Fan Theories

Name: David Jones

To put it as delicately as possible, this song is all about FUCKING!

Name: Stanton

I think it's about finally getting accepted (did I use the right one?) even though he (I'll just use this so I don't have to put a whole bunch of stuff is weird or different. I think 1000 Julys is like 1000 Fourth of Julys and it's really bright and good so that's like his feeling.

Name: Kat

Wellll to use a direct quote from the man himself "This song is about....let's see how do i put this delicately...How much i love fucking." Basically, he describes how he feels during sex, which he loves, although he and the chick in question are having some other problems in their relationship, he loves the sex "WHen you come its like 100 julys) meaning that when she has an orgasm, its like an amazing bright feeling, like july, to an extreme. There isnt as much meaning in this song as other 3EB songs, but it is still just as good.

Name: david

i just think the song is about how stephan loves to have sex.

Name: Tiffany

I 100% agree this song is all about dirty animal sex and behaving badly, but having a lot of fun doing it!

Name: Michael

1000 Julys to me, is a very special and touching song. It has to do with my favorite things, Vampyres, sex, and that feeling of trying to get accepted. It clearly shows that this girl is driving the guy nuts, and that even though he knows she cant stand him, she still takes him in, and he doesnt know why. So hes trying to either warn her or tell her what she thinks about him, so she'll know what to expect from him. And I think that when he says "1000 Julys" in reference to her, he means that time is like a big thing between the two of them, like " 1000 julys, thats what you are, id tell you to come back now but weve gone too far." She means so much to him that its like a thousand julys and he ends up losing something he took for granted, i dunno its crazy :)

Name: Briana Isill

This is about a guy that was never really interested in any thing more that that thing. Girls, don't let this happen to you. Know who you're involved with, and wait to spread yourself wide open. We are more than a minute of pleasure, and we need more than extra baggage to grow.

1000 Julys

Planning my attack just before you come back around
Maybe Iím wrong but I donít know how to back down
I never fit in, you know I donít belong
But you know it doesn't matter when we feel strong
Cause Iím a vampire yíall
We toast the blood of our enemies
Youíre still scaring me, no, still scaring me, no
And we donít fit in
Wonder what itís like when youíre living with someone like me
Iím a freak and Iím nervous when itís easy
Feral days, and Iím sex crazed
I put it in with my animal ways
Thatís the sign I was born to be living in
I ran around and gave the finger to the Ritalin
You know you calm me down and I canít say why
You say goodbye and burn my eyes
A thousand Julyís
I hope you find
Iíd give you the words, but no words come to mind
But you turn me so cold, so I tell you lies
When you let me in, itís like a thousand Julys
When you left, I felt the drop like a boom
Wintertime all alone in your bedroom
I donít blame you and I know Iím not your friend
How we live, young American
I guess Iíve always known, Iíd be on my own,
Iíd be on my own, and I donít know why, I donít know why
A thousand Julys
I know youíll find
Iíd say the words, but no words come to mind
But you let me in, and I donít know why
But when you come, itís like a thousand Julys
A thousand Julys
Thatís what you are
Iíd tell you to come back now, but weíve gone too far
And weíve burned it out now
I donít even try
But I feel you gone
I lost a thousand Julys

Song Info


Kevin Cadogan: Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Brad Hargreaves: Drums
Stephan Jenkins: Songwriter, Percussion, Vocals
Arion Salazar: Bass

Can Be Found On:

Blue, 1999
Deep Inside of You CD Single Track 3, 1000 Julys (Live at the X-Lounge)

Alternative Versions

An Acoustic version of the song: 1000 Julys (Live at the X-Lounge)

Blue, 1999

Band Comments:

"This is a song about sex, unbridled lust, and bad behavior." - Stephan Jenkins

"The universal language of joy and despair. This is 1000 Julys." - Stephan Jenkins

"This song is about being really really bad" - Stephan Jenkins on the Red Summer Sun Tour, Jones Beach, NYY