 were proforming at,
and my best friend got called up on stage to dance during a couple songe. 
When she got off she asked this guard if she could have a backstage pass,
and after giving her a hard time, he gave her two.  SHe came back and showed
them to me and we freaked, because Third Eye Blind had been my favorite band
for, like, years and so after the concert we waited areound and got ushered
into the back room where about 15 people were sitting around talking, and
there was Stephen drinking a beer.  We talked to him for like 20 minutes and
all I could think was how beautiful he was.  I was so pumped when he signed
my pass and my ticket and when he told me that I should have gone on stage
because I was so cute nobody would have minded.  Then he kissed me on the
cheek and asked me and my friend to hang out with him in the bar, but being
as we were 16 we said we had to be somewhere and took off.  It was the most
wonderful night of my life.  He was so sweet and wicked funny and cool.  He
joked around and flirted and it was awesome!

Amanda Martin's First Time

My best friend's Dad works for Anderson Merchandisers, a local music
distributor.  Anyway, he was able to get Melissa (his daughter) and me
backstage passes to the November 11 show here in Amarillo, Texas.  Stephan
and the boys were very sweet (well, Stephan got pretty moody towards the end)
and signed posters for each and every one of us.  Stephan told me I was
well-equipped... I was so excited to be meeting him that it didn't dawn on me
what he meant until we walked off!  Even though I had to miss most of Eve 6,
it was totally worth it to meet gorgeous Stephan (who is as cute in real life
as he is in photos, wouldn't you say?)!

Amanda Martin

Nicole Booker

This is my story, 100% TRUE.
  My name is Nicole Brooker.
 It was October 16th, 1998.  I had been waiting outside the venue since 9:00am to get a good seat.  Usually I would try to meet the band BEFORE the show, but this time the guys got to the venue too late.  I got a GREAT spot....FRONT ROW CENTER.
  However, this spot had SOME disadvantages....EVERYONE wanted it, and I WAS NOT giving it up.  I was being SEVERELY crushed by people (on purpose), and so Stephan stops and says
  "Yo, come, on you guys, this isn't cool!  We got this friend of ours up here who waited ten hours outside to get where she is, and she's getting the shit kicked out of her, so take it easy, alright!".  I just bawled.  What a guy!!!
  After the show, I waited outside, and there was  BUNCH of girls, so I just sorta stood away in the back by myself in the rain.  FINALLY Stephan comes out, and he spots me, but is INSTANTLY mauled by all these girls.  He says politely "Hold on one sec, please", and walks over to me.  "Hey sweetheart, how ya doing?" he says "Well, I've been better", I told him.
  ****I had been BADLY beaten a few months before by my mothers boyfriend and ended up in the hospital for a while, my sister e-mailed the band and told them about my "mishap"...VERY EMBARRASSING!!!!!  At the time of this show, I was at ROCK BOTTOM....the show was ALL I was looking forward to in my life****
   So, I asked Stephan if he got that e-mail, and thank God he said "No", then he asked me what it was all about, so I told him, and he got a bit upset.  He looked so concerned and mad then he frowned and sorta sighed (in that way people do when they are upset at something). And he asked me "Did you call the cops on him?" and I said "well yeah, but..." he asked more sternly "DID YOU CALL THE COPS?" and I said yes.  He asked all the details, and I told him, then he did the most sweetest thing in the world.  He looked my RIGHT IN THE EYE and he said
**my heart still stops when I think of this**
"You know what sweetheart?" and I said "what?".  He says "You're better than him.  You are so much better, don't EVER let anyone get to you and drag you down."  Then he hugged me, and I wanted to cry.  I almost did.  Then he took me to the under cover area, cuz it was raining.  And I stood beside him while he signed autographs.
   THEN (this is almost over) he walked back to the bus, and my friend and I were walking that way, so we walked with him.  He had to get on the bus, but before he did he came to me, and said good-bye, and gave me another hug, and while he hugged me he gave me the best advice ever.  He said "Be strong, can you do that?  Promise me you'll be strong!", and I started to cry, and said "I promise."
  Then he left, and I went home.  And to this day, if EVER I am REALLY down, and feel like this is the end, I take a DEEP breath, and say to myself "Be strong!".
  And I keep my promise.
It really meant a lot to me that he showed "compassion" to my situation because eventhough I had met him like four times before this, he doesn't know ME.  He knows the person he sees and has talked to for a little while, but he doesn't know ME.
So, that is my true story, and I am sticking to it.

Ashley's First Time I'm sure most of you guys who read this have been to at least one 3eb
concert, but this one was so kick ass!!  It was my 2nd 3eb concert...and i
will NEVER forget it if my life depended on it!  All day I my mind was
scattered all over cuz all I could think of was how sexy stephan sounds, how 
awesome kevin sounded on the guitar, how much i wanted to see arion's cute
hair, and how good of beats brad play's on the drums!!!  That night when I
got off my bus the first thing I did was get home to get ready!!  Once i got
home i made 5 signs to hold up!  I was so psyched!!! BUt, the bad part came
when i was at my friends house cuz her mom was takin us.  She had to look
PERFECT and took forever to get ready!  NOW i was pissed especially cuz it
was gen. admission and the concert was going to start in a half hour!!!  Well
on our way there, we had to stop and get lighters to hold up during the
concert (INSIDE JOKE! LOL)  Anyways, we got there, and we were both soo mad
cuz cuz first of all her mom took forever to get ready, and now we couldnt
find a damn parking space!!! GRRR!!!!  Well, we finally found a spot
and...well let's just say this may be the only time i was happy we were
late!!  As I walked around the corner the first thing that came across my
eyes were the main man's tour bus!  I tried to look calm so that way the
guards wouldn't kick us out!  Amy and I were walkin past and i saw the top of
the heads of the four most talented men ever listenin to music all sittin in
the back of the bus!!!  WOW!!! i kept my cool and kept walking until
i could see straight in the bus.  I saw Arion now standin in the front, and
yes, keep in mind this has been one of the 4 love's of my life!!!  I was just
like in a daze and amy was standin next to me...i just kept hitting her arm
and goin..."it's arion"  Go ahead....laugh....but at one point i was sort of
turning around in circles!  Well anyways...the guard began walkin towards i REGAINED my cool somehow and acted like i forgot something in the
car.  SO after he walked off, we once again snuck up on the bus.  Except this
time, I was just about in heaven when I saw what was ahead!  As I looked up
the sidewalk, I saw Kevin and 2 girls on the side of him leaning against the
wall!!  He was smokin a cig.  Ok...this time i tried my hardest and i dont
know what happened, but i couldnt take control of my own body!!  Amy's mom
saw the both of us, and she said later that night that we weren't breathing
and our arms were like shaking!!!  And all's that came out of my mouth was,
"ammmmy....iss thatat Kevevininnn?" My voice was so damn shaky too!  I must
have sounded like a retard cuz i knew it was him too!  Then she said back,
"uh-huhh"  Then i was just like frozen in time and just stood there!  STUPID
ME!! I swear!  I just wanted to walk up to him and say hi...but i just stood
8 freakin yards away from him just staring!! Then that stupid security guy
came walking over to me, and said i wasn't suppose to be back there!  UGHH! 
There went my chance!  Besides that though...we got awesome seats somehow!  I
bought every single shirt and piece of merchandise.  When we were holdin up
our "Marry me stephan" sign stephan saw it, pointed to us, and said something
to us but i couldnt make it out cuz everyone was bein so loud! THen the next
day they had us in the newspaper!!  Later that night Arion blew us a kiss
too!  AWWW!!!!!!!  But the night got a little bad when we decided to get a
better view of 3eb from the mosh pit section, when we went in there we were
fine, but then some ass like kept bangin into me...and it hurt!  So we went
to go see if we could possibly get our seats back, but some like 45 yr. old
lady took our spots!  UGHH!!!  But it was all good  and i cant wait for them
to go back on tour!!!!! 

May the 3eb force be with ya!


Laura's Night at the Letterman Show!

I went up to New York City the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, with two Letterman tickets in hand, all set to go see the Third Eye Blind performance.  Then I found out bad news - they were going to be on the first show taped, and I had tickets for the second show... I was really upset.
Then, my friend and I decided to make the best of the day, so we found out when and where Third Eye Blind would be leaving after they did their performance.  I stood out there for at least an hour and a half waiting for them to come out.  Finally, Kevin came out - but was rushed into his awaiting limo immediately (and I have no idea why). 
Stephan, Brad, and Arion emerged from the doorway, with markers in hand for autographs.   The crowd went nuts, everyone was calling their names and shoving CD books at them.   The guys didn't seem like they were in a rush at all!  They just hung out and started signing autographs, talking to us.
At one point, I was waiting patiently, hanging over a fence, for Stephan to come and sign my book.  He was signing someone else's book at the time. Suddenly, Stephan looked right up at me!  I said, "hi," and he said, "hey, how are you."   And then he signed my book.  I told him how much I love Third Eye Blind and their music, and he said "Well thank you, we love you guys too!"  We even talked a little about Blue, it was awesome.
After talking to Stephan, I decided to go tell Brad how amazing of a drummer he is, and that I taught myself how to play drums by listening to him on the first 3EB album - he seemed really complimented, it was great! I got a picture taken of me and Brad.
Then, my friend said to me, "Go get a picture with Stephan!" But he was all the way on the other side of the fence... so I got impulsive.  I climbed right over the fence and walked up to Stephan.  I asked him for a pic with him, and he smiled, put his arm around me, and we got the picture! (Don't worry, it wasn't like a psychotic leap over the fence, there were a lot of people standing around on the other side too).
The guys were so great to meet, they seemed so down to earth and friendly, not like the typical rock star "I'm too good for you" attitude. I walked away from that night shaking, in disbelief, because a dream I've had for 2 1/2 years had finally come true.   I certainly hope that wasn't the only time I meet them, too.
Well, that's my "I met Stephan" story!  I hope you enjoyed it!  ~   Laura

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Sharon's Night at the BAMMIES!

The 1999 Bammies - as told by Sharon

My mission for the night (and only reason for going) was Third Eye Blind.
I had a photo/all access pass for the night, so I was ready to find Stephan. There is this main party room where all the winners go after they win and for interviews/photos. As you can guess, this is where I spent most of my time. For the first 30 min, Stephan was nowhere to be found. Then I looked over and saw him standing there, drinking a Coke with his body guard guy. I went right up to him and asked if he would sign something. (I had met him last year at the Bammies and had a pic of him blown up) The pic was laminated and he told me it looked like a place mat! On it he wrote "Let’s eat!!! XXOO Stephan." Then he made a joke about it as he took a pic with me. One pic wasn’t enough, so I asked him for another and he gladly said sure. I stayed around him until he left, taking as many pics as I could.
When he presented, after he said the winners name, he threw the paper and it landed on the floor. I ran to get it because "Stephan had touched it!!!"
Everytime they won something, I would go to the back and take more pics of him. I ended up getting the envelope and winning paper for "Jumper." winner.jpg (90057 bytes)   I once again went to the back and had both Kevin and Stephan sign that. I took a pic with Kevin and he kissed me on the cheek!!!!
For the final award I went up to Stephan and asked if I could have it, cause all he could do was say no, right? So he said, "Sure you can have it." I almost died! His body guard had it in his hands (this is after Stephan and I took a pic with me holding it) and the guy said I couldn’t have it. Stephan looked at him and said I could have it, but the guy wouldn’t let him give it up. So sadly I didn’t get it, but I got 9 rolls of Stephan pictures! It was a great night! Stephan and Kevin both rock. They are so nice when it comes to their fans. You name the pose and I bet I have it of Stephan. I have on stage, back stage, in the pic room and getting interviewed. He’s great and the band rocks!

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Stephan's Acceptance Speech:

Well... that's amazing... wow... I didn't even know this exis... I don't know what this is, I didn't know I got nominated for it... I didn't... But I'll tell you a story.  I was uh... I don't know... it was several years ago and I was, uh, playing little songs on my guitar, poorly, and played it to some people at a record company and they said 'well, you know, he can't fucking sing.  He cannot sing.' 

And that was that so, but, I said, you know, the thing is, is that's all I wanna do.  I wanna sing, so, if there's something that you would like to do and someone says you can't do it, you should say 'hey, check it out, fuck you!  that's what I want to do!  Know what I mean!' 

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I'm not the artist of the year, I'm a member of a band, it's a band that I'm very proud to be in. 
It consists of Arion Salazar who's one of the most
talented musicians I've ever known; and Brad Hargreaves who's our drummer who thrills me and shocks me; and my inspiration to music, his name is Kevin Cadogan, he's over there, he's our guitar player.
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I'd like to thank those guys because I'm just a bandmember, ya'll!  Thank you very much for this, I appreciate it.   Peace, ya'll!

Amanda B.'s First Time

City:  Hamilton, NY
Date:  3/6/98

I was at my first 3eb concert last March in Hamilton, NY and I absolutely love Stephan so I had to meet him. We waited outside after the concert and we met Steve (the lead singer of SmashMouth) and then about 15 minutes later Stephan came out and was like "Hey how are you?" There were about 7 other girls out there with us and we took pictures for them and they were going to take pictures for us, but they were taking so long and Stephan could see that I was getting pissed and he goes okay I think it's their turn (motioning to me and my best friend!) we got our pictures taken with him, he put his arms around us and he put my head on his shoulder and he talked to us for about 10 minutes and he was soooo sweet!  Just thought I'd share my story!

City: Detroit, MI
Date:  November 1997

Alright, I'll make this short and sweet!! The first time I saw Third Eye Blind live was on the Bring the Bay tour, in Nov 97.   I saw them here in Detroit at the State Theatre.  I love that venue cuz it's so small and intimate.  We were on the main floor RIGHT behind the pit which ROCKED.  FAT opened and they were cool, then SmashMouth, I don't like them.  And then 3eb put on the most amazing show.  I was awestruck.
The whole reason we even got tickets was because my dad is friends with this guy who works for Giant tee shirts company, which makes 3eb's (and Aerosmith, Bush, and Smashing Pumpkins) tee shirts.  So, cuz we have connections, we got BACKSTAGE PASSES.  So after the concert we waited then went backstage.  On the way down to the little room,   I saw Kevin in an office or something and I just smiled at him cuz I was like Duhhhhhh.  Then we sat at his long table.  My party was the only people here.   I was sitting at the end of the table, but not at the head of it.  Then HE walked in and OH MY GOD he is like 10x hotter up close!  I was speechless, he was so beautiful and I had so much respect for him.  He sat AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!!!! We chatted about the show and the venue, and then he signed and autograph and took a picture.  He was so cool and down to earth, and it just blew me away how sane and not
stuck up he was.  Then we left and I dreamed very happy dreams that night :)

Angie D.'s First Time

City: Providence, RI
Date:  March 3rd, 1998

Well me and Deirdre were outside after the concert waiting for her parents to come and pick us up...We tryed to use the pay phone and beep them on their beeper but for some reason it wouldn't work so we didn't know how we were going to get home so we were waiting around and all these weird people were talking to us and asking us if we wanted a ride home and we were like "Uh no thanks"....So we were waiting for about an hour and all the people from inside the club were bringing out all the equipment and so we were just watching them
and hoping that maybe Stephan, Brad, Kevin or Arion would come walking out with them but they didn' as we were waiting these girls came running around the corner saying that Stephan Jenkins was signing autographs at the back door, so we ran around the back and he was standing there with like only 4 other people around him and we waited a minute and then we asked him for his autograph and he asked us where so I had him sign my shirt and Deirdre had an army shirt on so he said " where do you want me to sign ... I don't want to
ruin your army shirt."  So she had him sign her third eye blind shirt she had bought there and her sticker and i had him sign my ticket too...So after that we didn't leave cause why would we right....And he started shaking everyones hand that was standing around him and he shook Deirdre's hand....Then her parents came and we said bye, and he said bye and we left....

Ashley H. At First Base


City:  Boise, ID
Date:  10/18/98

OK I didn't get to meet Stephan. I actually didn't get more than 10 feet close from him. but I have a little pointless story that you don't need to post up but you can know about. my concert (Boise, the one where 3ebs bus caught on fire) was awesome. I don't remember the order of the songs because I had been kicked in the head a lot during eve6's act. so I was kinda dazed. I do remember SCL and how's it gonna be, because on scl there were 2 girls up on the platform(ugh) frenching and touching each other. Stephan noticed them but didn't say anything (which seems odd) and how's it gonna be cause it always makes me sad and I remember singing it at the top of my lungs and all. and Stephan (I don't know if this is before or after higb) yelled at a guy and I quote because I remember this clearly "there's this 300-pound guy out over there and he's beating up on one of my girls to get by. I want the whole audience to kick his fucking ass!!! it isn't right that people are doing this. we are all here to have fun so fuck him up!!!" lol I don't know what happened to that poor guy but I'm pretty sure it wasn't pretty. I don't remember much else. those security dogs weren't very caring about the people in the audience when bringing the crowd surfers in. and if the moshers had worn softer shoes maybe I wouldn't have had such a headache the next day!!

Bel D.'s First Time


City:  Irvine, CA
Date:  10/11/98

October 11, 1998 at the Irvine show.  Really great show, my 3rd.  Casey and Jen (MD Jen) and I had been right up front at the rail the entire show and it was just too awesome for words. Casey tried to take us backstage, but couldn't so he told us to wait by the buses.  There was a group of about 20 people waiting there. There was security everywhere so we didn't get too close to the buses.  There was this huge flight of stairs and we had to stay at the top of them.  =(  So we see Kevin come out bouncing a basketball, walking towards the buses, and we yell his name and he waves but keeps going.  After a while, Stephan comes out talking with Casey and some other people and says bye and starts walking to the buses and Casey comes over to us.  We yell Stephan's name, he turns and waves and keeps walking.  Casey told us, if we ALL joined forces and yelled his name TOGETHER he might come over there, so we counted to 3 and we all yelled his name really loud and he stopped, turned around and walked over to us.  We all walked down the stairs and gathered around him.  He
thanked us all for coming and stuff.  Someone asked for a picture or an autograph, but he said he was really sorry but he didn't have time and if he gave out one, he would have to give us all one and they were about to leave for Bakersfield.  He was whispering at this point cuz his voice was completely shot.  We all thanked him for coming to talk to us and that we enjoyed the concert and he said that was really sweet and thanked us again and waved bye and took off.  =)  That was my first time.

Casey B.'s First  and Second Time


City:  San Francisco, CA
Date:  March and May 1997

The first time I met Stephan was in march of 1997. Their album hadn't come out yet, but they had a record-release party and concert at this San Fran club called Bimbo's. It was a 21 (I was 20 at the time) and over club but my sister used to date the owner so she got me in. We got their late because of traffic and so I missed the first song. Because they didn't have an album the only songs I knew were SCL and MDB which had been played or mentioned on the New Artists spotlight on SF's LIVE 105 fm. Well, after the show we were invited to the private party, it was a lot of family and friends of the band. This one bisexual girl kept hitting on my sister, turns out she used to date brad. Anyways that girl introduced us to Stephan. I didn't really talk to him but my sister did, and Stephan ended up kissing her on the lips that night.

The Next time was like 2 or 3 months later. I was living in San Fran and heard that 3eb was playing my old town of Washington, DC at the 1997 WHFS-tival. I got a cheap airfare and flew across the country to go to the show. 3eb played a great set, and I knew all the words cause I had their album the day it came out (April 8th)
I was singing my heart out and people were staring at me and saying "shut up dude" After 3eb played I hung around the railing while Reel Big Fish set up. I saw Stephan across a parking lot and yelled to him. Luckily I caught his attention. he looked over and saw me standing behind the barrier. I yelled to him that I flew all the way from San Fran to go to the show and that I was at the show at bimbos. he told me to jump over the railing and come hang out with him. I was so excited, We talked for like 30 minutes about San Fran and about the crowd and the record release show and I told him I had a 3eb web site. Mind you this was almost 2 years ago when there were only 2 sites...mine and Amber's. He was so stoked on that and asked a lot of great questions. I got his autograph and took a pic with him. I was so amazed at how nice and outgoing, friendly he was. I never met a rock star before. Oh yeah..he was DAMN TALL! Well, that was the first of many great meetings with the man. You never forget your first time :o)

Catherine B.'s First Time


City:  Dallas, TX
Date:  10/3/98

A funny thing that happened at the Bronco Bowl concert was when this 13 year old chick asked Stephan if he'd sign her bra. He said, "Sure! Bring those titties on up here." She walked up there, and when she lifted her shirt up, Stephan looked aruond, and said, "Where did they go, honey?!?" hahahahaha:):):)

Chris O.'s Fist Time

City:  Indianapolis, IN
Date:  8/15/98

The first time I saw 3eb was on August 15 at a festival in Indianapolis (xfest).  I had really gotten into them over the summer and this was, to me, a great way to end the summer (college started shortly thereafter).  When we
found out about 3eb playing there the show was already sold out.  Our only option was to buy tickets from a broker, so we spent 50 bucks a shot on $20 tickets... but the seats were pretty good so we were happy.  When we got there we saw that each band would have a scheduled time to sign autographs.  I went to check the line for 3eb and it was absolutely massive.  So I decided instead to just walk up to the front of the line and stand at the barricade.  I was about 5 - 10 feet away from the whole band, but, naturally the battery in my camera ran out and I couldn't take any pictures (ironically there are 3 pictures from that very moment on this site... I had to have been standing right NEXT to whomever took those shots).  But I managed to talk to Stephan briefly.... just asked him if they were gonna play I Will Follow & other short little questions like that.... I suppose you could call that a meeting. Maybe.

Chris O.'s Second Time


City: Champaign, IL
Date:  10/26/98

Fortunately for me, the campus invasion tour hit lots of spots in the Midwest, several of them were very close to where I live (Terre Haute).  The first of these shows was in Champaign, IL.  We were expecting ticketmaster to put these tickets on sale but we never heard anything about it.  Turned out that they were only on sale in Champaign only and when we found that out it was already sold out.  My friend Kris and I decided to go anyway and try to find some tickets there.  We each went willing to pay 40 or 50 bucks from a scalper if necessary.  Whatever it would take to get us in.  We got to the campus that afternoon and just hung around for awhile - at about 3:30 we went to the back of the auditorium and up walked Eve 6.  We chatted with them for a few minutes - got some pictures with 'em and all that fun stuff.  So we sat there for, like 4 hours and finally saw a tour bus pull up. We casually walked up to it (only 4 of us went) and out walked Stephan!!   He came over and talked to us.  We had kind of been planning what we might say had we seen them so we were better prepared.  My friend Kris mentioned that he had copied Stephan's thin 'Amish' beard and Stephan laughed.  We got pictures,
autographs and all that.  Then we mentioned that we didn't have any tickets and had driven 2 hours for the show.  He tried to get us on the guest list but the security guy told him there was no way - it was 100% full.  Stephan seemed to feel bad, but just told us to try to sneak in or something - "just walk through a bunch of doors - act like you know what you're doing".  Ha ha ha! We were pretty happy that we had met Stephan, and, if we couldn't get it, we would drive home happy.  We went to look for scalpers... but there were absolutely NONE!  Finally, after nearly giving up all hope of finding anything, we decided to walk back over to the tour bus.  Who is standing right by the door other than Kevin.  It was terribly dark, but we could tell that it was him.  He walked out with a bunch of bags and stuff, but the same security guy took his stuff from him while he came and talked (it was only the 2 of us at this point).  I got a picture with him and told him our situation.  He also tried to get us on the guest list but, like I found out, it was full.  He seemed to feel very very bad saying "oh man.  this really sucks.  the least we can do is get you some programs and T-shirts - follow me".  So the 3 of us walked (!) up to the back entrance and he told us to wait by the door.  5 minutes later the security guard comes back with 2 backstage passes!!!!!  They were actually called "limited access" passes which means that we don't
actually have any seats but we can go anywhere we want (except stage and dressing room).  So we were escorted across the stage and down the steps into the auditorium!  After much confusion amongst the ignorant U of I staff we managed to get escorted up to the very very front row directly in front of Kevin.  During Jumper Kevin looked into the crowd and saw us and he got a big grin on his face and nodded at us!   Then during Background Stephan was sitting on the speaker cabinet directly in front of us and looked at us, smiled, pointed and nodded!!  What an absolutely amazing feeling!!!  There was *alot* of confusion trying to get backstage and the same stupid staff wouldn't let us through.  It was a big power trip for them... but very frustrating since we were technically allowed access to the hospitality area.  Even so, we left very very happy... who wouldn't be?

Chris O.'s Third Time

City: Bloomington, IN
Date:  11/14/98

Our next show - our 5th and last one was in Bloomington.  It was another general admission show so we got there early and got in line.  Finally the doors opened and we went up to about the 2nd row in front of Kevin.  After the show we hung out at the back doors for a bit.  Finally Stephan came out and talked and signed.  There was probably 20 people there, but Stephan still managed to make each conversation very personal.  I asked Stephan several questions that I had been thinking about.... had a question about the lyrics in the chorus of Gorgeous, I was very curious about who the girl was in Background and a few other things.  I got every single question answered, and he seemed very interested in what I had to say.  That's what I mean when I say
he makes it personal.... they are just absolutely nice guys;  the whole band. It felt very genuine.  Then out came Arion, who I hadn't met yet and was very excited about meeting!  We told him that we'd seen 'em a few times and he was all happy and giving us fives.  I also commented that I liked his singing on Acquiesce (sp?) - an oasis song they covered that evening.  He told us that he "really loves that song".  We got more pictures that turned out really great. So it was a wonderful ending to a great tour.

Cindy M.'s First Time

City:  Hollywood, CA
Date:  10/10/98

It was so cool. I met Stephan at the Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood. It was the VIP party. He was so cool and he is very tall. He is at least close to 6 ft. He is so cute in person. He has those beautiful eyes. The coolest thing was that he hugged me and he signed my t-shirt.It was really cool! 

Dan C.'s First Time

City: Philadelphia, PA
Date:  11/5/98

Ok.. So here it is..  It's like 6:15 and we are just now leaving. It's me, my sister, Chriss and Mary (friends). We drive down to Drexel, not getting lost! It was a miracle! Anyway, I was pissed cause it was like 7:15 and we were just parking the car. But we drive by the tour bus(big red one) and I scream "It's their bus!!!". No one believed me, but when we drove past it, Stephan was in on the couch chillin! That like set the whole night off. We got in line, and I had to look for Ava from Elektra. The line starts letting in, and then I realize that I didn't need to stand in the fucking line!! There's a different entrance for people on the guest list. So I go in, and I get a envelope with my name on it. I don't open it till I sit down though. So, as soon as I got that, Alva saw me, and she's like "Are you Dan?" And I'm like, "Yup!". She is a very happy person, might I add! She's the shit!! She rox! Anyway, she hands me two backstage passes, and two red papers that say two people were aloud to go on stage and dance. Well, I didn't wanna go on sage cause I know it was gonna be all women. So I decided to give them to Chriss and Mary, and give me and my sister the backstage passes.. But we all wanted to go backstage. So i asked Alva if there was any way, but she coudln't help, but she tried:o). Anyway, we try to figure out whos gonna go back stage, when I open the envelope, and what do I find??? I find two backstage passes. Therefore, I have 4 backstage passes in my hand. I was flipping!! I was sooo happy! We were all like freaking cause we were all gonna get back stage! Anyway, we went and grabed a seat, which sucked cause all the front shit was taken. We had to sit unitl eVe6 started to play. So, we grab a seat. And talk. Then me and Chriss go to the thing to buy sumthing. I bought a Tourbook, which had great photos! She didn't buy anything. We then go sit down again. Eve6 comes on soon after, and we manuavur our way around to find the best place to see, ad not get squsshed! Well, we didn't get squessed, but we also couldn't see very well. But, Eve 6 was on and I just listened. I don't remember the song list, but as soon as "Inside out" came on, everybody freaked! Everyone in the damn place was singing!!! I started hoping, whcih was all i could really do. Anyway, thy played their songs and then there was like a 30 minute break.

Then Third Eye Blind! They started off with the naked women behind the cutain,and then the curtain dropped and they Played Thanks a Lot. Later, they played LAWY and HIGTB, which were the songs that the hciks were on stage for dancing to. They palyed every song off the cd, plus the Ice Cube song, I will Follow, Gorgeous, and Horror Show. I didn't hear Tattoo of The Sun. They also played baby O'Riley. That part like, kicked major ass! I think Horror Show and I will Follow were the best live performed songs. Neway, Stephan did his talks between and during the songs, which really got the crowd pumped. But the crowd was half drunk. I saw people walknig out all bleeding and crying. Last song they did, was God of Wine. It's a really great performed song. He pured the wine out,and everything. I couldn't see if he did the steering wheel thing with the tamberine. But, after the show, we walked over to the front stage. I saw Casey there, but I didn't say hi or anything cause I didn't know if he would of said it back. Then this secrutiy guard came by and took us downstairs in this open room where we waited for about 25 minutes. They they took us inside this other room which had the food and stuff. We wait there and everything, and then Brad comes by. He didn't really stay long. He told someone to get his mom and dad(i think thats who they were). Then they left. A little while after, Kevin came by. He was outside talking to people. Alva came to my table thingy and started talknig to us. She was nice as shit!! Then she went to get a camera so she could take pics for me. I was afraid to go out and say hello to Kevin. But my friend went with me. I go out, and I'm Like, "Can you, like sign this?" And Alva tells him who I am, and he congrats me on the guitar and everything, and says that there's only two like it! it's worth "Chesse" he said, or at least I think he said it. Then he signed my tourbook for me. And I told him he fuckin rocked(everyone was crusing out their asses). And he's like"Hope ya like the guitar". I'm like"Yup, but I don't touch it cause I can't play it." Then Alva got a pic of us. I could barely fit my arm around him. His jacket is huge!! Then I go inside the room, and then like 5 people come up to me and say "You're Waggy?" It was weird as shit!! Cause I like talk to these people online,and I had no Clue it was them. So they all tell me their sn's, and yup, I knew them:o). They I went out and went over to Arion. Alva introduced me to him, and he's like" You're the winner? Thats cool. It's ashame tho you didn't get my bass. Now that is something someone is jamming to!" Then he laughed. And then he started to play air bass. I got him to sign my TourBook. And i Got a pic with him, plus my other two friends. He's like "Say Clombus!" And no one says it, so he's like "Sheesh.. No one say it then!" Hehe. Then I spot Stephan down the hall. I'm like "Shit! It's Stephan!!" He comes down, dressed in ADIDAS. Aweosme ass clothes! Alva tells him who I am, and he's like "Your Daniel?" He said some other stuff, but I can't remember cause when he shook my hand, my face turned red as shit, and I looked like i was going to cry. He told me he appericates the site and everthing. And I get a pic with him. Nuttin could make it better, but it got better! Max from eVe6 walks down the hall, ad I'm like shit, no! It's not Max! I go up and ask for a pic. Alva introduces herself, and he said ok. Max is like awesome! The he asked my friend Chris if she wanted a pic. He wouldn't stop looking at her:o). The I go back over with Arion and other people and he tells this story about how Kevin woke up one day and smelled fire on the bus. He screamed to the guys and they all get their clothes on and got off the bus. He had everyone laughing! Then Janine comes out and says hi to me. I'm like, wooh! It's Janine:o). And then Jackie introuced herself,she's GodOWineSJ. I was like in shock because I din't picture her to look like that. She was hot. Neway, she introduced me to her friend, wha was up on stage with my twe friends to dance. She was cool. Then, out of nowhere, Stephan's like "Daniel, Daniel, where's Daniel?" I heard my name soooo damn much! I go over and he's like" Have you met Casey yet?" I'm like" We not really good friends." He goes and introduced me to him. It was all good. I got tons of pics! None of them live tho cause of my seats. I even got a pic of me and Alva, man she rocked! Once i get the pics, I'll scan them and show you them if you want. But this nite was the best nite in my life! It was my first concert ever, and I actually got to go backstage!!!! It kicked ass!!

I have offically lost my 3eb virginity....:o)


Janine B.'s First Time

City:  New York City, NY
Date:  December 18, 1998

I have seen 3EB 4 times and I had never met them. They're my favorite band. It was my dream to meet them. So, I went to the Ed Sullivan Theater (David Letterman) and waited outside (since they didn't take any stand-bys). Good thing they didn't, because after awhile (before their performance) Kevin stepped outside to have a cigarette. I was like "Kevin!!" and so he came over and gave me a hug. My mother had taken me, and she didn't bring any of my 3EB stuff, and I have soo much. Oh, and she didn't bring a camera either. So he
signed my form of picture ID (to get into Letterman), my passport! He was like "Oh God." Then he signed things for other people and was going back inside. My mom yelled his name and told him to come back and he gave me another hug, a really big hug. I was crying. Kevin is so nice. It was great. Then we waited for a really long time in the freezing cold. The equipment was loaded (and the red chair was in the back of the trailer). Finally, Stephan comes out and starts signing people's things on the other side of us. So my mom was screaming his birthday, his dog's name, everything to make him come to our side. I knew he would. So as he was walking toward us, I squeezed out from behind the baracade and ran towards him and gave him a big hug. I stood next
to him the whole time he was signing autographs. He signed my passport, too. It was sooo cool; the best day of my life. He asked me where I saw him last and I told him to come back soon. He said "next year," which is fine because I can't wait for the new album! He kept asking everyone if they saw the show, which no one had seen. I guess he wanted to see what they thought about the little stunts he pulled. That was so funny when he was rolling on the floor (but he almost knocked Kevin down). And what was with the whole plexiglass incident? Then Arion came over and signed the passport. He was acting like a normal person; like he wasn't anyone famous. Then I got a picture with Stephan (using someone else's camera) and he was whisked away. I hope the girl sends
me the picture. Stephan and Kevin left in the same limo I think, and then Arion and Brad in another one. Brad didn't come over to sign anything or say hi. He just went straight to the limo. Well, I was there for about 4 hours. It
was the day I have been awaiting for a long time. I still can't believe it.

Jeff W.'s First Time

City: Savannah, GA
Date:  8/3/98 

I met him after a concert here in Savannah Ga. on August 3rd.    I gave him my website adress ( Eye Blind World) and I asked him where Brad and Arion were, and he replied "I don't know where those greasy bastards, those sons of bitches are." and I laughed.  He told me
how much he appreciated me being a huge fan.  Then he signed my girlfriends shirt and I got his
beer bottle. (He drinks Heiniken if you were wondering.)  I talked to him for about 5 more minutes then he told me he had to go.  Well that was the best night and concert of my life.

Katie H.'s First Time

City:  Milwaukee, WI
Date:  7/3/98

On Friday July 3 (in Milwaukee), my friend and I went to a festival to see Third Eye Blind (for the third time), and I had found out earlier in the week that they were also doing an autograph signing. Needless to say, I was ecstatic that I'd get to meet the band! We made sure to get to the grounds a few hours early, as soon as she got off of work. When we got to the tent they were having the signing in front of, there was a sign posted that said you need a wristband to get an autograph. I must've asked five different people about getting one, but they were gone and I couldn't buy one. My friend and I stood there for hours, watching a line slowly form. Most of the people didn't come until there was less than an hour before the signing. I told everyone that didn't know about the wristbands since it would really suck to wait expectantly only to find that you wouldn't be able to get an autograph. We spotted some people we knew who had infamous green wristbands, so they came over and talked to us. Some of the other people who were waiting talked with us and listened to us joking about how we were going to sneak up there and steal some of the employees' clothes and say we worked there in order to meet the band.

When the guys eventually came, I was so crushed. They were right there, a yard away from me, and I couldn't go up there because I wasn't privileged enough. Arion was the first at the autograph table, and he was wearing a kewl shirt that was black and really fuzzy! Kind of like faux hair, I can't think of a better way to describe it, but it was warm out and I thought he must've been dying. Then was Stephan, wearing his sunglasses with the yellow frames that he has on in a pic I saw on the internet, and his shoes were athletic ones with reflective silver on them (I love reflective silver stuff), looking gorgeous as ever! Next at the table was Kevin in a leather jacket and he had some dressy loafer type shoes. He had some of those "dork" glasses, (Don't get me wrong, I love these things! I have a pair myself.) but the frames were thin and the lenses were yellow. Of course Brad was there, and he was last at the table, so I had a clear shot at him while the others were signing. He was wearing Adidas shoes and is no longer bald; try short bleached out blond hair. He was rocking out to some other band that was playing near where we were and it was funny.
In between the times they were signing, I got a picture of Kevin and also one of Stephan. I was trying to talk to Stephan but I couldn't have much of a conversation with him since he was already signing people's stuff. So my friends and I were joking around with him (from the non-autograph people area) and it was kewl. We wanted him to take his sunglasses off and so he put 'em on lopsided and I got a pic. But when he was putting them on lopsided I saw his eyes and I love the way his eyes look! Then out of nowhere while I'm snapping pictures of the guys in between people, I hear my name. So I turn around and walk over to my friend, who's holding up two wristbands. One of the people who heard me joking around about my need to meet the band and the lengths I would go to in order to achieve it, and heard me talking to someone about how 3eb is my favorite band, gave us her wristbands when she was done. That has to be the best present I ever got, and it was for no reason other than a fan sharing with their fan in need.

We went up and got our autographs, and it was wonderful! I talked to Stephan for five minutes, and even though I wish it could've been longer, it was still AWESOME!!! He was interested in what I had to say, as though it mattered to him, and he was so easy to talk to and he wasn't in a hurry to get out of there. When we had been in line waiting for them to arrive, one of the people that I told about the wristbands said it was really dumb that you needed one, and of course I agreed. I said that I really wanted to meet the band too. Then she said something to the effect of it's just Third Eye Blind. I was in shock, just 3eb! So I told her they're my favorite band in the world and she walked away. When I got Stephan's autograph I was telling him about this (and some letters I tried getting to him). He wrote, "To Katie, Thanks" on one of my pictures I was getting signed.

Afterwards we walked over to the other end of the park grounds where the concert would be and I bought a t-shirt and some stickers. (If you see this, hi Jeff.) We caught the end of Eve 6, and got in the pit. We were actually trying to get to one of the tables, front and center, but after we got in the pit, we realized there was no way we'd ever get to the middle of it, so we were content just to be in the pit and close to the stage. We were in there for over an hour to assure we'd have a spot once my guys got on stage. A few of the people around us started telling us about the other time that they saw 3eb.

Right before the band came out, a DJ from a local radio station introduced them and someone was up on stage videotaping people in the audience. A few minutes later, the lights fell low and there was a really neat intro. for the Bonfire Tour, but I don't want to wreck it for those of you who have yet to see them on this tour. When the band finally came out, they started with Thanks A Lot, and as the night progressed they also played Horror Show and I Want A New Girlfriend, among other great songs of course. The guys ruled; it was the best concert I've ever been to! Arion and Kevin had these dazzling silver guitars; Kevin held one of his out to the crowd and let some of the people touch it. During the last song, God Of Wine, Stephan pointed to me, and it ruled.

I had a blast, and then I had words with a security guard because he wouldn't let me go talk to the guys like some other fans were. The grounds are supposed to close at midnight and it was after that, so he told me to leave and I didn't think it was fair since I wanted to talk to my favorite band. I told him he was no fun and I left. On our way to the car, someone drove over my foot, and it was kind of messed up. When I got home I wrote Stephan a letter and sent it to the fan club, but I don't know if he got it. He told me he'd try to write back!

But I met the guys and they're really nice! Stephan had a lot to say during the show, too. If you haven't had a chance to see them in concert, I strongly urge you to go because these guys can really do some damage!

Kerrie C.'s First Time

City: Harrisonburg, VA
Date:  11/17/98 

Ever since Semi-Charmed Life came on the radio I have been in love with Third Eye Blind.  Then, I saw them at the second stage at the HFStival in DC and I my obsession began.  Last year I was at a concert at American
University, and as anyone who has been in front at a concert knows, Stephan made eye contact with you, and I
swear he looked at me. I love the way he just looked at everyone, and made the audience feel so important.  Then, this year, 3eb came to my school, JMU, for the MTV Campus Invasion.  I work for my school yearbook, so I was covering the concert. No official interview had been scheduled, but I waited backstage after the concert in desperate hope that I would meet him.  We asked for an interview, and his manager declined, but he told us we could get Stephan's autograph at this backstage pass thing.....Then, the best moment of my life happened!!
I was standing against the wall, and Stephan came around the corner, grabbed my hand, shook it and said, "YOUR BEAUTIFUL"! I about feel over, my friend was standing next to me and she said I just started talking a mile a minute.  He talked to us for at least ten minutes!  I was so mad at my self afterwards for not telling him I was a huge fan... I just talked about the yearbook like I was a reporter.  After he talked to us, we stood there while he talked to everyone else, and I kept staring at him.  I said hi once when he caught me and he smiled and said hi back  Then, one time while he was talking to some kids, he was poking the ceiling tiles with his pen, and he caught me staring at him again and he said, "secret passage".  It was so cute.    I wish I could have told him how much I admire his music and lyrics, and what a great performer he is.  I think I am going to send him the spread from our yearbook.   Well, that's my story, a lot of people find it hard to believe, but it happened and I will never forget it for the rest of my life!!

Lindsay A.'s First Time 

City: Mt. Pleasant, MI
Date:  11/13/98

I saw 3eb play Friday November 13th at Central Michigan University.    The concert was pretty great but after the show was even better. My friend and I waited out by the busses for about an hour. During that time (there was about 20 other people there too) we all sang 3eb songs and chanted trying to get them to come out. Finally Stephan came out.
He walked up to us eating yogurt, and he paused and just looked at us all. He handed the yogurt to some guy and said "not bad" in regards to the singing. He slowly worked his way down the line of fans and finally he got to me. I told him how I just broke up with my boyfriend and his music was helping me get threw it. He said "fuck the bastard" and gave me a big hug. Stephan is so calm in person, he is one of those kinds of people who make you feel relaxed when you are around them. Anyway it was a pretty cool experience that I will never for get. And when ever my ex is being a jerk I just think of what Stephan said and I always feel better!

Sadie B.'s First Time

City:  Detroit, MI
Date:  3/13/98

I meet Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan March 13 (Friday) at the state theater in Detroit.....after the show me and my friends waited bye there buses for them to come out it was snowing and very cold but we didn't care ....while we were waiting my friends mom was like hey look and she pointed up at the window above us and to our surprise there they were in the dressing room getting there coats on to come out Kevin came over to the window and waved and like 3 sec latter there they were I was standing like 2 feet from the best band in the world it was crazy a dream come true .... well anyways Stephan told us to line up along the bus so we all did there were only like 10 of us waiting he was so nice and down to earth my friends mom told him to keep it real and Stephan was like I promise I wont turn fake like some of the other bands..then my friends brother was up and he signed his ticket and Stephan told him to hurry up and get a coat on its cold out hear and I was like awww..I was finely next in line when a guy came up a shoved $5.00 in Stephan's pocket he was like what's this for I don't want this handed it back to the guy and the guy put it back in Stephan's pocket so he took it out again and turned to this girl and said hears five bucks and he singed it for her because she had nothing else left for him to sign...finally my turn I'm in aww standing right next to STEPHAN it felt so great I had bought a shirt from inside the concert then after I bought a bootleg white shirt and I handed it to him and asked him if he would sign it and he was like hey this is bootleg but ok and he laughed he was using my hand to press on so it was really hard for him to sign and he was like I'm sorry this it a chicken scratch of a signature then I said its ok thanks and gave him a hug and I walded back with my friend about 6 ft and stood there and watched him cause he's so cute.

Stephanie D.'s First Time

City:  Thibadaux, LA
Date:  11/24/98

Being the obsessors that we are, my friend and I decided to follow 3EB to the college show in Louisiana (about a 6 hour drive from Houston)...well we went and pushed our way to the front...and it was a great show but he didn't pay as much attention to the audience...FORTUNATELY when the show was over, we were in such a small town that no one really knew to wait for the band outside, so we were among about 8 others outside of the place waiting for them. First we met Kevin, who was drunk off his a** and hugging and greeting everyone (he hugged me and signed my tour book) and then we met STEPHAN. Let me tell you how PERFECT he was. First of all, he was NOT drunk, which was nice considering Kevin was loaded. He was so polite and let us take pictures (although admitted that he wouldn't pose cause that 'freaks him out') he thanked everyone for coming, asked if we liked the show, signed every single autograph (including my tour book) and wasn't all touchy like Kev, but was still soooooo nice. This girl actually gave him a ring with a J on it and she asked for a hug (which he gave her) and then she got bold and asked for a kiss and he said "I'm sorry, you're a beautiful girl, but I have a girlfriend." I thought that was so sweet. When my friend and I told him we came all the way from Houston he was like well I hope it was worth it and thanks for coming and we will be back in Houston next year etc. was incredible. I will never EVER forget how sweet and down to earth he was, to anyone who hasn't met him...chances are he lives up to your dreamy expectations, he certainly lives up to mine. He really is the sweetheart that he seems to be.

Susan K.'s First Time

City:  State College, PA
Date:  November 16, 1998

Hey, well where the hell do I begin. 3eb is the only band that I love. Their music sends a message that has a meaning. It's like some dumb ass songs that repeat words over and over that don't even make scense. There
songs tell a story and that rules. Well anyway I can't even tell you how much I love Stephan. My cousin brought me to a concert at Penn. State college on Nov. 16 for my 16th birthday. We live in Liberty NY, which is about a 5 hour drive to Penn. State. When the concert started we ran all the way up to the stage right in front of Stephan. It was so awsome, to actually love someone that much and to only be 3 feet away from them. At the end of the concert Stephan through is guitar pic and some girl caught it. I was so upset. There was a sucurity officer in
front of me and I begged him to give me something of Stephan's. He acted like a smartass and gave me a gumrapper off the floor. I was furious until I saw Stephan's water bottle left on the stage. I was in tears shouting at the officer begging him to give it to me. He wouldn't but another officer picked it up and gave it to me. I was so happy. There was water still left in it and I took a big sip. After my cousin and I went back to the hotel, she said, "what the hell are you doing back here." With those words we went back to where the concert was held
and went in the back of the building where 3eb's bus was. There was only 5 other girls there. We hung out hopeing that the band would eventually come out. We saw the bus driver, Jersey was his name and he was the
coolest. He told us not to worry, he'd would make sure we'd meet the band. That was really sweet of him. Kevin came out first. Then Arion and Brad. I ignored them, I didn't mean to, I was just so excited because I was waiting for Stephan. When he walked out I made such an ass out of myself. I screamed, "I love you so much!" He told me he loved me to and ran his fingers through my hair, and put his arm around me. After he did that, I was completely calm and comfortable with him. He signed my ticket and my water bottle. He laughed when I told him it was his. When the other girls asked him to sign their tickets, he told me to stand next to him. So of course I did. I held on his arm while he signed autographs. When he was done I had the best conversation with him. The
coolest thing about is was he kept hugging me and he kept his arm around me. I think he knew how much it ment to me. I told him it was my 16th birthday and he told me he was glad I was born. When he had to leave he
gave me a kiss on my head. I never thought I would ever met him. That made my whole life. I hope he knew how much it ment to me. I hope I get a chance to meet him again. Please e-mail me back, It would cool to talk to someone else who knows exactly how meeting stephan made me feel. Thanks, Love Kate