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09/08/02 - Jen

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Commie is back from holiday!  Read her latest bit of gossip.

09/07/02 - Jen

Added my review and pictures from Atlanta.

Added Garrett's 3eb tattoo to 3eBranded.

Are you a 3eb fan?  Of course you are!  Go here when you get a min!

West Palm Beach Pics from Julia:

09/04/02 - Jen

We've decided to extend SJ's Birthday Fundraiser until September 27.  Please donate today!

Don't forget, if you would rather donate with a credit card, you can do so on the SF SPCA's site directly.  Just make a note that it's in honor of Stephan Jenkins.

Exciting ideas are being swapped with the SF SPCA on other ways for us to raise money.  I'll report back as soon as plans evolve into actions!

09/03/02 - Jen

Atlanta show rocked through and through!  Not one person was sitting down!  I'll be typing up a review as soon as cloud 9 lets me float on down.  Expect pics and a bootleg to go with it.  But I'll go on and tell you, since everyone keeps asking me - Vanessa is indeed Steph's new girlfriend!  And we couldn't be happier with his choice.  She's pretty, talented AND nice!

The SF SPCA / SJ Birthday fundraiser is still going strong!  We've collected almost $1,000!  We're half-way to our goal!  Won't you PLEASE send in a dollar in honor of Stephan's birthday?

XO - Jen, whose new mission is to "bring some Jesus up into this motherfucker"

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Date Article Headline and Link
07/25/02 Third Eye Blind Inspired By Weezer's Writing Approach



Date City, State Venue
09/10/02 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Events Center
09/12/02 Concord, CA Concord Pavilion
09/13/02 Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre
09/14/02 Chula Vista, CA Coors Amp.


Every blue moon Carl picks the hot ghetto anthems to keep things weeeezy worldwide. He likes bad indie rock and Otis Redding and finds these records essential. Your mileage may vary.

>> Sam Bisbee - Miracle Car
from Vehicle, Terrible Records, 2001

New York's Sam Bisbee has got a lot of famous friends popping up on his album and in his videos, but for once, the record is more than worthy. Vehicle was one of my favorite albums of 2001. This is the lead single, featuring Leona Naess.

>> Cupcakes - Exaggerator
from Cupcakes, DreamWorks, 2000

The lead, and arguably worst (!!!), track on an stunning rock tour de force from Chicago's Cupcakes. This record got buried by DreamWorks in early 2000, but it's easy enough to find. Well worth it.

>> James - Sit Down (live)
from Getting Away With It... Live, Sanctuary Records, 2002

Rock and roll's greatest underdogs. Twenty years of madness and sheer beauty came to a triumphant conclusion last year as Tim Booth decided to move on. This is the money shot from a recording of their final homecoming show in December 2001. Just brilliant.

>> DJ Shadow - Giving Up The Ghost
from The Private Press, MCA, 2002

C'mon kids, you already know who this is. One of the early tracks to make the rounds from his current record, The Private Press. Hot.

>> The Flaming Lips - Fight Test
from Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Warner, 2002

First track on the long awaited follow up to The Soft Bulletin.  You might be tempted to think of this as Radiohead with a sense of humor. But you'd be wrong. This is 100% purely original insanity from Wayne Coyne and friends.

  >  Listen to this week's picks and read past editions at:  http://www.outside.net/anthems/

  >  Email:  carl@stephanjenkins.com


Opinions expressed in the GOSSIP column do not necessarily reflect those opinions of Jen and SJ.com.

Knick Knack Paddy Whack,
Give Your Girl A Bone

Hello once again, faithful SJ.comers. I bet you thought you'd heard the last of me, didn't you? It just so happens that I took a long vacation. Well, not by choice. Let me just give you all a piece of advice; if you ever get the chance to travel to Australia, please do, but tread lightly on the subject of beer. I made the mistake of calling their beloved Foster's a "giant mug of frothy antelope piss." (Fawstah's. Austrahlyan fah piss.)  It wasn't pretty. Long story short, I finally managed to gnaw through my restraints and return to my Land of the Free. God bless you, America.

Now let's discuss the recent gossip surrounding Stephan, because I need something to take my mind off the pain which comes every time I see a commercial for the Crocodile Hunter.

Reports from fans and critics alike about the current tour have been nothing short of exceptional, and the band's joy joy when it comes their joy seems to be at an all-time high. I heard Brad is having a good time, causing all kinds of rowdy chaos in the long midnight hours. Hook a sistah up, I want to party with him.

This next bit is old news for everyone, but remember - my best friends for the past half year have been dingoes. Stephan has found love with tour mate Vanessa Carlton. Rumors started swirling like the water in a toilet bowl when gossip mags (those disgraceful things) reported that teetering-on-the-edge-of 38 year old Stephan gave just-turned 22 Vanessa an authentic made-famous-by-JT-Leroy raccoon penis bone necklace and she thanked him with a blanket of kisses. Of course everyone knew there was something more going on between them when she didn't slap his face for being a dirty pervert (come on, why else would you give someone raccoon schlong?).

This rumor has since been confirmed, and I can only wish the happy new couple the best of luck and success. I think Vanessa is pretty and talented, and fuck, anyone who can fall into the sky is cool with me. I'm just cringing at the thought of her calling him 'Daddy.' Toot toot, everyone get on the creepy train! I wonder if Van realizes she's dating a guy who was around when "Paint It Black" was first released. Their age difference is that of the average Third Eye Blind fan. Steve-o, you're luckier than a leprechaun! Treat her well.

Speaking of treating well, what does it take for us to get this album? I guess Stephan would rather play kissy-face with his hot young thang than finish the album for his devoted fans. It's getting a little more than ridiculous when the release date changes more frequently than Diana Ross's clothes in concert. Therefore, I will make this proclamation: I, Commie, hereby volunteer to embarrass and degrade myself by standing atop the Empire State Building and shouting to everyone that "STEPHAN IS MY DADDY" if that will get SJ to pick up the pen and write some darn lyrics.

Will Make Ass of Myself for Album.
xoxo Commie

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