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This song is basically about living each day of a dying life to the end. all things will end, youth, love, life, etc... but there should not be a dwelling of any sorts on that fact. If your not old and cooped in an office yet, run wild, smoke a joint, have promiscuous, premarital sex and dress like you want. If your with someone you know things will never work with...fuck it, actually keep fucking them till its over. If you face the end of mortality, most of us do with the exception of Charleston Heston, burn true and live each day to its fullest. In a sense, this song has the same general vibe as "Burning Man" (more kick ass and dramatic, though).

"been a long time since I walked with the mighty"

Kinda typifies the deep down drive of being a superstar in your own orbit, Stephan actually stated in an interview that it was about when he went on stage and "roared like a tiger" and then had to go maintain his "normal" persona.

Name: Mandy

I agree with Rocko, I think this song is about doing what you want and living life to the fullest. The chorus part "walk with the mighty...I won't be a martyr" is saying he's gonna do what he wants, no matter how extreme and "mighty" it is. The martyr part is mainly saying he's not doing it for no one but himself and will die when he's ready, not when someone says its time, and definitely not for any one else.

Name: Taylor

I think that it is about someone living on the street and doing what they want when they want and how they want.

The Red Summer Sun

Thereís a big red sky over you and I
And itís coming down and weíre pumping over ground
In desert air I hope youíll be there
Cause itís coming down
Pumping over ground
Iíve seen car wreck kids walk away from it
Laughed from within
I know these days will end
Itís been a long time, a long time
To walk with the mighty
I wonít be a martyr
So let me go, let me go
On my own
Iíll make do with none
I will blame no one
Slept on packing foam
Iíll make it all my home
And Iíll take on anyone
Itís been a long time, a long time
To walk with the mighty
I wonít be a martyr
So let me go, let me go
And Iíll take on anyone
These days theyíre not done
The red summer sun

Song Info


Kevin Cadogan: Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Brad Hargreaves: Drums
Stephan Jenkins: Songwriter, Vocals
Arion Salazar: Fuzz Bass

Can Be Found On:

Blue, 1999

Alternative Versions

Blue, 1999

Band Comments:

"The Red Summer Sun, that's the name of this song, and that's the name of this tour. Somehow, it fits. The idea that these days that we're in right now, this time, the summertime of your life, it will not last my friends... but you know what? These days that we're in right now.. they're not over yet... no, no, no, no, no..." - Stephan Jenkins at PNC Arts Center in New Jersey.